25 Apr 2020
Managing Press Conferences
in America

Mad love for Trump
The disinfectant controversy? Bah … just relax … its no controversy. Its just mad love for Trump … the media feeds off you. Every move, every tweet, every statement and everything that you do … they try to make news out of it. Even if you are not saying anything … even if the air moves your hair … they will make news out of that also. If you look at it in a way … it’s just mad love for Trump.

Everyone knows that you were thinking out loud … you didn’t actually mean it … nor did you ask anyone to try it. It is just media trying to sell their news to their audience. But here is the good thing that you should notice.

The controversy over the Immigration Ban vaporized
Your immigration ban was making headlines and the Establishment media was trying to show it as another Muslim Ban. But the moment you showed the logic behind this move … within days the entire topic vaporized. No one is questioning or challenging your immigration ban now. This is the advantage of having … strong logic and facts behind your moves.

Establishment Media is saving face
The media quickly switching topics from the Immigration Ban to the disinfectant comments … it is nothing but the Establishment Media trying to save face. They were wrong in opposing and demonizing Trump’s current immigration ban. 20 million Americans have lost their jobs and the last thing we need is a flood of foreigners taking away American jobs.

But by making a small mistake in the public … you gave the Establishment Media an opportunity to switch topic and save their face. Either ways you are still in the headlines. No American President is more discussed and more covered in the media than President Donald J Trump. You are the most discussed President ever … and you have not even completed your first term yet. Imagine the ongoing news for the next 5 years!

Advisable not to think out loud in front of the media
The simple thing that you did was … explore some ways that came in your mind. Its very normal … everybody does it. This is brainstorming … exploring every possible way of fixing the problem. I don’t think that it should be held against you. It is ridiculous to hold it against you. But then again … it is advisable not to do brainstorming in front of the media … because the media feeds off on your faults. That is how they make money.

Present only those formulas in press conferences and in the media … that have been successful and proven to do good. Don’t worry … the disinfectant topic will also vaporize soon.

Question the question
Talking about the media and press conferences … you are doing better now … by using facts and logic to answer all questions. But you should know that … you don’t have to answer every question. Some guys will come up with nasty and negative questions like:

  • Why are you busy praising yourself at a time when people are dying?
  • Why haven’t you responded to this crisis earlier when you saw signs before?

These questions don’t require a long list of facts and logic. You need to question these questions. What’s the purpose of asking these questions? Think two steps ahead … before answering the question. Why would they even ask such a question? You don’t need to defend yourself in front of these reporters … by giving them a long list of facts and logic … especially when they are just digging for dirt. You are the President of a country with a $20 Trillion economy and responsible for saving the lives of 330 million people. The last thing that you should be doing is … taking out time to answer negative and nasty questions.

  • “Why are you praising yourself?” You are not praising yourself … what kind of question is that? What does he want … the President to stand out there and start screaming “Oh my God! We are all going to die! We have a deadly incurable disease in the country! We are all going to die! We are all going to die!!” Does he want the President to do that? No … obviously, the right President will stand there boldly … keep everyone’s hopes high … take every single measure to protect his citizens … and keep them updated on every single thing that is going on. That’s exactly what you are doing. You are doing what any good President would do.
  • “Why didn’t you respond sooner?” Well, she should get her facts right … the response was perfectly timed and couldn’t have been done sooner or any better. Please ask a question that will help in the next steps. If you want to whine then the White House Press Conference is not the place.

Control the direction of questions
You don’t have to respond to negative and nasty questions with a long list of facts. In fact, you can show the negativity in the question … and tell everyone to keep the questions positive, constructive and useful for the country. This is the White House Press Conference … this is no night club where they can come to bitch against each other. They are trying to bitch against the President … which is a waste of time for everyone. Every question should be useful, fruitful and constructive for the country.

Examples of positive questions are:

  • How are we managing this problem?
  • What can we do about so and so issue?
  • What the next steps being taken?
  • In what timeline things will be done?

The discussion should be … the issue, the solution, the steps being taken and the timeline. Take control over the room … call out negative and useless questions that do no good for the country. Press everyone to ask questions that are useful for the country and the people. Feel free to show the negativity in the question … and don’t berate the reporter … instead show him the right question that he can ask that will help the people. If they insist on negative whiny questions then tell them that this is not the place to sit and whine.

This way you get to lead in creating the right atmosphere that is fruitful for the people. You are doing good … keep it up.

Be the power behind the Governors
Another good thing that you are doing is … making Governors take responsibility. Its an excellent strategy … that will save you from a lot of issues. Let them take responsibility for …

  • Opening the State
  • Closing the State
  • The number of cases
  • Maintaining the fatalities less
  • Managing the entire response

The Governor and the State Government is active at the ground level with tens of thousands of staff at their disposal. It is very natural that Governors should take responsibility. As President … just remain as the power behind the Governors. Just give them everything that they need to manage the crisis … the technology, equipment, strategies and know-how. This is exactly what the President’s job is … this is exactly what the Federal Government should be doing. As far as your job is concerned … you get 10 out of 10 … your performance is 100%.

Turning every stone – opposition remains speechless
When you work on every track then you leave no stone unturned. Your opposition remains speechless. For example … Warren came on one TV show condemning your response to the virus. And when they asked her what she would do … she says … “I would do testing and medications and bla bla bla”. But we already did all of that a long time ago … and we did tons of stuff that they can’t even think of. This is the superiority that you are getting by … working on every track. Your opposition is speechless … they cannot oppose or argue or condemn your response. You are working on every track and you are doing everything right that helps the people.

We will show you some fantastic “revolutions” that are possible in this crisis. The moment you enter revolution mode … not only you will leave your opposition speechless … but you will leave them baffled.