04 May 2020
The Democrat that will help Trump will be the next US President
in America

Movement of 5 entities in America
I will try to give a brief overview of the activities of 5 entities in America over the past few years. It will help us understand what is going on, what to do and how to move forward. The five entities are:

  • Active Democracy
  • SM Network
  • Establishment
  • Democrats
  • Trump Presidency

MAGA 2007
MAGA didn’t start in 2016. This is what Democrats and even Trumps don’t know. Most of the policies that Trump is promoting of Making America Great Again … we already talked about it in 2007 itself. Yes, this is even before Obama became President … Trump came in the game 8 years after Obama started. We worked very closely with SM Groups and showed them how the Establishment is screwing America and how we need to save America and make it great again.

Even before the Trump Presidency started … SM Groups were already trained to support these concepts.

  • America First. Trump calls it America First but we had phrased it in terms like “fight for your country … take your country back … save your country … protect your country from exploitation”.
  • People First. Trump talks about keeping People First. If you see this website, the very slogan of the site is “The Era of People Power”. We trained SM Groups on the need to keep people first … to prioritize our own American people … to make everything people centric.
  • Tariffs and Global Trade. Today, Trump is putting tariffs on China and other countries … and protecting America against being exploited by the world. We talked about this 13 years ago … even before the Obama Presidency began … about saving America from being ripped off by the world and bringing our jobs and industries back.

Trump Presidency is a New Era Presidency
This is again something that Democrats and even Trump doesn’t realize. The Trump Presidency is a New Era Presidency … where almost everything is being decided via facts and logic.

  • Decimated the Republican Establishment. Trump bows to no one. Trump has already decimated the Republican Establishment … Trump has decimated half of the political Establishment in America. No one is dictating policies to Trump. Trump is the most powerful Republican that decides on all actions and policies.
  • Doing everything via logic. Trump is doing everything via logic. Okay fine, initially there might have been some glitches with the Muslim ban and war attempts. But he cleaned himself from all of that … and he is moving forward with facts and logic … to keep America first.
  • Immense SM Support. This is giving him immense SM support. The Trump Presidency is not about hierarchy or party politics or based on power or politicians. Trump always has an open ear and he listens and follows every logical advice.
  • No wars and no financial catastrophes. It has created a fantastic state for America where there are no wars and no catastrophes of any kind. It has created an extremely stable and progressive America.
  • On the verge of revolutions. Trump is on the verge of revolutions where he can take America to fantastic and fabulous heights.

Now, let’s take a look at where Democrats stand.

Democrat leadership in America
Under the Obama Administration we did great because we were hammering the Establishment and its malice in terror events with Democrat support. This is the main reason Obamas are extremely loved and supported … because SM Groups love those who love us … support those who support us … protect those who protect us … and cooperate with those who cooperate with us. That’s how its oriented.

But look what happened to Democrats during the past couple of years.

  • Party based politics. Democrats are still stuck in the old and conventional system of party based politics … that are power based and politician based … and facts and logic is not necessarily considered. The advice from the Brown guy is generally shoved aside. Apparently, I am just a plugin that should give them the Presidency and the logic doesn't matter.
  • Wrong policies. The Establishment stuffed all wrong policies among the Democrats. The current Democrat policies are mostly based upon anti-Trumpism or AOC’s Socialism. Since when does the Democrat party design policies blindly against the current President? Since when does the Democrat party accept radical Socialist policies from a new comer in the Congress? Since when is this the norm?
  • A tool of the Establishment. Now, when we show and oppose these wrong and hurtful policies … Democrats are being used against Active Democracy. If we show Warren’s mistakes … Warren wants to shut us down. If we show Pelosi’s mistakes … Pelosi wants to shut us down. Pelosi and Warren are not realizing how hurtful their policies and actions are … and how they are being used by the Establishment to stop our work.

Before Democrat party was the one that gave us security and protection to hammer this malicious Establishment. And today, the Establishment has very cleverly and maliciously stuffed wrong policies among Democrats … these policies will create massive financial catastrophes. The Establishment already knows that … yes, we will point it out. Now, they are trying to use the Democrat party as a tool to shut us down. “Ow look, he is talking against Warren … talking against Pelosi … he is helping Trump … he is supporting Trump … he wants Trump to win” and bla bla bla.

Establishment activities via Democrats

  • Disastrous policies. The Establishment wants disastrous Socialist policies in America and Democrats are openly promoting Socialist policies in America.
  • Anti-Trump. The Establishment hates Trump and Democrats are openly and blindly standing against Trump.
  • Active Democracy. The Establishment wants to remove support for Active Democracy and Democrats are being openly used for the same.

Democrats don’t realize that they are being misused to run many Establishment objectives and activities.

You should know that … apart from Trump, Dems and the Establishment … there is another element of the SM Network. They are watching every entity … and because of this negative, destructive, authoritarian and party based behavior from the Democrats … they are being failed. Because no one wants an Obama 2.0 … we are already in a new era … no one wants authoritarianism and no one wants blind party politics.

Good with Trump, bad with Dems
We are in a unique phase … where Trump has removed all of the bad things from his Presidency … and he has only good things with him now. His Presidency has become a Presidency of the New Era … where he always uses logic and always keeps America First and the people first. In order to become President … this is exactly what Warren had to do … surpass Trump and become better than Trump.

But instead … she didn’t remove any of the bad policies … and they have accumulated a lot of bad things together. What SM Groups are saying is … this Coronavirus crisis is nothing … the bigger crisis will be if we get a Democrat President this November.

Democrats might be thinking that Trump is a bad President and by default they are better than Trump … and they should get elected. But what they don’t realize is that … all of the good things are accumulated with Trump and all of the bad things are accumulated with Democrats right now.

The Democrat that helps Trump becomes the next President
I am not writing this page to show Democrat faults … our objective is always to take the country forward. Yes, we all know that Trump is stuck in the game. Democrats have already noticed that doing the opposite of Trump is getting them failures. The way to succeed is by surpassing Trump.

  • Help Trump move ahead in the game
  • Come in the limelight with better and successful policies
  • Work with Trump in revolutionizing America
  • Learn and create a fantastic name for yourself in the next 4 years
  • And become President in 2024

Right now, the Establishment is misusing Democrats against Trump in bullshit investigations and committees. This is nothing but plain abuse. Democrats are also being used against us … which is again an Establishment objective. Owing to which SM Network is failing the Democrats. Democrats get failed … Trump gets abused … where is the good for the country? It is the Establishment that is having fun in this shit show.

Which is why we are saying …

  • Snap out of this misleading
  • Snap out of party politics
  • Snap out of power based and authority based decisions
  • Start using facts and logic … and you will find ways ahead
  • You will start getting support and you will start getting victories

Don’t mind if …

  • We help Trump get re-elected
  • We help Trump do a few good things in the next 4-5 years

Even you have to help Trump do good things. You have to be a part of great accomplishments. The Democrat that will help Trump will have the chance to become the next US President.