14 Apr 2020
Opening the Economy with Outdoor Businesses
in America

Why didn’t Trump shut down the country sooner?
This seems to be a hot question that President Trump was trying to address in his last press conference. Let’s help the President with this question.

Fantastic Job. Firstly, Mr. President … you have done a fantastic and fabulous job … no one could have led in this crisis better than you already have. Your job has been simply spectacular and literally “lifesaving” for millions of Americans across the country. Do not allow some shitty media outlets to disturb you. Hold your head high … always remain confident and secure … respond to every question with logic and facts. Do not allow some nasty journalists to shake you. You have done a great job and you will continue to do a great job … God willing.

Shameful fault finding by the media. Questions like … “why didn’t you do more? Why didn’t you do sooner?” All of these are shameful fault finding gimmicks by the Establishment media outlets. No one could have handled the job better than you already have. We could have got catastrophes if Hillary was in your place. The media should be down on their knees thanking you for the great job you have done to keep America Safe.

Now, here is how you respond to the question of … “why didn’t you shut down the country sooner?” This is a malicious question that the media can use to tarnish the fantastic image that you have created for yourself in this crisis … and it could also be used on the debate stage by your political opponents. You have to know how to respond to this correctly.

01. Responsibility of the Governors. Firstly, why are they even asking you this question? They shouldn’t be even asking you this question. It is the responsibility of the Governors to shut down the State if there are too many cases and if they can’t manage it. Why aren’t the Establishment media asking this question to the Governors? We have 50 States … there are dozens of Democrat and Republican Governors … and if you note … the top States that are adversely affected by this crisis are Democrat Governors … why isn’t the media going to these Democrat Governors and hammering them for not shutting down their States sooner? Why aren’t the Governors being blamed for not shutting down their States sooner?

If you remember … thousands of cases were being reported in New York … and the Governor and Mayor were not shutting down the State because … they had no idea of how they would feed the school children? This is the key reason that the Governor was giving … when he was asked … why isn’t he shutting down the entire State.

And the second thing that the Governor and Mayor were doing was … screaming for help.

  • We want more ventilators!
  • We want more hospital beds!
  • We want more medical supplies!
  • If Trump will not supply us these, he will be responsible for the deaths.

This is what the Governor and Mayor were doing when they had thousands of cases in the State … just screaming for help. How is it even right to ask this question to the President … and not the Governor or Mayor? The question itself is being asked to the wrong person.

02. America is all of Europe in one
Another important point that you should note is that … America is like all of Europe in one. It is a massive country that spreads from one end of the continent to another … and it has 5-10 times more people than any European country. Now, if there are cases in Italy … then should Sweden shut down? These mischievous media outlets should know that … Sweden is still open … there has been no shut down in Sweden at all.

So why should Trump shut down Florida … when the cases are there in New York? There is absolutely no reason to shut down States where there are no cases or where are there very less cases … just because there is a problem in another State.

03. Cooperated and allowed Governors to decide
When the President comes into action … the entire country shuts down. Trump did not use an authoritarian stick to hammer out whatever he wanted across the country … he worked with every Governor … he cooperated and allowed every Governor to make their decision. If Governors wanted to keep their States open … he allowed them to keep them open. If they wanted to shut it down … he allowed them to do so.

You can blame Trump only if he forced the Governors to keep the States open despite their attempt or demands to shut down the States. This never happened. Trump managed the crisis in a “fantastic democratic” manner … allowing every State to make their decision. Not only that … he gave them tons and tons of support in terms of hospital beds, medical supplies, ventilators, soldiers, navy hospital ships, millions of testing kits and the list goes on and on and on.

04. Massive Economic Damage
If Trump had come into action in January itself … when there was no case to close down the country … imagine the massive economic damage that would result out of it. The country is shut down for just one month and we are facing a multi-trillion dollar economic damage. Just imagine the trillions more that it would cost for shutting down the entire country for no reason for several months. It would be a totally ridiculous move.

President Donald J Trump … you are doing super good … super phenomenal … you are running everything perfectly well. Stay strong … don’t get swayed by some silly media outlets who are just trying to shake your solid image among the public. You are doing great! You will win this!

