21 Apr 2020
President Trump should declare free testing and treatment of Covid for illegal immigrants
in America

Attacking immigrants or immigration during election year is a bad idea. This is one of the reasons why a huge segment moved in favor of Hillary in 2016. Immigrants are the fabric of American culture. You push away all minorities and a huge segment of White American voters as well, by making anti-immigrant statements or taking action against immigration directly.

You might be thinking that “immigrants are a tiny part of the country … they won’t affect me at all. Let’s create some headlines by banning them.” But that’s not how it works … you lose tens of millions of voters by being anti-immigrant … both from minorities and White voters. Immigration is a topic that you deal in the backend silently … never bring this topic to the frontend … it will only drop your support base.

Signing an Executive Order to ban immigration will only give talking points to the Democrats. You were doing great with absolutely no flaws since a few weeks. Why the blunder now? The media outlets speaking against your virus response were being egged upon and they were not being trusted. That’s the lead that you have right now. Don’t attack immigrants or immigration now … not in the election year.

But an alternate way of doing it could be like this … what most countries are doing is … they have stopped the movement of almost all non-citizens into their countries. The majority of the people that are being allowed back into the country are only citizens … because of this virus crisis. Restructure your approach …

  • Don’t attack immigrants or immigration
  • Don’t let your name come in this issue
  • Don’t tweet or give publicity to these actions
  • Remain in the background
  • Keep the focus on giving entry to mainly citizens

This will help you to put a control on immigrants and maintain your image as well. In this year and in this crisis … you don’t have to go anti-immigrant but you have to show pro-immigrant policies. One thing that I was going to suggest you was … “providing free testing and treatment for Covid 19” to all illegal immigrants. Yes, even if they are illegal in the country … provide them with free testing and treatment for Covid.

Why you should do this is because …

  • Afraid with no money. Illegal immigrants generally don’t go to hospitals as they don’t have a healthcare plan. They are afraid of getting caught nor do they have the money to pay for the treatment.
  • Country. What this does for the country is … it maintains a section of people in the society … who don’t get tested nor do they get treated. It becomes a source of problem for the rest of the people in the society when it comes to contagious & deadly diseases like Covid. If you want the total and complete removal of Covid from America … then you have to provide testing and treatment for every single human being living on your soil … legal or illegal. That’s the only way you will be able to successfully get rid of Covid from America … because you have tens of millions of illegal immigrants. Not giving them access to testing and treatment only means maintaining a massive silent deadly infection in the country.
  • Great humanitarian gesture. This is not the time to be creating headlines by banning immigration. But you should be creating headlines by declaring “totally free testing and treatment of Covid for all illegal immigrants as well”. Doesn’t matter who you are … if you are a human being on American soil with Covid … then we will help you and treat you. These are the headlines you should be creating.
  • Election Year. And yes … it is election year … the last thing that you want to do is lose support from Latin, Black and minority voters. Being anti-immigrant also backfires from a huge section of White voters. You have done a “phenomenal” job till date … the only word that can describe your performance is “phenomenal”. There are a lot of SM Groups that are the loving you for your great leadership in this crisis. Don’t go anti-immigrant … not in this crisis … not this year. Declare free testing and treatment for everyone on US soil. And continue the great work that you are doing.

Doing this will help your country … it will help you solve this crisis faster … you will show a great humanitarian gesture … instead of losing support … you will win enormous support even more.