15 Apr 2020
Make the Governors take responsibility
in America

Don’t allow the media to define you
Try not to get disturbed by negative and malicious media articles or some silly and negative questions from journalists. Some loser media outlets or journalists don’t define you. It is your actions and policies that define you. And till date, all of your actions and policies have been phenomenal in this crisis. Don’t let a bunch of assholes ruin that for you. You have been nothing but great.

Prepare for the worst, vicious and negative questions
You are going to get re-elected … you have to face this media for at least 5 more years. You cannot afford to show insecurity or anger to the press. The moment they get to make you insecure or angry … then they win. These negative journalists are a bunch of losers … the biggest victory that they can get is to rattle the President of the United States. This is what journalism is about … this is how they attract audience to their media outlets. You are boosting their business when you show insecurity or anger.

Easy Solution – Be prepared
You need to remain calm, rock solid and always answer questions with logic, facts and with the right American principles. If you are following the right American principles and doing everything in accordance to logic and facts … then there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

  • Expect Nasty. See … these guys are not your friends or family that are going to blow your horn always. Just blowing your horn will not sell their paper nor boost their ratings. It is negative and nasty stuff … where they can dig on faults, even if they don’t exist … it is this what sells their papers and boosts their ratings. Always expect negative and nasty. There will be some who will be nice and positive … but there will always be some who will be digging for some mistake or fault. Just because they are digging for fault … it does not mean that you have done something wrong or that you are bad.
  • Prepare for Nasty. You should actually put in a team of 2-3 journalists … who will prepare all of the worst, negative and nasty questions possible … for every topic before facing the press. Prepare with the best fact based logical answers based on American principles and trust me … you will rock!

Always keep in the mind … the media is not in the business to praise you … it is the nasty stuff that gets them the sales. And when you show insecurity or when you lash out at reporters … it makes headlines … you don’t realize it … but you just made them a lot of money. It is this insecurity and anger is what they are looking for and pushing you to make you angry. Don’t fall for that gimmick. Prepare in advance for all of the shitty questions possible and then face the press.

Make the Governors take responsibility
Coming to the main topic of the page … in this new phase that you are entering … of opening the economy … there will be new tracks that you have to manage. Just like in managing the crisis … there were several tracks … similarly, every phase has its parameters and its tracks to be managed. “Politics” is a major element that you have to manage when you move forward to open the economy. Till date, it was just humanitarian work of meeting the people’s needs … but now, politics comes into play.

If you observe … Governors seems to have lots of rights, law and authority on their side … when it comes to blaming and opposing Trump. For everything that can go wrong … blame Trump.

  • For late response … blame Trump
  • No testing kits … blame Trump
  • No supplies … blame Trump
  • No hospital beds … blame Trump
  • Closed too late … blame Trump
  • Opened too soon … blame Trump
  • More cases … blame Trump
  • More deaths … blame Trump

If for everything Trump has to be blamed … then what are the Governors for? What is the State Government for? If everything is Trump’s responsibility then the Governors should quit … the State Government should shut down … and President’s rule should be declared in that State.

With power comes responsibility
President Trump should keep in mind … everything is not the President’s responsibility … everything is not the Federal Government’s responsibility.

  • Shutting down the State is the Governor’s responsibility
  • Opening the State is the Governor’s responsibility
  • Testing the people is the Governor’s responsibility
  • Curing the people is the Governor’s responsibility
  • Making sure that there are less cases and deaths is the Governor’s responsibility
  • Making sure that the State runs normally with no problems after opening the State is the Governor’s responsibility

There is a long list of responsibilities on the Governor and the State. Making you answer these questions and making you bear this responsibility is simply malicious misleading. You do not have to answer all of these questions … nor do you have to take responsibility for all of this. You should always direct these questions to the Governors because it is the State Government that actually implements and executes all of these actions.

The Federal Government “empowers” the States
As President … your primary role is to guide, support and empower the States in any crisis that they face. Wherever the States are running short or do not have the power or resources to manage … the Federal Government helps.

  • If they want more testing kits … will send
  • If they want more hospital beds … will create
  • If they want more ventilators … will send
  • If they want more medical supplies … will send
  • If they want the army and navy in action … will send

In fact, all of the above has already been done. You get a 10 out of 10 score in Presidential leadership. You have already done everything that a President should do in this crisis.

Democratic leadership is the “safest” leadership
Managing this crisis in a democratic manner while working with the respective Governors of each State is the safest leadership. Why? Because most importantly … it puts the responsibility on the Governors for their respective States on their shoulders. It makes the Governors accountable for the management of the crisis in their respective States. The finger should not be pointed to President Trump for any case whatsoever … because the President has already played his role in supporting every State that needed help. Now, it should be the State Governments that should be in full scale action to reduce the number of cases and deaths … and open the economy as soon as possible.

The President has already multiplied the resources and power that the States needed to address this crisis. Its time for everyone in this crisis to take responsibility and to be held accountable for their leadership and management. Just depending on Trump and just blaming everything on Trump … is not right. However, the President should continue on his fantastic leadership in guiding, supporting and coordinating with every State for the fastest route to normalcy.

Doing a great job Mr. President! Keep it up!