03 May 2020
Creating a Win-Win Solution to Revolutionize America
in America

Complete mess out there
America is currently in a complete and total political mess.

  • Trump is stuck in the game
  • Democrats are coming up with drastic policies
  • The Establishment is relishing the anti-Trumpism via the media and Democrats
  • Democrats are pissed off at their failures
  • Trump is pissed off at the investigations and impeachment

We are living in a totally divided and hateful country. And this is doing no good for the American people.

A win-win solution is needed
What America needs right now is a “win-win” solution where …

  • Trump can win
  • Democrats can win
  • The country can move forward
  • The people get great revolutions

And we get to end this hate and divisiveness in the country. Nobody wants a second impeachment and continuation of investigations, committees and all of this bullshit for another 5 years. It’s a must for America to move on.

SM and the Presidency are complimentary powers
Democrats are under the false impression that I create Presidents … they think that … just my endorsement gives the Presidency. And that’s not true … everything is decided via “facts and logic”. If the facts and logic are on your side then you get the win … otherwise not.

Before even I used to say … “hey, work with me and I will make you President”. But seeing Warren’s disastrous policies and how she ignored everything that we say … I have put myself in the second place now. First comes logic and then comes working with me. And … its not only that I train the Presidents … the first entity that I have trained is the SM Network. It’s a massive network of American media, politicians, celebrities, corporations, intelligence, legals and so on. It literally forms the entire country … they are tens of millions of entities all across the country. Each of them use facts and logic to support any candidate.

When you are opposing logic … you are not just opposing me … but you are opposing tens of millions of American entities … you are opposing your own country. And that’s how you get failed by the SM Network … each entity opposes your illogical moves. But at the same time … when you do right things via facts and logic … all of these entities come to your help and help you win.

Yes, the SM Network will see … if you are working with me or not … if you are protecting me or not … because through us you get to do great things in the country. It is through us that they have learnt how to protect and stand up for their country. You have the Presidential and political powers to keep us protected and work with us. And SM Network has the powers to give you the ground support to help you win elections and to help you win in your actions and policies.

SM and the Presidency are complimentary powers. You protect us … they protect you. You work with us … they work with you. You save America … they save you. Both of them are different type of powers … but they complement each other in taking things forward and help each other in doing what is right for the country. Nobody rules over each other … it’s a Democratic system … everyone works with facts and logic … and everyone works together for the people and the country.

Why Democrats are failing?
America is already in a new “Active Democracy” era … and they are not realizing it yet. This is what they are coming up with:

  • Bad policies that will create financial catastrophes
  • Showing Establishment misleading in almost all policies
  • Following the blind anti-Trumpism created by the Establishment
  • They show zero logic in their actions and policies

When you show such characteristics … how do you expect this massive SM Network to help you and give you victories? When you stand against logic … you are standing against your own country … which is why you are failing. You are still functioning in the conventional system … that is power based, party based and politician based. But the new system that you are living in … it is based on … facts and logic.

Creating victories for Democrats
As of now, there is huge support for Ivanka for 2024. But we still don’t know if her Dad will allow her to run for the Presidency … we don’t know if she wants to go for it or not. It is always best to have a Plan B as well. Before we move into designing victories for Democrats … there is a small issue that must be looked into about Obama’s leadership.

Obama is color biased and doesn’t rise above party politics
I was given this information about Obama during the last years of his Presidency. We actually wanted to create a third term for Obama. We were looking into Constitutional ways of doing that … but there was an overwhelming cry of opposition to Obama’s third term. The main reason given to us for this was … “Obama is color biased and doesn’t rise above party politics”.

I was shocked to get this information … I was like … “what the hell … he is the best President ever. We love him. If its not Obama then who are we going to rely on? John McCain and Mitt Romney? He is the best guy in the White House.” SM Groups said … “we will give you someone … who will rise above party politics and he will work with logic … he will not decide anything based upon your skin color.”

And then we see Trump … coming with a Make America Great Again slogan … having several policies that we were already a part of our work … including tariffs, global trade, America First, American Energy, people first and so on.

