25 Feb 2020
Containing the spread of Coronavirus
in America

Transmission of Coronavirus
Studies indicate that Coronavirus is transmitted via the droplets from the patient’s cough or sneeze. Even if you are standing 6 feet away from the patient, even then you can catch the virus. That’s why the masks are being used, roads are being disinfected and people are being asked to stay at home where the infection is acute.

Widespread Transmission
The issue with these measures is that … they are extremely limited in controlling the spread of the virus. If the patient’s body and fluids contain the virus … it means that the virus can also spread via the urine and stool of the patient. And this means that … Coronavirus can be spread via the drainage system of the town or city.

We are limiting people to their homes so that the disease does not spread via physical contact … but …

  • When the patient uses the bathroom in his home or hospital
  • This home or hospital is connected to the drainage system of the entire town or city
  • And more the patients multiply in the location … more the contaminated the drainage system gets … leading to widespread transmission of the disease within the area

The measures that China and several other countries are taking are:

  • Putting people in hospitals
  • Limiting people to their homes
  • Locking down cities and towns
  • Preventing the movement of the people

But as long as these people who are locked in these cities and towns … as long as they are going to use the same drainage system … the contamination is going to be stronger and stronger … and it will keep on infecting more and more people.

The quarantined ship at Japan
This is exactly what happened in the ship at Japan as well. No one was getting in touch with the infected person … but the infections were doubling overnight. This is exactly what is happening in areas where Coronavirus patients are found. The infections are doubling even though there is no direct contact with Patient Zero.

Here is the latest study on this as well:

What to do about this?

  • Test and verify. The first thing that you need to do is … test and verify. The above link is just one study. Test the urine and stool of the Coronavirus patients for infection … and also test the drainage systems being used by the hospitals of these patients. If the test is positive for urine and the drainage systems … then move on to the next steps.
  • Get all patients in the hospital. Get all patients in the hospital … don’t allow any infected person to stay at home. As long as he is going to stay at home, he is going to keep on spreading the infection in the entire city.
  • Disconnect hospitals. The drainage systems of all hospitals treating Coronavirus patients must be disconnected from the city’s main drainage systems.
  • Separate Septic Tanks. These hospitals must immediately setup their own separate septic tanks. Absolutely no fluid ejected by the patient should be allowed to move into the city’s systems. It might be sneezes, coughs, urine, stool, waste water via shower or waste water via cleaning or whatever. Any excretion or water that has come in contact with the patient must not be allowed to move into the city’s systems.
  • Disinfect Drainage Systems. We are doing a good job disinfecting the roads … but we are not looking what is below the roads. It is a must to disinfect the drainage systems … especially in areas where this infection is acute.
  • Destroy Septic Waste. We might not have a cure of this virus yet but the virus is also a living organism. It cannot stand high acidity and temperatures. Kill the virus in the septic tanks via acid and then burn it down. Totally destroy the virus and carefully get rid of this burnt waste.
  • Locate all drainage leaks. Wherever these infections are acute … locate all leaks in the drainage systems. If there is any drainage leak that is overflowing … then that is your Coronavirus flowing openly in the town or city. Block and fix all drainage leaks in these acute areas.
  • Hospital building leaks. There should be no leakage within the hospital as well … as the waste water from the patients is infectious.
  • New & Separate Water and Sewage Lines. The rooms housing the patients should have a separate piping system for their water, showers and drainage … all of this must directly go into the septic tank. The other Doctors and nurses in the hospital should not be exposed to the same pipelines or leaks from these lines.

Where this must be done?

  • China. Most importantly, this must be done in China … where millions of people are locked in their villages and towns. It is a must to start working on the drainage systems. Disconnect the drainage systems of all of your hospitals that treat Coronavirus patients from the city’s systems.
  • South Korea, Italy and Iran. Hundreds of cases are appearing in these countries as well. The same measures must be followed here. As long as we are carefully managing all of the excretions and waste water being used by these patients … we can successfully contain the spread of the disease.
  • America. Dozens of infected patients flew to America as well. Doesn’t matter how high-end your hospitals are … if that hospital’s drainage system is connected to the city’s drainage system … the virus is going to spread in that area. Wherever you are treating the Coronavirus patients … first disconnect the drainage system of that hospital. Setup separate septic tanks for these hospitals.

Major un-noticed routes of spreading the disease

  • Illegal Migration. Coronavirus is Establishment malice. One of the main reason why China was chosen for this disease was because of its population. They have more than a billion people. More the disease spreads … more the people panic … and more they try to move into other countries. We are successfully controlling the “legal migration” from China … but what about the illegal migration? The government’s efforts are limited when it comes to illegal movement of the people.
  • Infected people staying at home. Infected people who don’t go to the hospital and get admitted … or people who don’t know that they have the virus and they stay at home. And when these people stay at home … they keep on spreading the virus more and more from their homes. These routes of infection must be tested and verified … and made public. The people must be admitted into hospitals so that the virus can be contained.
  • Hospitals connected with the city’s systems. The hospitals are doing a good job in managing the patients and providing them with all of the treatments that they know. But if the drainage systems of these hospitals are connected to the city’s systems … then these hospitals could be unknowingly spreading the disease in the city.

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