18 Apr 2020
Trump is right on holding the WHO accountable
in America

The information from China was not reliable … it is a Communist country that we cannot monitor or control. But is the World Health Organization the same? Is it an untrustworthy Communist country that cannot be relied upon?

  • The first Coronavirus case happened in November 2019 … the WHO had months of time to alert and warn the rest of the world.
  • China was buying tens of millions of masks by January 2020 … why wasn’t the scale of the crisis investigated in China?
  • Why wasn’t the spread of the virus checked at various points in China?
  • Why wasn’t the nature of this virus verified?
  • Why was information like “human to human transfer is not possible” taken at face value?
  • Why was the spread of the virus downplayed?
  • Why did they refuse to term it as an “epidemic” in the initial months?
  • Why weren’t European countries and America warned about the drastic nature of this virus and the damage that it can do to the country?
  • Why did they wait till the virus spread all across Europe and entered America?

Does it look like the WHO was playing its role through these stages at all? The only thing that they said when the whole thing blew up is that … “we are in uncharted territory”. No research was done … no guidelines were given … no precautionary alerts were given. This is not the WHO playing its role … this is more like WHO aiding and abetting the spread of this virus. They didn’t do their job … remained silent, played it down … and allowed it to spread across the world.

Because of this incompetence and lack of action from WHO … these are the losses that America is facing:

  • Trillions in economic damage
  • Millions of American citizens have lost their jobs
  • 700,000 plus Americans are infected … headed towards 1 million infections
  • About 40,000 Americans have died … headed towards a death toll of 100,000

This massive catastrophe for America could have been averted had the WHO played their role. What is the purpose of the WHO? This is their specialty. They failed to do their job because of which the world is suffering. Why should we keep on putting hundreds of millions of American taxpayer money in an organization that does not protect the American people?

WHO must change its ways
Trump is perfectly right in holding the WHO accountable for their lack of action on this massive crisis. The damage done to America is real and the WHO must revise its ways to show that it can play its role that it has been created for. It should look into why it failed in this crisis … it might be in processes being followed, verification techniques or their team of specialists and scientists. If they are going to be so redundant and useless … then what is the point of injecting hundreds of millions of American taxpayer money in this organization?

The WHO must change its ways … and this should be the last pandemic that the world is seeing. If the WHO cannot stop epidemics and pandemics … then we don’t need the WHO. We will setup another organization that will do its job properly.

Dems opposing Trump on WHO is blind partisan politics
Nancy Pelosi coming to the WHO’s rescue is blind partisan politics. Does the death of 40,000 American citizens mean nothing to you? Is this the type of work that you want to keep on supporting?

Being blindly against Trump is the biggest factor that is holding America back. Democrats need to see real time facts and need to take real time action to address each problem and crisis. The more you provide blind partisan leadership that is hollow and baseless … the more you will lose and the more your support will sink. WHO was an organization on the ground with this specialty and they had months of time to at least alert everyone how big this crisis can be. It’s a must for them to revise their techniques and teams.

We are facing a repeat pattern of “incurable deadly diseases” … from Ebola to Zika to Corona. Trump is right on holding WHO accountable. We need much better service for the amount that we pay … so that there is never another pandemic ever again.