29 Apr 2020
Democrats need to do Central Planning
in America

Abandoned Democrats and supporting Trump
Democrats are pretty darn pissed. They are thinking that I have abandoned Democrats and I am supporting Trump in everything.

  • Policies … I said that Warren’s policies are all disasters.
  • Candidates … SM Groups have rejected Warren and also Biden to a great extent.
  • Sponsors … I also rejected Iranian sponsorship for the project.

And I am loving, praising, supporting and rallying for Trump. Democrats are saying that … “hey, you say that you are party independent … but you have rejected everything from us … and you are supporting Trump in every way! What the hell is going on?!”

I guess it’s time to clarify a few things. We have been kind of busy since the past two months with the global pandemic. Guiding and supporting the President in fighting a deadly disease to save hundreds of thousands of American lives … this wasn’t a decision based on party lines. Let me try to show what is going on.

Roll back … how it works
I think Democrats need to understand how the process of “facts and logic” works. It will help them understand how to work with us. When I came to America … I showed the issues in the country to a few SM Groups. They told me … “hey, why don’t you enter politics and lead in changing the country?” I told them that I wasn’t interested in being a politician. This was when Obama was still campaigning to be President in 2007.

I went back to India and continued to guide SM Groups on the issues in America. They told me again … “hey, we will make you the most powerful politician in America … just come and lead”. I told them … we already have Obama who is the President of the United States … who is working with us … how much more power can you give me? This is not about power … but this is about “networks”. I need you to network in the fields of politics, media, intelligence, legals and corporations … create a massive network and function as a network. You will become thousands of times more powerful than any politician or the Establishment itself … and this is exactly what we need to combat the Establishment.

Millions of SM Groups worked via “facts and logic” to move into various networks via the Matrix … to root out malicious elements and make things people centric. This is your SM Network. To the extent that … I have given them standing orders … “if you see that my facts and logic is wrong … then do not follow me. Investigate what is right and then make the right decisions based on facts and logic”. This is the mode of operation in the entire SM Network.

Working with me is not about just getting an endorsement for the Presidency. This is not a “pay for Presidency” program. You can’t come to me with a bad candidate with bad policies and expect to become President. SM Network itself will reject the candidate and your payment that you will give me … it will be of total waste. The whole operation is party independent and it works strictly via facts and logic. If I say something against logic … SM Groups will not follow it. If I support the wrong candidate for President … SM Groups will not follow it. The power resides with SM Groups and not with me.

We work with facts and logic … to make the right decisions for the country … to get good guys in the White House. If your facts and logic is right … then everything can be oriented to support you. Otherwise, we cannot do anything.

Applied Logic
Obama thinks that he won because of my endorsement. No, you won because the logic was on your side. Mitt Romney did not have the facts and logic on his side. And that’s why Hillary and Warren lost … they did not have the facts and logic on their side. Applying facts and logic to anyone’s Presidency gives a preview of the Presidency even before it begins. This is how SM decides who to support for President. It is applied logic.

Talent, Knowledge and Application
You remember we wrote about three factors for a Presidential candidate … connect, learn and campaign. I will tell you why this was designed.

  • Connect – Talent. We invite only talented leaders to connect with us for the Presidency. We don’t invite Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton. Some things that are seen in the talent are … courage, logic, reason, practicality, patriotism, Establishment independent, management skills and so on.
  • Learn – Knowledge. Such talented candidates who can take the country forward are encouraged to learn … so that they get the right knowledge about the Establishment crisis in the country, their malice, systems, structures, how it affects the people, what to do about it and how to accomplish it. This is the training section.
  • Campaign – Application. And then SM Groups see how these talented leaders apply their knowledge to successfully campaign … to take action and create policies for a new America.

These are the basic 3 factors. SM watches each candidate for their talent, knowledge and application of the knowledge.

Apply this to Warren
Democrats might think that … I took down Warren. This is how your own country functions. SM groups are your own American citizen media, intelligence, celebrities, corporations and voters. They applied all of these 3 factors to Warren. She came off as courageous … but she showed no logic or practicality. She did not learn anything about the Establishment and campaigned for all wrong policies. We did not take her down … she self-destruct. She was working in her own old hierarchical power based model … where she makes all the calls and she has to answer to nobody. She didn’t care about any logic or facts.

Apply this to Trump
Initially, even Trump was like … “hey, I am the President and not you.” Which was totally expected from any new leader that enters this new system. But within two years he made fantastic changes … everybody hates Trump but no one can show me a single policy of Trump where a single American is getting hurt or killed. He has been treated terribly with the highest amounts of lawsuits and investigations … but he manages this all … moves way from all wars … becomes a peace champion … and works towards American Energy, tariffs, fighting against American exploitation in World Trade. He is working tirelessly on a dozen tracks in this virus crisis. See the talent … see the knowledge and see how he is applying everything to do what is right for America.

Again … we are not blowing Trump’s horn. This is simple application of facts and logic to both candidates by SM Groups.