We didn’t feel it was right to discuss this issue with Obama at that time. He was checking out and a new guy was coming in. We had several years of history of good work together … after doing all of that … I am supposed to tell him … “dude, you don’t listen to me because I am a brown guy … and you don’t rise above party politics”. That would be being a total dick. So, I thought … let’s ignore it … I like Obamas.

But I am being pushed by Pro-Dem Groups to discuss this … because this is one of the reasons why Democrats are failing. It is affecting the future of the Democrat party, what policies they run and how they are leading the country. That’s the reason we are discussing this now. Just so that Obamas know … we love you.

Obama priorities in decision making
It seems Obama’s priorities in decision making goes like this.

  • First come Party Politics
  • Second comes White advice
  • And third comes Brown advice

The logic first gets filtered through Party Politics … then it gets filtered through White advice … and if it passes both the levels … then the advice from the Brown guy gets followed … otherwise not. Lol.

If Trump is given something logical that is good for the country … then he goes for the kill. Trump doesn’t give a shit about party politics or any advisers. Trump goes for the logic, if he can get a great win for the country. Trump loves winning … he doesn’t give a shit about party politics or from whom he gets the advice. But Obama … it seems … he used to play it very safe … first comes party politics … and then White advice … and then the Brown guy.

When SM Groups told me … I was like … “okay, shut up … get lost. Stop feeding me bad stuff about Obama. I like the guy. I am thankful for how much ever he followed.” And then they gave me some examples to illustrate this “decision making issue” with Obama.

Some examples

  1. Don’t bomb Syria … take it to Congress. When there was the first chemical attack in Syria … there was lot of Establishment pressure to attack Syria. We showed a way out for Obama … so that he doesn’t start a new war. We told him … take this issue to the Congress and let the Congress decide. Interestingly, they voted not to bomb Syria. So, Obama followed our advice … because it went through party politics and White advice … so the Brown advice was followed.
  2. Don’t finance rebels in Syria. As per logic … we advised him … don’t finance rebels in Syria … it will create a civil war in the country and it will destroy the entire country. But this advice did not pass through party politics and White advice … everyone encouraged Obama to “stand up to Russia in Syria”. He shoved aside Brown advice and followed party politics.
  3. Cut off funding and weapons supply. We showed him a simple and effective way of ending this lengthy War on Terror … by simply cutting off the funding and weapons supply. Again this also did not pass through party politics and White advice. It was never followed. When Trump came into the picture … he did this in one hour what Obama didn’t do in several years. This move from Trump vaporized the War on Terror.
  4. Turns against Russia. We told Obama to allow Russia to take down terrorists. This was approved by party politics and White advisers. Obama cooperated with Russia against terrorists in the Middle East. He followed the logic from the Brown guy. But when Trump befriended Putin … Obama again follows party advice … turns against Russia … deports Russian diplomats and starts military exercises near Russian borders … going against every logic.

There are many examples like this … where Obama prioritizes party politics and White advice … over Brown advice … even if the action is drastic and illogical. This is becoming a major issue right now for the Democrat party and they are getting repeated failures because of this. Take a look.

  • Elizabeth Warren. She was a good candidate. She was brought into the game by Obama. She also didn’t give a shit what we said. She also followed all of party politics and shoved us aside. Why? Because that’s exactly what Obama did … that’s how he ran the country. We supported him because we had Mitt Romney on other side … the logic supported Obama’s victory. But now the logic is not on Warren’s side … Trump has the logic on his side. Warren didn’t give a shit about logic and she lost. Warren wanted to shut us down and Obama was ready to pull the plug on the Brown guy. Obama goes weak once the White lady starts talking.
  • Joe Biden. Obama is trying to recreate his Presidency. He doesn’t know that nobody wants an Obama 2.0. Everyone wants someone who will fight with “facts and logic” to revolutionize America. All of party politics are being dumped in Joe Biden’s campaign … giving us all of the baggage all over again. Biden will also obviously lose.

The Problem is with Obama’s Guidance
Its not that Obama is a bad guy. He is teaching people what he knows best. He is giving the candidates all of his good points and he is also giving them the bad points.

