17 Mar 2020
Cancel Elections to work on the Coronavirus Crisis
in America

President Trump should immediately work on canceling elections to work on the Coronavirus crisis. This is one of the key requirements so that the Administration can successfully work on resolving this crisis. It is impossible to conduct elections and manage a worldwide pandemic at the same time.

You need to do this now … you need to cancel elections right now. You cannot sit and wait for the pandemic to get worse and then start working on canceling elections. You need to cancel the elections before the pandemic gets worse.

Workload on the Administration
We are not dealing with a hurricane or tornado here … something that comes and goes within a few days. This is not a one week crisis. We are looking at an year long crisis. The entire year is going to be spent on managing this crisis … most probably. Now, look at the current load on the Administration.

  • Medical. The Administration has to work on the manufacturing of millions of masks and millions of testing kits every month. They have to work on the medications and vaccines.
  • Containment Strategies. They have to simultaneously work on containment strategies of disinfecting roads, streets, public places, commercial and residential buildings.
  • Quarantine Measures. They have to work on implementing quarantine measures.
  • Hospitals. States that are acutely affected … they are already calling for the building of new hospitals. They are saying that the States cannot handle it … the Feds have to come in … it means that the US President has to get involved in the construction of hospitals in every State.
  • Travel Restrictions. Along with that, the President has to continuously monitor and implement travel restrictions.
  • Troops being attacked. On the sidelines we have troops being attacked … in Afghanistan and Iraq. The President again has to get involved in the security of our troops via foreign policy.
  • Economy. All of the above is having an adverse effect on the economy. The Stock Market is plunging, businesses are being shut down, how are people going to be paid? The President has to design economic plans to address this as well.
  • Manage the people. Companies are price gouging and people are hoarding … supermarkets are going empty. The President has to make sure that people in all places have basic amenities.

Now, while doing all of the above … since this is an election year … the President is also supposed to run elections? Carry out campaigns and rallies? Go around campaigning in every State saying … “vote for me” … when people are saying … “save us … give us vaccines”? This it totally and completely illogical.

Running Elections and Managing a Pandemic are contrary to each other
Both of these activities are totally the opposite … they cannot be carried out at the same time.

  • 100% Unity. At a time of such a crisis … you need 100% unity. This is no time to be flinging dirt on each other. What are we going to say … “people are dying because of Trump? Or people are dying because of Democrats?” This is the last thing that anybody needs. The people don’t need us bitching against each other … the people need us united and they need our help in this crisis as much as we can help.
  • Cannot connect with people. It is not possible to connect with people right now. Firstly, you cannot conduct any rallies or campaigns. Secondly, the media … the TV channels and Newspapers alike … they are totally occupied with this crisis. There is no space to run a political campaign. Thirdly and most importantly, it is totally tone deaf to run a political campaign in this scenario.
  • People can’t vote. There is a deadly virus out there. People have to choose whether to stay at home and live … or vote and die. How can the results of such an election be legitimate when people are afraid to go out and vote?
  • Online voting. If we use online voting or voting via phones … then it can easily be rigged by the companies that create these applications. The only major trusted vote is from the paper ballot.
  • People need medications, vaccines and hospitals. People don’t care about Democrats or Republicans right now. They are trying to survive this crisis … they want medications, vaccines and hospitals.

We are at a unique place where running elections and managing this crisis cannot be done simultaneously. It is a must to cancel the elections to focus on this crisis. The people and the country come first … not elections.

How to cancel elections?

  • Constitution. The first stepping stone is the Constitution. The Constitution is written to run the country right for the people. That’s the purpose of the Constitution … to run the country right. And at this moment in time … the current Constitution doesn’t run the country right. As per the Constitution, the President can serve for only 4 years. The Constitution is telling us to go for elections … but the crisis is telling us to save the people. What do you do? You follow the “purpose of the Constitution” … we are not slaves to the Constitution … we can always amend the Constitution to do what is right for the people and the country.
  • Duration – One year. This is not a crisis that will be resolved in one or two months. We need to prepare for this for at least one year. The elections need to be postponed for at least one year.
  • Senior Republicans. President Trump should immediately start talks with the Senior Republicans in order to cancel and postpone the elections. Unify everyone to cancel the elections.
  • Democrats. And then approach Democrats also for the same. Most likely they will agree … no one wants the thrashing of the people in this scenario. But there might be some assholes who might disagree … these ones should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Media. If required … get the word out. Use the media and create the argument for the same.

Why this must be done?
The loss will be for the people. We are in a year of crisis … if our leaders stand there bitching at each other … blaming each other … while thousands of our people are getting infected … who is going to lose? The loss will be for the people … both at a National level and the State level.

This is not the time for division and elections. It is time to be united and all of our focus should be in solving this crisis … and making sure that our people are protected to the fullest extent. And this can be done … when we cancel elections and put our divisions aside. Let things normalize … and we can go ahead with elections next year.