30 Apr 2020
Individual Performance and Trained Performance
in America

Coaching Presidents
This page should help the current President and the next Presidential hopefuls on our work. It is something like a coach for boxing. The coach will train the boxer … but can the coach guarantee the victory for you? Who is in the fight? The coach or the boxer? Who actually wins the fight? The coach or the boxer? Yes, the boxer fights in the match … and the victory is won by the boxer.

The coach’s responsibility is to show you the right tactics, techniques and strategies to win. He takes talented individuals and trains them on the best tactics and techniques to help them perform their best. This is the coach’s job.

Now, if you send me an old guy in his late seventies … who can’t remember the names and places correctly … and ask me to make him the world’s best boxing champion … then what am I supposed to say? Obviously, the coach will say … “dude, relax … enjoy your late seventies with your family and have a good life … this game is not for you.” We are not failing Biden … based upon what we have seen and know … Biden is not meant for this game.

Only One Coach
Why SM Groups will say … “hey, go to the Active Democracy guy … he makes Presidents!” Why they say is because … unlike a boxing match … there is only one coach in this game. Yes, there is only one coach in the world in this game … that’s why they say … go to that guy he makes Presidents. Because nobody else knows about the Establishment, the Matrix, the SM Network, malicious systems of the Establishment, its exploitation and abuse of the people, how to change these systems and how to win in this crisis. All of this information is extremely important if you are the US President … or if you want to become the US President. Because the President has to manage all of this … if you don’t know all of this then you will have no idea what the hell is going on … and you can take the world into a catastrophe. That’s why they say … go to that guy … and work with him.

Logic takes Priority
But when you come to me … I say … “no, I don’t make Presidents. SM makes Presidents and they use logic to decide on Presidential leadership.” Just because you hire the best coach … you don’t automatically become the best boxing champion of the world. You have to apply the skills, tactics and strategies that we give you … and based upon your performance in the ring … you become the champion.

This is how the priorities go …

  1. Logic First
  2. Training Second

We pick prospective talented individuals who have a promising future ahead … and give them strategies and tactics … and based upon how they apply the logic in real time … they win in the game.

For example … even if Warren became my trainee and if she would stick to her illogical $100 Trillion policies … and if she didn’t give a shit about what we say. Then at the ground level she would be failed by the SM Network. Its like hiring the best coach and not giving a shit what he says … and doing your own thing in the boxing ring. You automatically get decimated.

That’s why … logic comes first and then comes the training. Your commitment and focus should be on the “facts and logic” to do what is right for the people and the country. If you hire me and do some bullshit on the ground level … you will face SM opposition and you will be failed. I am not the one failing you … you are the one who is making the wrong moves and failing yourself. My job is to make you the best … to show you the best strategies and tactics in every scenario. 

Why Warren failed and why Biden will fail?
Its because of the logic. Its not because Warren is not a nice lady … she is a nice lady. Its not because she didn’t work hard … she worked very hard. But she failed because her policies were not logical. And it’s the same reason, why Biden will fail. He is also a nice guy. This is a good thing that Obama did … he brought some good natured people in the Presidential race. But Biden is too weak for this game … he doesn’t have the right policies … nor does he have the time for the training. Its because of “logic” that Biden will fail.

Or maybe not … nothing is written in stone … there is a 10% chance that he may win. No one is an authoritarian here. Its all about logic.

Limited Training Examples
I will give a couple of examples to help you understand ... how we provided very limited online training … and you can see the difference in the individual performance and trained performance. This is not even full training … it is extremely limited training via one simple website. See the changes that it brought about.

Obama. If you see his first term … then you get additional wars where we were bombing six countries. Al Qaeda turned into armies of terrorists like ISIS and we were spending trillions on terrorism. It was havoc. But when Obama started listening and changing … as per the simple online training given … wars ended, no new wars began, terrorism vaporized and we got a booming economy. This is the difference between functioning amidst Establishment malice and working with the right training.

Trump. If you see what Trump was doing in his initial years then it was “fire and fury” against North Korea and Syria was being bombed. SM Groups literally begged us to help and guide Trump, fearing a nuclear war in the world. I was like … okay fine, I like this guy … I will help him. When Trump started understanding Establishment malice and its malicious objectives … and when he started changing tracks … instead of getting nuclear wars, we got a peace champion in the White House. From fire and fury … Trump made history in the Koreas. He dodged several war traps and he is a frontline hero in the Coronavirus crisis.

This is how simple online training changes candidates in the White House. The complete scenario in the world and America changed. The training and know-how given is extremely powerful … it changes complete countries. This is one of the reasons SM Groups love us and follow us … that’s why they say … he makes Presidents. But its all about logic … how you learn and apply it in real time situations.