Opening of the Economy
Now, coming to the main topic of the page. Owing to the great job that you have done on several tracks … we are getting good results. The number of cases are going down … it is time to start analyzing the right way to open the economy. The right way will be the “safest way” to open the economy.

The opening should be gradual and prioritizing should be done by the “density of the people in the businesses”.

  • Lesser the density … earlier they open
  • More the density … later they open

This facilitates social distancing … makes sure that the spread is to a minimum … and allows time for the development of vaccines, testing kits and medications for every nook and corner of the country. You are basically taking the health and economy side by side together.

  • You are opening businesses but
  • You are also making sure that more and more testing kits, vaccines and medications are being made available in every part of the country.

Outdoor Businesses First
Based upon the density formula … you can easily go with outdoor businesses first. Businesses like:

  • Agriculture
  • Fisheries
  • Dairy and Livestock
  • Landscaping
  • Shipping and Transportation … to mention a few

This is what you have to note in these businesses:

  • These businesses are generally done out in the open air
  • Social distancing is very easy to maintain
  • People won’t come back home with Corona from cereals and beans
  • The fish is not going to give Corona to the people
  • You don’t get Corona by driving a truck

These are comparatively safe … open air … business activities that you can look forward to open by May 2020. Discuss with your health and economy specialists … about more of these businesses and the social distancing guidelines that have to be given to them.

Businesses that have high density … like schools, colleges, movie theatres, sports stadiums … these businesses should be considered for later.

Managing two types of opposition
Till date, your goodwill made you a great person. But sometimes, when we have vicious opposition … even goodwill can be used against you. Till date, you were just giving out handouts that could not be opposed by Democrats or the Establishment. Now, when you step forward to open the economy … anything that goes bad can be blamed on you.

  • More number of cases can be blamed on you
  • More number of deaths can be blamed on you

This is how you tackle Democrats and Establishment elements in this scenario.

Start Talking about Global Food Shortages
If you want to open the economy by May … then it is time for you to start talking about “global food shortages”. The UN is sending repeated warnings of global food shortages if everything remains shut like this. This is something to your advantage.

  • There can be global food shortages
  • The first businesses that can be open are agriculture, fisheries, shipping and transportation … as all of them are open air businesses

These reports from the UN come to your advantage and support. Start talking about this … emphasize the importance of agriculture and fishing industries … and how an adverse shortage can create a bigger crisis. We don’t want to die with Corona … but we don’t want to die from hunger either.

Putting these facts in the media … will help you hammer out Democrat and Establishment opposition. This is a major crisis and everyone has to step forward with solutions … not just blame games. Till date, Trump is the one that has been coming up with all of the solutions. Democrat Governors were just pointing to Trump with all of the problems that they have … Trump is the one that gave solutions to all of them. Similarly, start showing the problem first … so that the people, Democrats and the media will accept your solution.

Even if something happens in these industries … everyone will understand why this decision was taken and you can easily get support for it.

Activating Intelligence Agencies a must
Till date, it was just managing the crisis … now it is your Presidency on the line. It is a must to manage Establishment malice in this. We all know that there is a huge level of Establishment malice involved in the spread of the virus. Wherever you are opening the economy … if the Establishment creates a new crisis … it will automatically be blamed on you. You have to hammer this out. The best way to keep a check on Establishment malice is to … activate intelligence agencies to investigate the spread of the virus. You had to do this before to save the people … but now … you have to do it to save your Presidency as well.

Multi-faceted approach will give solutions
Always keep in mind … you are winning because of your multi-faceted approach in this crisis. No other leader could have pulled off what you have done in this crisis. But in all future steps as well … you have to use a multi-faceted approach.

  • Media and people. On one side … you have to manage the media and the people … showing them the need to address the coming global food shortage crisis. You have to get the people on your side using this argument.
  • Democrats. The moment you pull people on your side … Democrats have to follow … they themselves have to give ideas on addressing the shortage in food supply. You have to work with some Dems in the background showing them that the Establishment is involved in the malicious spread of the virus. So that they don’t blame you when cases rise … so that a proper investigation is carried out and this malice can be contained.
  • Establishment Malice. You have to keep the hammer on the Establishment by activating intelligence agencies in this malicious spread.

This is how you will win in the next phase.