06 May 2020
Trump has created world records in his response to the pandemic
in America

The Establishment media is trying to criticize Trump on his response to the pandemic. This criticism is hollow and baseless … as usual. Some Democrats are also trying to criticize Trump which is nothing but blind party politics that has no facts associated with it. The truth is that President Trump has created “world records” in his response to the pandemic. Take a look.

World Records with Innovation and Scale
All of these are fantastic world records that President Trump has created … and he has created them with innovation and at massive scales.

  • Hospitals and hospital beds. America has built the largest number of new hospitals with tens of thousands of new hospital beds all across the country. This has been done with fantastic innovation by activating the Army and converting massive public structures into hospitals. No country in the world has created so many hospitals and so many hospital beds to address this pandemic alone. Thanks to President Trump’s leadership.
  • Ventilators. There was a huge cry from several Governors for ventilators. They were fearing that people would die without ventilators. Here again … innovation was used … the President hammered several big companies and pressurized them to produce a record number of ventilators. Today, America is the king of ventilators … we are providing other countries with ventilators. Again … thanks to President Trump’s leadership.
  • Medications. Here again … America innovated its own medications, Remdesivir, to fight the virus. A record number of millions of Hydroxy-Chloroquine, anti-biotics and other medications were manufactured and procured by the Trump Presidency.
  • Masks. There was a huge shortage of masks … but when President Trump came into action … he manufactured and procured hundreds of millions of masks for the American people. This is again a world record in addressing the need of the people.
  • Medical Supplies. There was a cry for medical supplies for the frontline hospital workers and doctors. President Trump created records in procuring all of the medical supplies needed in America.
  • Testing. Here again America invented its own testing units … showing great innovation capabilities in a short duration of time during a crisis. Testing units were again manufactured in record numbers with millions of tests being conducted across the country. This is again a world record.
  • Recoveries. With 200,000 plus recoveries, America has the largest number of recoveries from Covid-19.
  • Holding China accountable. President Trump’s actions don’t stop only in the medical field … he likes to kick ass of those who hurt the American people. Till date, we only saw Washington politicians like Bush and Hillary who would create coalitions to bomb other countries while selling off America to China. But President Trump is creating a new “political record” by creating a coalition to hold China accountable for this pandemic. China has deliberately misled the world in this crisis and they must pay. President Trump is not blowing up trillions in other countries but taking action on China to get the trillions that we have lost in this crisis. This is again a new record in American world leadership … which you would never expect from routine Washington politicians.

These are 8 world records within a span of 2 months. President Trump’s response has not only been great and phenomenal … but it has smashed world records in several aspects.

Avoided the worst case scenarios
Owing to this fantastic record breaking response to the pandemic … America was successful in avoiding the worst case scenarios.

  • 50-80% spread across the country. Most countries and many Governors in America were fearing that the spread would be to about 50-80% of the population. Thankfully this has not been the case.
  • Breaking of the healthcare system. Governor Cuomo and several other Governors were fearing the breaking of the healthcare system itself, if too many cases arrived too fast. There would be no space to accommodate the patients … no beds and no ventilators for those who need them. Again thank God and thanks to President Trump’s fantastic leadership … this has not been the case. Every State got many more beds and many more ventilators than they needed. Every single American who needed a ventilator got one.

Longer road to recovery
Some people might question … okay fine, if the response was so great then why does the virus still exist? Why are there so many cases and deaths even now? The first thing that you should keep in mind is that …

  • Highest number of tests in the world. America has done the highest amount of testing in the world. In several countries, the cases might exist but they may not even know it. Owing to the widespread testing infrastructure that has been created … we are able to do millions of tests and test anyone who needs to get tested.
  • Highest number of recoveries as well. Today America has more than 200,000 recoveries. This is also a world record … no country in the world has so many number of recoveries.

These records are being created thanks to God and President Trump’s fantastic multi-tracked response.

Yes, America’s road to recovery will be a little bit longer than any European country, mainly because:

  • Third most populous country. With a population of 330 million Americans … America is the third most populous country in the world. We are about 5 to 10 times bigger than any European country. So obviously, the scale of the crisis will be 5 to 10 times bigger.
  • No interstate lockdown. The second major reason is that … there is no interstate lockdown. In Europe, individual countries could lockdown their borders and function within a confined geographic area. If we had locked down New York then it would create a civil war in the country and create bigger problems than the virus itself. We are maintaining American liberty and rights … the interstate travel facilitates the spread.
  • Ideal host. America is the biggest Establishment target for this virus and it has ideal scenarios for its spread … cold weather, high population and Establishment malice in spread.

Owing to these 3 factors, the road to recovery will be a little bit longer than European countries.

Measures until the vaccine is available
The good news on this road to recovery is the vaccine. Several companies and countries are working on the vaccine and the vaccine will be a game changer. We are looking at a few month’s time until we have the vaccine. It can also be sooner. However, until the vaccine is available … these are the measures that President Trump must continue to work on:

  • Alternate medications. We already have a record number of recoveries in America. We should continue on alternate medications of Hydroxy-Chloroquine, Remdesivir and other medications that provide “proven performance”.
  • Hammer Establishment Malice. It is a must to continue to investigate and hammer Establishment malice in the spread and death in this crisis. If there is any acute spread at any place … send investigators to screen for malice. This will kill Establishment’s malice in the spread. Secondly, they might create false studies and reports against the medications being used. They might kill people with tweaked medications or alternate routes and blame it on Hydroxy-Chloroquine or Remdesivir. This is again Establishment malice trying to delay and not provide the cure to the people. This is the Establishment pushing people away from proven medications. In such cases, use investigators and make the study or practice under controlled environments.
  • Open the country safely. You are right on opening the country. Open the country but safely. This has to be done while keeping an eye on Establishment malice, so that again something else is not blamed on you. To succeed in America, you have to work on normal routes and malicious routes as well. Its then you can easily succeed.

Till date, everything has been done in the medical field that was required … we are hitting lows in the daily death toll as well. Only the wait for the vaccine is there. All of this will come to an end with the vaccine soon … God willing.

Leave the Fake News bullshit and the partisan politics from Democrats aside. Till date, there hasn’t been a single protest against Trump in this crisis. This itself is evidence of the overwhelming approval of Trump’s response from the American people. President Trump has done everything that should have been done and no one could do it any better … given the scenarios that we are dealing with.