08 Mar 2020
The Coronavirus is killing anti-Trumpism
in America

Seems like the Coronavirus is killing more than people … it is also successfully killing anti-Trumpism to a great extent. The virus is successfully taking the “time and stories” from the Establishment media that would be otherwise used for anti-Trumpism. More time is being spent on the Coronavirus coverage and more and more stories about the virus are occupying the attention of the media.

Since the Coronavirus appeared, there are no new “anti-Trump stories” hatched up by Establishment elements. There is no new anti-Trump crisis. No one will buy any ridiculous anti-Trump propaganda when the world is in a major deadly epidemic. Interestingly, the Coronavirus seems to be killing Trump’s biggest opponent … which is the anti-Trump propaganda.

A public crisis – an opportunity for the hero
What President Trump should keep in mind is that … a public crisis may be a problem for the people … but it is an opportunity for the hero … it is a fantastic opportunity for the President. It is time for leadership … it is time to step forward … it is time for you to show your skills and talent as a great President. A public crisis shouldn’t take you down … but a public crisis should recognize and consolidate your leadership. And that depends on the actions that you take to help, to protect and to save your people.

Some examples will help.

  • Obama – No war with Russia. The Establishment tries to create misleading propaganda and pull us in catastrophic situations. But when you understand the Establishment malice and take the right actions to address the crisis … then you come off as the hero. One of Obama’s biggest accomplishment was … no war with Russia. He signed the Iran Nuclear Deal … not to stop Iran from making nukes … but it was mainly done to stop the spread of war that would take us into a conflict with Russia. Once the Nuclear Deal was signed … the war moves stopped in Syria … there was no further expansion of the war. This was the main reason why the Nuclear Deal was signed. And Obama is known as a hero for that.
  • Trump – Vaporized the War on Terror. Obama stopped the wars but he didn’t eliminate terrorism totally. The elimination of terrorism happened under Trump when he cancelled all funds moving into war zones. The start of the Trump Era was marked by the vaporization of the War on Terror. So, you are a hero for making that fantastic decision of cancelling funding in the war zones.

The Establishment will create crisis … but when you are in that crisis … one of the things that you have to do is dismantle that crisis. And when you take the right moves to dismantle the crisis … you end up being the hero. Trump should not think of the Coronavirus as a bad thing for his Presidency … don’t try to disown or move away from the people that are infected. This crisis is already killing one of your biggest enemies and that is … the anti-Trump propaganda. Now, the more you show yourself as a caring and compassionate leader who leaves no stone unturned … the bigger will be your victory.

Every action you take … makes a hero out of you. Every support you give … the people recognize you for it. And this is happening during election year … it is an opportunity for the good guys. It is not an opportunity for assholes like Bush or Macron … these guys get egged on more for their lousy action. Macron is standing there saying … an epidemic is inevitable. Jesus Christ.

Be on the frontend of all measures to be taken
It is a fantastic opportunity and it is already helping you … make the best use of it.

  • Be on the frontend of every measure that is being taken or that has to be taken
  • Give 100% support to every American citizen affected … doesn’t matter in which corner of the world he is in. Doesn’t matter if they are in a ship or in some infected corner of the world … give 100% support for them.
  • Don’t bother about the numbers … these are not poll numbers … these are the number of people that need your help. And you have to be there for every one of them.
  • Gladly and openly welcome them … but also place them in locations outside the main cities … this would be a good containment measure.
  • Activate medical technology in several routes. Setup several teams … each to work on each route.
  • Work with international leaders and also try to help their people and countries

Democrat blunders – a boon for Trump’s re-election
Coronavirus is not the only thing that is helping Trump … Democrat blunders again and again are turning out to be a boon for Trump’s re-election. Seems like our Chosen Angel is being helped from all sides. Lol. Here’s a preview of some of Democrat blunders in their hunger for power.

  • Pinned their hopes on Establishment malice. Democrats sat back and enjoyed Establishment malice against Trump since the past 3 years … hoping that the Establishment will succeed and that they will get the Presidency.
  • Didn’t learn anything. While Trump was getting stronger with every difficulty that he was facing … Democrats simply sat back and didn’t bother to learn anything … as to what was going on and what had to be done. They were only eager and hungry for power.
  • Wrong policies. They came up with all wrong policies and they were literally campaigning the Devil’s ideas and destructive policies. They didn’t even bother to correct themselves when pointed out.
  • Shocked with Warren’s failure. They got a massive surprise with Warren’s failure … to add to that … Bernie, the Devil, rose to the top! Now, they are so freaked out that they are rigged the votes to favor Biden … because they know that Bernie will lose to Trump. Lol.
  • Entire team drops out. The only way Biden can win against Bernie is if … the entire team drops out and endorses Biden. And that’s what they did … almost everybody drops out of the race and endorses Biden … leaving only two old cranks in the race. Lol.
  • Two old cranks in the race. One is 78 years old … another is 77 years old. Both of them have one foot in the grave … one got a heart attack and another doesn’t know if he will survive till his next term or not. Lol. One is radical Communist and another one doesn’t know shit and has nothing to run on.

It is a blunder after blunder after blunder. Now, two old cranks are going to fight against each other on the stage for the next 8 months … to show that they are the most capable to defeat President Donald J Trump. It was a tactical move to favor Biden … but when you focus is only on “getting power” then you tend to do a lot of blunders.

What they don’t realize is that … Trump was given the Presidency to remove such old cranks from the White House. The Trump Presidency was basically created to bring an outsider in the game … who will make new moves and take the country forward.

And please don’t blame me for your losses. All of these blunders are owned by the Democrats a 100%. You did all of these blunders … all on your own. I am not to be blamed for your loss.

Good News
Well, not everything that Democrats did was wrong. The start was fantastic … they brought a lot of Establishment independent candidates on the stage and their debates literally controlled the direction of the country. No one is talking about terrorism, Radical Islam or about bombing another country. This is something we need to recognize and congratulate the Democrats for this. It was a very good start.

Another good news is that … chances of Bernie winning against Trump were … zero. No way in hell Bernie would be allowed to win against Trump. Biden at least has a 20-30% chance in winning against Trump. Trump doesn’t have any bad or wrong policies with him. His biggest disadvantages are anti-Trumpism and inaction against Establishment malice. The Coronavirus is already taking care of the anti-Trump propaganda to a great extent. This 20-30% chance that Biden has in winning against Trump … is mainly because of Trump’s inaction on Establishment malice.

Trump is already talking about the debt crisis in his Town Halls. If Trump comes into action then Bernie and Biden don’t stand a chance. Things are strongly moving in favor of Trump. But nothing is finalized yet on who will win 2020.