30 Mar 2020
Democrats need to rise above the puppetry of the Democrat Establishment
in America

The start was good – anti-war approach
Democrats did a good job in the beginning of the Trump Presidency. They took a strong anti-war approach and stopped new wars from being started. They get a partial credit for creating the peace and stability that we have. Some credit also goes to Putin for intervening and some credit to Trump for walking back on these wars.

But then … that’s the only good thing that Democrats came up with during this Administration. Most of the major other things that Democrats followed was blatant puppetry to the Democrat Establishment. What Democrats should realize is that … the Establishment is very weak on its own. It relies on your power and does its malice through your power … which makes it powerful. Unknowingly, Democrats have been supporting Establishment malice in major schemes. The Establishment works in both parties … Democrat and Republican … and Democrats have been running Establishment malice and they don’t even realize it.

Hollow anti-Trumpism
One such huge blunder was following hollow anti-Trumpism. The Establishment ran an empty and bogus propaganda against the President and the Democrats blindly followed it and expected great results out of it.

Disastrous Policies
And the second major blunder that they made was … to come up with disastrous policies that would cost the American taxpayers more than $100 Trillion in new spending. They were thinking that anti-Trumpism will help them win and that they would get a chance to run these disastrous policies in America.

Running partisan politics while Americans are dying
This viciousness and anti-Trumpism is so high among the Democrats that …

  • While Americans are dying … Democrats were holding off the relief package … only to insert the Green New Deal spending aspects in this aid program.
  • While Americans are dying … Democrats came up with $500 Billion in corporate bailouts … and made it a part of the Coronavirus aid package

Running party politics and working on corporate bailouts … while there is a massive pandemic … while tens of thousands of Americans are getting infected and people are dying … this is what you call “leadership”, is it?

Nancy Pelosi - As the President fiddles, people are dying
And then Nancy Pelosi has the audacity … to go live on air and say that … “as the President fiddles, people are dying”. Ma’am Nancy Pelosi … does this look like “fiddling” to you?

  • Manufacturing millions of masks and medical supplies
  • Manufacturing tens of thousands of ventilators
  • Innovating products and making breakthroughs to fight this crisis … in testing and medications
  • Getting rapid FDA clearances for needed products and medications
  • Setting up hundreds of new hospitals
  • Sending Navy Ships filled with medical supplies and full-fledged hospitals inside them
  • Activating 1 million soldiers to be deployed in this crisis
  • This is fiddling, is it?

Doing all of this “within weeks” … does this look like fiddling to you?? Fiddling is what you are doing … holding back an aid package so that you can insert some party politics inside it … holding back an aid package to insert hundreds of billions in corporate bailouts. This is what’s called fiddling.

Dying Americans not good enough to end your anti-Trump propaganda?
Are dying Americans not good enough to end your stupid and hollow anti-Trump propaganda? You need to rise above the bullshit advice that your Party gives you. Its plain pathetic what you are doing. America was hated for its genocidal wars around the world. Trump is bringing respect back to America. Now, you want to show a shitty face of America where party leaders use “dead bodies” to run partisan politics?

Trump is doing every single thing right
If Trump was not doing anything … slagging and not responding and not taking any action … then your statement would make some sense. He is pulling the best team from every field possible … from science to research … to top companies … to Navy, Army … and every string possible. And you are sheepishly standing there trying to use “dead bodies” to pull favor for your party. What is wrong with you? Is this the new face of the Democrat party … where there is no shame at all?? Forget about being selfish or tone-deaf … this is simply disgusting … Speaker Pelosi.

“Ow yes … I am counting the dead … so that I can use the dead to get my guy into the White House.” Awesome.

The Establishment are shameless assholes
Keep in mind … the Establishment are shameless assholes … the more you follow them, the more you become them. This is no time for party politics. There is never a time where you use “dead bodies” via a pandemic for partisan gain. Its just beneath you.

UN already alerting for a worldwide shortage of food
There are dozens of tracks that have to be worked upon simultaneously right now.

  • Trump has already been given 10 different tracks that he has to work on … to combat this one crisis.
  • Along with that … we have to work on routes to combat Establishment malice in several ways
  • And along with that … we are also looking at the worldwide shortage of food

The crisis was just about infection and cure … its spread has made it an issue about economy … and now shutting down countries is making an issue about the global food supply. If several countries remain shut down then who the hell is going to manufacture the food for the world? If this shut down goes long term … we have to figure out … where the hell are we going to get the food from. This is no time to use “dead bodies” for partisan gain.

As Michelle Obama … who we love very much … said … “when they go low, we go high”. When they go low … we go high. Is this you going high, Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Using dead American bodies for political points? This is probably the worst and lowest statement that you ever made throughout your political life. You are kindly requested to snap out of party politics and rise above the dictates of the Democrat Establishment. Following the Democrat Establishment will only reduce you to a terribly low level. And we cannot allow the Establishment to run its agenda from any source whatsoever. This is a terrible crisis where America and American citizens are directly impacted by the masses. We all need to stick together and fight off Establishment malice at every level … that’s how we are going to win this.

And if you are trying to make moves so that Dems can win in 2020 … then don’t bother. Let the candidate fight for himself … why are screwing your image for him? You are a good lady … stand for good things. Let Biden carry his weight. If the guy can’t fight for himself … then what the hell he will fight for his country? Why are you spoiling your image for him?

President Trump – Stay strong and stay practical
President Trump … you are doing great. Stay strong and stay practical. You seemed a little bit nervous in your last press conference. Well, being a little bit nervous when we are in a pandemic … is a sign of a “good conscience”. If Hillary had this conscience then she would have stopped when things got bad in Syria. Some of our leaders are totally cold and heartless. You are a good man with a soft and caring heart.

It’s a good thing that you are concerned about this worsening crisis. You are headed towards the peak … this is where you have to maintain composure, stay strong and stay practical. Being practical and logical about things will help you maintain composure and help you to be strong.

  • The virus is not your problem … you did not create the virus.
  • The spread is not your problem … you did not run self-isolation policies at the State level.
  • What’s important is … have you taken every measure that the President should have in this crisis or not? This is what’s important.

The President’s job is to provide help wherever needed and to work with State Governments. You are already doing that … and you are doing a great job … stay strong.

Design a team for inventory management
About the issue that you mentioned that hospitals are using 10-20 times more masks than they should have. Well, this happens where the Establishment functions. Hundreds of billions worth weapons just vanished from war zones and there is no accounting for it. They keep worsening the crisis and keep making you mass manufacture and keep on supplying them more and more.

The solution to such an issue is … maintain a team for inventory management. Whatever you are sending … they belong to the Federal Government … its your property … you have every right to monitor and manage its distribution and usage. This will help in better usage and help you supply where the need is the most … rather than draining everything at one place.

Stay strong … you are doing good.