16 Mar 2020
Democrats continuing debates is just selfish and tone deaf
in America

I know … I can activate SM Groups in any one’s favor and get them the Presidency. But facts and logic don’t work in Biden’s favor … he is brittle … he will not be able to withstand Establishment pressure … he will break. Trump has logic and facts on his side. Democrats are extremely ill-prepared to handle anything. We will have to work with Obama to guide Democrats. Details on that later … as of now, there is every chance that there won’t be an election this year.

Democrats hungry for power
This is what’s going on:

  • We are facing a deadly pandemic
  • States have declared an emergency
  • A National Emergency has been declared
  • Universities and colleges are shutting down
  • Some schools are open only because we have to support the children
  • Restaurants and bars are shutting down
  • Travel from Europe, UK and several other countries has been shut down

From the election’s perspective:

  • People are not allowed to gather in groups
  • We cannot have an audience in the debates
  • We cannot conduct any campaign rallies
  • People cannot go out and vote
  • It is either stay at home and live … or vote and die

In this worldwide crisis … Democrats continuing debates is just selfish and tone deaf. Bernie and Biden call themselves “Presidential” candidates when they show:

  • No care for the people
  • No concern for the health and wellbeing of the people
  • No understanding of the massive crisis that we are in

And the only thing that they care for is:

  • Their hunger for power
  • Who will be in the White House?
  • Who will get to be the President?
  • Who will win the Presidential Trillion Dollar Lottery?

How do you guys even qualify to be President?

Bernie and Biden should go to Antarctica
There is no Coronavirus problem in Antarctica. There are also:

  • No audience
  • No rallies
  • No voters in Antarctica

Both of you can declare yourselves as the President of Antarctica … and rule over your Nation for the next 4 years. Lol.

Show some dignity and postpone the elections
If any of you had a single shred of dignity then he would have said … “this is not the time for elections … this is not the time for division … this is not the time for a fight for power. We have to save our people and our country. Let’s leave all elections and politics aside … let’s fight for our people and get them out of this crisis. Once the crisis has been solved and things have normalized … then we can resume the elections.” This is what the right Presidential candidate would say.

What you guys are doing right now … it only shows that … you don’t give a shit about anything … the world and the people can go to hell … all you need is your power.

How do you run elections when you cannot interact with the people … when you cannot conduct rallies and when people cannot go out and vote? How do you expect the “right decision” from the people in such a crisis? How can such an election even be legitimate when people are afraid to go out and vote?

Its time for Democrats to snap out of the power chase … and to be the wonderful and caring Party that they are. Its time to show that you are the Party of the People … postpone the damn elections.

Three possible outcomes hereon

Outcome 01. Shaming the Democrats
The advantage that Trump has is that … he is one with the power and he is the one who is solving this crisis. And you are the one who wants the power. Republicans can immediately start shaming the Democrats for their chase and hunger for power despite the crisis that we are in. This itself will become a strong winning point for Trump. He will stand on the stage and say:

  • I am supposed to be building hospitals, providing medications and saving lives … and not standing here wasting time in a ridiculous debate that should have never taken place in this crisis.
  • Our priority should be saving the people and not bitching over power. This is not the time to do this.
  • I am here only because of the Democrat’s shameless chase and hunger for power.

How are you going to respond to that? Trump is already doing a good job … right now, he is supposed to save the people. That should be his and your primary concern. You can lose the Presidency because you are pursuing the Presidency at the wrong time.

Outcome 02. Republicans Postpone
If Republicans postpone then they will postpone for at least one year. They will set the term limits.

Outcome 03. Democrats Postpone
If Democrats step forward and postpone … they can say … okay, lets postpone for 6 months and then we assess the situation … and then if required we postpone for another 6 months. This way, you maintain your dignity and also control the terms.

Pursuing the Presidency during a deadly pandemic … this itself can become your biggest drawback.


Its already done in the UK.
They postponed the elections in London for one year. Take a look:


If UK can do it … then why not us? Why do we have to be so divisive, selfish, greedy and hungry for power that we cannot see the immediate concern of the people first? We are not slaves to the law … the laws are designed for what is best for the country and the people … we design the laws. And when the need is there … we need to come together and put in one or two legislations to smoothen things in a crisis.