The good points that he is giving are:

  • Anti-war … no new wars
  • Supporting a two state solution for Israel and Palestine
  • Understanding the misleading that comes from Netanyahu
  • Investigating Establishment malice

You can see all of these good points in Warren and Biden. But at the same time … these are the bad points that he is giving:

  • Falling for blind anti-Trumpism created by the Establishment
  • Not following logic … apparently, not necessary to prioritize the Brown guy. I am supposedly just a plugin to get them the Presidency. And they will run whatever policies they want. Lol.
  • Not rising above party politics … following all of the dictates of the Democrat Establishment

You can see these characteristics in Warren and Biden as well. For Democrats to come on a winning track … it is Obama that has to change to the changing times in the country. He cannot remain stuck in his 2008 leadership mode. The entire country is in a different phase right now.

Its getting to be a lengthy page.

Win by surpassing Trump, not by opposing Trump
This is the winning formula for Democrats … “win by surpassing Trump and not by opposing Trump”. Of course, you can oppose if Trump is genuinely doing something bad for the country. But there is nothing wrong in any of his actions and policies right now. Anti-Trumpism is an Establishment propaganda. Falling for Establishment propaganda will not give you any victories.

Ground level leadership for Democrats
We have been talking about two leadership fronts to take America forward. Democrats should lead from the ground level. I will show you how it works.

Take for example, Bill de Blasio as your prime candidate for 2024. He is bold, brave, talented, logical, practical and also Establishment independent. So, what we will do is …

  • Bill de Blasio leads. We give policies to Bill de Blasio. He campaigns for changes in America and makes his proposals. He comes into the limelight.
  • Democrats. He connects with all Democrats to create regulations to make new changes. Democrats forward the new rules via the House.
  • Trump. Since all of these policies will help Trump move forward … he will not be stuck anymore … he will start accomplishing good things in his leadership. Trump gets 100% GOP votes to get things done.

Everyone wins
The good thing what happens in this configuration is that …

  • To hell with anti-Trumpism. Absolutely, no SM Group is interested in any anti-Trump propaganda. Nobody wants to waste time on investigations, committees or impeachment for the next 5 years.
  • No hate and divisiveness. It ends the hate and divisiveness in the country. Trump and Dems find common ground and start working together.
  • Trump is not stuck anymore. The issue with Trump’s leadership is that … he is stuck in the game. That will not be the case anymore. Bill de Blasio will start proposing moves forward and start helping him take the next steps. Trump starts getting accomplishments under his Presidency.
  • Bill de Blasio. We don’t waste a good candidate like Trump … who has already made good progress in this crisis. But at the same time, during this 4 years … we get to train Bill de Blasio on Establishment crisis … what Trump has accomplished and how to take things forward. Bill de Blasio will get 4 years on the ground training … making him the best candidate to lead in 2024.
  • Democrats. Dems get to be in the limelight … because you will make initiatives and help Trump move forward.
  • American people. America and the American people get revolutions in several segments step by step via bipartisan support.
  • Crush Establishment malice. We get to crush Establishment malice that is diving this country.

It’s a win-win solution for everybody. Right now, the Establishment is enjoying the show by:

  • Abusing Trump because he is not leading
  • And failing Democrats by giving them the wrong policies

The Establishment is abusing both the parties right now. Democrats are hating their failures and Trump is hating the abuse that he is facing. This ends when we create leadership roles for both parties.

Pre-requisites for this to work
The simple pre-requisites for this to work out are:

  • Dems need to rise above party politics. Obama dear … we love you but please go along with the changing times. Following party politics will not give you victories at all. Understand the facts and logic behind every action … keep logic & people as the number one priority … and you can win. Please try to look beyond my color … you are the first Black President … you are the last person I should be telling this to.
  • Refuse to follow blind anti-Trumpism. Keep logic first and refuse to follow blind anti-Trumpism. The Establishment is dividing us using anti-Trumpism. They are just using us against each other. If Trump is doing something right then support it. What is wrong in keeping people first or our country first?
  • Don’t expect us to follow anti-Trumpism. If Trump is doing something wrong … we can show it logically. But we will never get on the anti-Trump wagon. Blind anti-Trumpism is simply ridiculous and hurtful for the country.

If we restructure a few things then great things can be done in the country. Right now, America is in a terrible political mess. We have to look at things logically … to take the country forward.