22 Apr 2020
Trump’s PR Strategy missing from the Immigration Ban
in America

The Immigration Ban is not another Muslim Ban
Alright … this is what you need to know. The Establishment Media is freaking out over your Immigration Ban and they are trying to make it look like another Muslim Ban. It is coming out to look like another hate or race based ban. This is happening because the PR Strategy is missing in this move.

Core reasons for the Immigration Ban – Economy and Jobs
You are not carrying out this Immigration Ban out of hate or racism … but it is mainly because of the economy and jobs for the American workers. The economy is in a downfall and more than 20 million Americans have lost their jobs. The last thing we need is hundreds of thousands of foreigners taking away American jobs. It seems like a very valid reason and support can be built for this move.

The PR Strategy Missing
The Establishment Media was trying to recreate the hype that you faced with your Muslim Ban during the first election. And the people are immediately questioning this sudden move. This is mainly because the PR Strategy is missing, my dear friend.

You don’t need a PR Strategy for every single move that you make … but when it comes to controversial moves … it is better to have a PR Strategy. A PR Strategy can be very simple … this is a simple way you can do it.

  • State the problem first. Let people know what issue you are trying to address.
  • Promote the solution. Give the solution for the problem.
  • Use the media. Reach out to the people using the media … Twitter and Press Conference will do. Let everyone know the problem and the solution.
  • Take action. And then you take action to rectify the problem.

If you follow these simple steps then … people will know what you are doing and why you are doing it … and how it will help the people.

What you have done with the temporary Immigration Ban is that …

  • You have openly declared the action that you are going to take first
  • Because of which the media went ballistic creating headlines … mostly trying to shade your action in bad light
  • And everyone is questioning your move

When in reality … what you are doing could actually be good for the country. An easy way to create support for your temporary Immigration Ban is …

  • Also talk about the problem and solution
  • Talk about the 20 million plus jobs that have been lost
  • And show that we need to put American workers first
  • Talk about the above wherever the Immigration Ban is mentioned or discussed

This will vaporize any negative publicity coming from this move. It will keep the media, politicians and the people on your side.

Take World Leadership in treating illegal Immigrants
While we are talking about immigration in this crisis … President Trump should take world leadership in providing free testing and treatment to illegal immigrants in the United States. The biggest affected regions in this crisis are America and Europe. What these two regions also have in common is … illegal immigrants. Today or tomorrow the treatment of illegal immigrants will have to be done … that is, if we want to successfully remove this virus completely from our countries.

It’s a great humanitarian opportunity … where President Trump should lead … and also encourage all other nations of the world to do the same. This is a matter of life and death … it is a basic human question. Legal or illegal … citizen or non-citizen … these questions should be left aside. President Trump … please show greatness.

Its easy.