12 May 2020
Establishment misleading is creating “variable security”
in America

Political Configurations and Security through Different Phases
This page is going to be interesting. It will show these factors through different phases of the work:

  • Establishment Misleading
  • Use of logic and facts to save the people and the country
  • Political configurations
  • And how the above affected our security

Obama Era – The Establishment misleading the world
The Establishment was misleading the entire world during the Obama years … with its War on Terror and the bogus Radical Islam concept. We activated the SM Network … pulled Obama and Democrats on our side … and then also pulled Russia and Europe on our side to end this worldwide malice. Republicans never opposed anything. So, it was America, Russia and Europe united against Establishment malice. This provided a solid front to end the War on Terror.

The security shell was rock solid … we never had to bother about our security. There was 100% political unity and security in this phase. We used facts and logic to bring the world together against the Establishment.

Trump’s Initial Phase – Establishment Misleading Trump
Trump’s initial phase started off with attempts to start wars. There was Establishment misleading in the Trump Presidency. We again used facts and logic to stop any new war from starting. Democrats again protected us through this phase as well. However, the Establishment was trying to use Trump against us to stop our work. In this phase, the Establishment was not alone … it was trying to use the US President against us.

The SM Network has been consistently on our side through all phases. Because Trump followed us and stopped new wars … he became a peace champion. We were able to use his peace champion status to help him with the Mueller Investigation and in the impeachment. We were able to protect his Presidency successfully.

By continuously following logic … Trump became the President of a New Era … where party politics was decimated and everything was being done via facts and logic. Trump got immense SM support.

Warren’s Rise and Fall – Establishment Misleading Warren
We were continuously helping and protecting Trump … so the Establishment lost its channel of using the Trump Presidency against us. The Establishment knows that they cannot do anything against us on their own. So, they upped their game a little bit … and they started using us against each other.

Since Trump was stuck in the game … Warren was everyone’s choice to take the country forward. But the Establishment dumped all drastic policies in her campaign. Since we had chosen her … she got a fantastic rise during her campaign … but when she refused to follow facts and logic … and when she refused to understand and dodge Establishment misleading … she was dropped from the game.

During her fall … Warren was being used by the Establishment to stop our work. The Establishment was trying to use Democrat politicians against our work … creating a security issue from the Democrats. This was again prevented by the Obamas … luckily.

Biden’s Failure Ahead – Establishment misleading Democrats
We are still working on our path of facts and logic … to do what is right for the country and the people. We work party independent. There is 90% chances of Biden losing to Trump … because he has no campaign and no policies for the people. He is not a Presidential candidate.  The only thing that he is looking for is a “trillion dollar lottery” … and he expects to get this lottery because “Trump is bad and therefore he should be made President”. That’s how lame is his approach for the Presidency. We are not failing him … everyone knows that Biden is going to fail. To add to that … he is stacking all Socialist policies in his campaign … great.

Now, what the Establishment elements are telling Democrats is that … “look … he failed Hillary and got Trump elected … he failed Warren … he saved Trump from Mueller and Impeachment … he is praising and helping Trump … he will fail Biden and get Trump re-elected … we have to stop him.” Thus creating a security issue from the Democrats for our work.

This is again pure misleading … candidates fail because they come up with illogical policies that are disasters. You can’t come up with disasters and blame your failure on me. Neither can you expect me to endorse and support disasters. Think beyond party politics and look at the facts.

Security issues from Trump and Democrats
In this transition … we are in a weird phase … where Trump thinks that I am a Democrat … just because Democrats maintained their security shield for me. So, sometimes if Democrats go nasty on Trump … he gets pissed off at me also … thinking that I am a Democrat. Doesn’t happen all the time … but happens sometimes … and it creates a security issue from Trump.

And when we are not endorsing Democrat candidates … and all of their candidates are failing … the Establishment misleads Democrats against us … thinking that I am failing Democrats. And we get a security issue from Democrats.

This is creating “variable security” issues from the key people that are supposed to protect us from the Satanic Establishment that we are fighting against. Their chase for power and infighting in America is creating security issues for us. This is where “Russian Diplomatic Security” comes to the rescue. Whenever there is an issue from these key political parties … then Russia steps in and says … “hello … he is my Diplomat … please keep your infighting to yourselves. If you want to follow him then follow … if you don’t then it’s your loss. Don’t blame your losses on him. His work is critical for our country as well. We don’t want your politics affecting our Diplomat.”

This is the key reason … we are pressing for Russian Diplomatic Security. We are in a great transition phase … that is going to create great political change in America. Many politicians have to revise their tactics, policies and how they function in this new world. We already have a malicious Establishment that tries to use us against each other … the last thing we need to do is cut each other’s throats.

Decimating Establishment Misleading among Democrats
The SM Network is already working on several reasons and tactics to decimate Establishment misleading among Democrats. These are some of the key reasons and activities that will be focused on:

  • Decimating Blind Anti-Trumpism. Yes, Trump had some issues in the beginning of his Presidency … but today he is doing simply great. He has decimated the entire Republican Establishment and hammered the largest corporations in America to follow his orders in this pandemic. He has created world records in his response to the pandemic. This is a height that no Democrat has ever reached … not even Obama. Opposing Trump blindly with no logic is simply foolish. Anti-Trumpism is an Establishment propaganda that is hollow and baseless. And since Democrats are riding this propaganda and expecting great results from it … Biden will be failed. This is being done to decimate blind anti-Trumpism … so that Democrats grow up and learn to use facts and logic.
  • Decimating Socialist Ideas and Policies. The second reason why Biden will be failed … is to decimate Socialist ideas and policies in America. Nobody wants Socialist disasters in America. This is basic commonsense … Democrats are not using even simple commonsense. Decimating Socialist ideas will help you learn that all of this is wrong and you should have never followed Establishment misleading into it.
  • Decimating Cycles of Crisis in America. If we allow a Democrat to win this November … it will be worse than the Coronavirus crisis. As of now, we have spent only $2 Trillion in this crisis … but Democrat Socialist policies will cost America $100 trillion plus. A Democrat President this November will be 50 times worse than the Coronavirus crisis. America will remain stuck in cycles of one crisis after another. First the War on Terror … then Mueller … then impeachment … then Corona … then endless Socialism crap. Nobody wants endless cycles of crisis in America.

A Trump victory is what’s right for America right now. Democrats have tons of learning to do before they can lead the country.

Political Beneficiaries
Don’t think that we are taking sides here … this is about facts and logic … this is about what’s right for the country. The configuration that is being put forward is something like this.

  • Trump leads till 2024. Trump wins 2020 and leads the country till 2024. 
  • Democrats lead from 2024. Democrats lead from 2024 onwards. We can give a series of Democrat Presidents thereon.

This track is being supported by many SM Groups … as of now that is. So, don’t just look at two steps ahead and don’t start fighting with each other. Look at the full picture. Trump gets two terms and Democrats can get several Presidencies ahead. Its all about facts and logic … for what is right for the people and the country.

Instead of fighting against each other … try to keep the focus on Establishment malice that is being placed among us. Try to see how they are trying to use us against each other and keep the country occupied in endless cycles of crisis. SM has thrashed the Establishment to a great extent. The only way that the Establishment can have some influence and power today is by using us against each other. We all need to grow up a little bit and do what is right for the country.