Issues with Biden’s Presidency
Now, don’t think that I am the one who is pulling down Biden. I hardly wrote anything about Biden. Apply all of the 3 factors to his Presidency and you yourself will understand why 90% support exists for Trump.

Biden is a nice guy … if he wasn’t a nice guy then Obama wouldn’t have chosen him as VP. This is his biggest credential … Obama’s VP. He is more logical than Warren … that’s the second good thing. But all of Warren’s policies are being dumped in his campaign. First he rejected the Green New Deal and now he is making Climate Change his primary agenda. You should know that every candidate that campaigned on Climate Change has failed including … Al Gore, Hillary and Warren. People want to know what you are doing for them … your Presidency cannot be about trees, air and water.

Biden is extremely brittle who cannot handle Establishment pressure … but let’s consider even if we train Biden … then we have only 6 months left.

  • Setup Team. Even if you fund my work today … I have to setup the teams … collect data … give policies and help Biden to create a platform. It will take at least 3-4 months. Giving Biden only two months to campaign and win the election. And if we remove all of Biden’s bad policies then he gets an empty platform. Biden doesn’t have any platform to run against Trump. What is his key message? “Trump is bad … make me President”. That’s the only thing he has been saying … nobody knows what Biden stands for.
  • Campaign during Covid. Even if we give him some policies … how is he going to campaign? Campaign rallies are not even allowed. If we are going for the November date for election … then you should know that campaign opportunities are extremely limited. He will have just 2-3 months of time with extremely limited routes and he won’t even be able to get the message out.

The big mistake that Democrats are making is that they are thinking … I endorse and the person gets the Presidency. It doesn’t work that way. Everything is extremely practical and logical … you need to have the right candidate with the right policies … and have the time to campaign and win. It is because of this that there is extremely less support for Biden. But he can try … nothing is written in stone.

Obama has to do some central planning
If I get a call from Warren saying … “hey, its Warren here … make me President.” Or from Biden … “hey, its Biden … make me President buddy.” Then my dear friends … it doesn’t work that way. Right now, Obama has to step up … he has to do some central planning to take the Democrat Party forward.

We have not abandoned anybody. Options are wide open for 2024. Obama has to get involved in restructuring Democrat policies and in the making of Dem Presidents.

  • Policies. You cannot design policies just to oppose Trump. This is Establishment misleading. You are failing because of this misleading. Everybody knows what is Establishment malice and when SM Groups see all of the wrong policies … then you don’t get the support for a win. This is the issue. You need strong people centric fact based policies. We will help you with that.
  • Candidates. Yes, Bill de Blasio and Bill Gates are good candidates. But we will not fix ourselves on any candidate as of yet. We don’t want to make the same mistake as we did with Warren. Warren came off great when she stood up to the Bankers as a Senator … she was extremely impressive. But when it came to running the country … she failed and shocked everybody. We will do a detailed analysis and work on some good practical candidates for 2024. From the Republican side … the competition is Ivanka … but nobody knows if she will actually run for President.

Now, coming to the sponsors part. Iran has issues … I think you already know about those issues. If Iran is the only key sponsor that you can arrange … then we have to use Russian security and cooperation for the funding from Iran. But these are the key issues that must be managed.

  • Political favors. We or our project should not be responsible for any political favors for Iran. Whatever happens between America and Iran … it is between America and Iran. We should not be squished in that equation or friction.
  • Come to Iran. Going to Iran should not be a requirement. Nobody knows what will happen. I will give my account information and they can deposit it in India.
  • Start small. We first start small … nothing more than $5 million. And then we will discuss about sponsors and how we take the work forward.
  • Blackmail. We nor our work should be used as blackmail for favors from America or Europe in any way whatsoever. They can donate to us … because we have been saving their country from war … because we are fighting a malicious Jewish Establishment in the West. These should be their key interests.
  • Corruption. Some Iranians said that they are worried about corruption in this work. Which means that they want to manage and monitor how I spend the money. They should know that each and every cent donated belongs to me. We don’t involve sponsors in any kind of accounting management.
  • Involvement. Some of them came up with ideas of setting up a base in Pakistan. Donors are not allowed in any kind of involvement in the work whatsoever. It might be in the execution of the work or in policy making … there should be no involvement of the donor.

It’s a Democrat sponsor … we are not totally rejecting your sponsor. But we have to work on security issues that might come from the sponsor. Its best to have Russia involved where we are working with Iran.

Be a part of great works
What Democrats should basically think is … what are they going to do for the next 4-5 years … if Trump wins? Are we going to consume America with blind anti-Trumpism for another 4-5 years? This is the main reason … SM Groups were telling me to create two leadership fronts … one from the ground level and one from the top level. Democrats have to lead from the ground level correctly. This will give your prospective candidates to prove their talent, knowledge and application skills. I would suggest more unity in America … Democrat should be a part of great works … so that they can become great leaders.