03 Apr 2020
Coronavirus Committee? Cut the crap, Pelosi
in America

Coronavirus Committee? Cut the crap, Pelosi … just cut the crap. Everybody knows that the Committee will only do what the Politicians want it to do. You want to channelize hundreds of billions of American taxpayer money to the Corporations. What is the Committee going to do any different? Do you really need a Committee to make sure that Boeing gets their billions in time? A Committee is formed by none other than Politicians … this is Politicians running the country for Politicians while ripping of hundreds of billions of taxpayer money and giving them as handouts to Corporations. This is total bullshit.

A cheap shot to hog the limelight
This is nothing but a cheap shot to hog the limelight. Democrats can’t stand the fact that Trump is doing a great job and all eyes are on him. The only way that Democrats can get some attention is by launching an investigation and by setting up Committees. This is so full of shit. You are the one who wants to blow up hundreds of billions in corporate handouts and you are the one who wants an oversight on Trump’s actions? The Mueller Investigation was bullshit. The impeachment was bullshit and even this Coronavirus Committee is bullshit. How do you expect to lead the country when the only thing you guys come up with is bullshit?

Trump – Deductibles for Restaurants and Entertainment Businesses
While Democrats are working hard on blowing up hundreds of billions in corporate handouts … look what Trump is coming up with. He want deductibles offered to restaurants and entertainment businesses. A restaurant business is something that is still “Made in America”. It is American Chefs … with American staff … working on American soil. This is the unique thing about restaurants and entertainment businesses in America. And when Trump offers tax deductibles for corporate employees who use restaurants … it means that hundreds of thousands of small businesses all across America will get a huge boost in business. This measure will strengthen hundreds of thousands of businesses and consolidate the jobs for millions of Americans.

While Democrats are obsessed in handing out hundreds of billions of taxpayer money to billionaires who mostly have their manufacturing units outside of America … Trump is working on policies to boost hundreds of thousands of small businesses that are American owned and on are American soil. This guy with zero political experience has more commonsense than all of you combined together.

Corporate handouts should be made illegal
President Trump should respond by making Corporate Handouts illegal. Every single taxpayer dollar … belongs to the American people. Politicians have absolutely no right to give away hundreds of billions of hard-earned taxpayer money to their billionaire buddies. This act is illegal and immoral. We have not elected politicians to give away our hard-earned taxpayer money for free to their billionaire buddies. This is not how the world works and this is not how politicians should function.

If the Airline Industry is not getting any business and facing a slow down for a couple of months … firstly, they make billions every year … they can manage a slow down for a couple of months. Secondly, if they want taxpayer money … let them work for it. If Boeing can make planes … they can make ventilators as well. Let these big shot billionaires … put their money and manpower and start manufacturing what the people need most. Why are they sitting on their asses and asking for billion dollar handouts?

If any company is asking for a handout … tell them to …

  • Make ventilators
  • Make masks and sanitizers
  • Make medical equipment and protective gear that is needed
  • Make medicines and vaccines

The country is in a freaking crisis … they need to step up and start making what the people need. Address the need of the nation!

Benefits of making corporations pull their weight
What Nancy Pelosi should understand is that … Establishment malice is everywhere. You should understand how the advice coming from the Democrat Establishment will screw the country. This is no time for corporate handouts or Committees … this is all bullshit. We have to make corporations pull their weight.

  • Kill Crisis Profiteering. When we don’t give any corporate handouts … we kill crisis profiteering. The more we allow crisis profiteering … the more they will expand the crisis in order to benefit from it. By giving corporate handouts … you are literally giving the license to kill thousands of American citizens.
  • Distribute Benefits. By not giving handouts and making more and more companies manufacture what is needed in this crisis … you will distribute the flow of benefits in this crisis. The Pharma industry alone will not make a killing out of it. Anyone and everyone who can step up and manufacture the required products … they should be encouraged to do so. No one should sit on their asses and ask for billion dollar handouts. The more the distributed manufacturing becomes … the better it is. It kills the benefit of a few in the crisis.
  • Enormous amounts of supplies. When more and more manufacturers start making the required products … we get enormous supplies of the needed items. We will be in a surplus and we can dictate how the crisis moves. Right now, the crisis is bigger than us … the crisis is controlling us. We have to become bigger than the crisis to put the crisis under our control. You have to hold back on the God damn handouts for this to happen.
  • Massive Unemployment. Trump is right on not shutting down the country. Whichever State has shut down … it is also reporting a huge number of requests for unemployment benefits. Nobody knows how long this crisis will last. We need to have good enough resources to meet the need of the people.
  • Kill Repetitive Attempts. The better we kill “crisis profiteering” the better we will kill the repetitive attempts to recreate this crisis next year. We don’t want to be plagued by one virus or the next, one after another. We have to win and come out strong from this crisis. For this to happen … you need to control the misleading and malice coming from the Democrat Establishment.

Democrats are coming up with a series of King Kong disasters

  • Firstly, the campaigns were total disasters … with tens of trillions of Socialist disasters
  • And then … they came up with $500 Billion in corporate handouts in the last bill … and still working on trillions of more spending.
  • And now … during this period of crisis … you want to set up a “Coronavirus Committee” … as if this crisis was not big enough. It is just a cheap shot to enter the limelight with nothing but partisan bullshit to create divisiveness in the country during a crisis.

It is just disaster after disaster … bullshit after bullshit. If Nancy Pelosi wants to show some true leadership … she needs to cut the crap that is coming from the Democrat Establishment and keep the country united. Quit blowing up hundreds of billions on Democrat billionaire buddies and work with Trump in saving the country. Show some true leadership.