23 Feb 2020
The issues with the Biden-Warren Team
in America

First the good news … Biden is the most logical guy among the Democrats. He is showing all signs of avoiding wars and financial catastrophes. This is a good thing. And now … here are the issues with the creation of the Biden-Warren team. If you understand the issues or obstacles in the way then you will understand if it is going to happen or not … if it is worth it or not.

Issue 01. Biden needs more votes than Warren
If Warren has to be Biden’s VP then … Biden should get more votes than Warren. If Warren is getting more votes than Biden then how can she be his VP?

Issue 02. Biden needs to defeat Bernie and get the nomination
The second hurdle that Biden faces within the Democrat Party is that … he should defeat Bernie and other Democrats to get the nomination. Its then that Warren can be his VP. Haven’t seen that happening yet.

Issue 03. Biden has very less SM support
No one is interested in a President Biden among SM groups. The support for Biden is very less. They don’t see him as a Presidential candidate at all. They wanted Warren as President and not Biden.

Issue 04. Biden says that he is the most experienced guy to remove Trump
Both parts of this statement are false … and it actually shows that Biden doesn’t know what is going on. He calls himself the “most experienced” because he was Obama’s VP … but no one wants another Obama Presidency. Obama himself will not repeat his Presidency … his first term was complete wars and destruction … and he spent the second term stopping those wars and destruction. Obama himself is frustrated that he got an empty legacy. And Biden is saying that he the most experienced … in what? No wants what you did under Obama.

Secondly, no one is aiming to remove Trump. That is not the objective. Who is Trump? Is he a man-eating dragon that needs to be taken down … and Knight Biden is the man for the job … who will save mankind from Dragon Trump? Trump is not the problem … the Establishment is the problem … the Presidency is about managing the Establishment and not just about removing Trump. If you show no knowledge or capability of managing the Establishment then why will they allow you into the White House?

Issue 05. Expecting a win based on anti-Trumpism
Your very approach to the Presidency shows that you are betting your cards on anti-Trumpism. But my dear friend, anti-Trumpism is hollow and baseless. If you are expecting a win based on something hollow and baseless … it shows that you have no idea of what is going on or what has to be done.

Issue 06. Offering zero policies
The only thing that people hear from you is that … you are the best guy to beat Trump … Trump is bad … this and that … you are most qualified and experienced and bla bla bla. But what are you going to do for the people? Nobody knows that … you say … “let’s talk later about that … first let’s remove Trump.” SM Groups are only seeing another guy looking for a Presidential trillion dollar lottery. They say that you are looking at anti-Trumpism as an opportunity to enter the White House while having nothing to offer to the people nor having the leadership potential of a President.

Issue 07. Climate change is an existential threat
I guess you are talking to Warren when you say that … “climate change is an existential threat”. Yes, climate change is an existential threat because Democrats need a platform for their Presidential campaign.

Issue 08. Democrats have approved and consolidated Trump’s leadership
I don’t think that Democrats realize this yet … but given the dozens of blunders that the Democrats have made in their campaign … the massive financial catastrophes that they came up with … and the lack of knowledge that they show to take the country forward … they have only approved and consolidated Trump’s leadership in the country. Trump had already established himself as the most powerful Republican … he turned the Republican Party into a Party of Trump. There is absolutely no challenger among the Republicans that can take down Trump. But when the Democrats came up with such massive blunders … they simply gave him a hands down victory and approval.

Issue 09. Picking the guy that will lose to Trump
As we speak … right now … SM Groups are exploring the best candidate that should lose to Trump in 2020. And they say … what’s the use of Biden or Warren losing to Trump? That’s not fun … and it is not helpful for the people.

Issue 10. Bernie and his Socialism should get crushed by Trump
The strongest proposal among SM Groups as of now is that … Bernie and his Socialism should get crushed by Trump in 2020. This will be much more useful for the American people than Biden or Warren losing to Trump. In his first term victory … Trump wiped off all wars and terrorism … and in his second term victory Trump should wipe out Bernie and all of his Socialist ideas from America. With Hillary’s loss … her war mongering was stomped upon by the Party … with Bernie’s loss … Socialism will be stomped upon. This is more “useful” for the American people.

Warren fails in 2020
I guess Warren has understood that she has failed in 2020 to a great extent. I would not suggest teaming up with Biden even if he gets the nomination … because it is quite likely that he will fail to Trump. Nothing is confirmed yet … its still an open game … anything can happen. Don’t give up yet … play your game till you last … but SM favor is still on Trump’s side. Dems have a lot of catching up to do if they want to win against Trumps … I am talking about 2024.

Top candidates for 2024
The good news for Warren is that … there won’t be a Biden or Bernie in 2024 … most probably … because both of them will be in their 80s then. 2020 is not your time … look at 2024 now. Some of the top candidates being considered for 2024 are:

  • Ivanka Trump
  • Bill de Blasio
  • Elizabeth Warren

Yes, Ivanka is at the top most considered candidate for President in 2024.

  • You guys got a surprise with Trump’s win in 2016
  • Trump’s re-election will also be a surprise in 2020
  • And the best surprise will be in 2024 when Ivanka will be the first woman President of the United States … and possibly the youngest elected President … and also the most beautiful President in the world. Lol.

All about “logic in action”
Key candidates are selected for the Presidency then it is all about how you put “logic in action” that decides to whom the White House is given. Yes, Ivanka might be at the top … but Warren is also in the top list for 2024. Starting now … you have 4 years to prepare to fight the right fight … and win 2024.