18 Feb 2020
Establishment traps via Warren
in America

Warren is responsible for Warren’s failure
We are not responsible for Warren’s failure … she is totally responsible for her own failure. She is sitting there thinking that … “hey, one third of delegates are not decided until Super Tuesday … so she still stands a chance of winning and we should put the votes in her favor”. Let me explain this to you in school teacher terms.

Let us assume, there is a student in your class … she doesn’t learn anything for a full year, doesn’t attend class, does everything the opposite, gets pissed off at the teacher when she is admonished, tries to get the teacher fired and submits all of the wrong answers in the exam. And now … after one full year of being like this … after submitting all wrong answers in the exam … she realizes that she might fail and she suddenly wants to change. So what she does is … goes to the teacher … gives him some cash and tells him … “you know I have been wrong throughout the year … I accept that I am wrong … but I want you to give me full marks in the exam despite all answers being wrong … so that I can pass to the next level.”

Now, what will you do with such a student … Senator Elizabeth Warren? You have been a school teacher and a Law Professor … what will you tell this student? You will tell this student that … “the money is not going to help you now … its okay if you got the exam wrong once … you can always write it again … now, if you are serious about changing … then please learn … attend class … learn the right things … don’t turn against your teacher and have the right answers for the questions.” Wouldn’t this be the right advice for such a student?

This student is you … my dear Senator Elizabeth Warren … this student is you. My job was to train you to become a phenomenal President but … this is the type of student that you were. Your failure is your responsibility and not mine.

Logic in action
The problem with making you President is that … for one full year, you carried an “I don’t give a shit attitude” … and if we make you President when you have catastrophic policies … you will again not give a shit and continue with your catastrophic policies … and no SM Group wants to risk that. We told you that your campaign is incredibly important … what you campaign for shows your “logic in action”. But instead of showing logic in action … you showed nonsense in action.

Establishment traps via Warren
But this page is not about the catastrophes in Warren’s policies but it is about the several traps that the Establishment has created via Warren … and this is something that Warren doesn’t even realize.

Trap 01. Ruined a fantastic Presidential candidate
If Warren had learnt the right policies … then she would have been a fantastic and phenomenal candidate. But the Establishment stacked her with all disastrous Socialist policies and ruined a great candidate.

Trap 02. Quick Sand for America
If Warren is allowed to be President then her policies are like quick sand that will take down everything with her … Warren and America would sink in her catastrophic policies. This was a trap not just for Warren but for America as well.

Trap 03. Active Democracy in Quick Sand
Establishment elements used several tactics to stall the cooperation with Democrats and stalled it to such a late time that she doesn’t have any time to change now. As of now, even if we work with Warren … it is like building your house on quick sand. Even if you have bricks of gold … if you place them on quick sand … then everything goes down with the sand. Even if we give our policies to Warren now … they will become the crying sounds of a dying campaign.

The Establishment has very cleverly screwed up your policies and campaign … and placed it in such a manner that if we work with you now … all of our policies will also get screwed.

Trap 04. Loses the Presidency
No, money doesn’t help everywhere … you don’t get votes only because you financed our project. This is how it works:

  • The finance supports the project
  • The project creates the policies
  • The policies give you a fantastic campaign
  • The campaign gives you an easy victory
  • And you need time to put all of this in place

Super Tuesday is just two weeks away … where is the time for you to put this in place? Not only all of our policies will go in quick sand … but you will turn against us … yelling at us “hey, you told me that you will make me President! You are a fraud! You cheated me!!” You are not going to get a victory and you will only create more problems for us.

Trap 05. Iran doesn’t get sanctions removed
Most probably you will pull the funding from Iran and you are promising them removal of sanctions if you become President. But if you don’t become President then Iran will not get sanctions removed. Now, who will pay back Iran the millions that we would have already spent in the project? Iran is technically an enemy state of America … they will see this as a scam. Who will bear the brunt from the Iranian Government that invests a billion dollars in our project? Are you able to see the problems that come ahead? What are you going to tell them? “Don’t worry … I will win in 2024 … then I will remove the sanctions?”

Trap 06. We will help Trump
Trump is the strongest candidate in the field right now. He is already doing a good job and he is one step away from fantastic victories. We are party independent and we work with both sides. Obviously, we will help Trump so that he does great things for America and the American people. But if we do that … then you will shout … “You stabbed us in the back! You are supposed to work with us and not Trump!!” See … this creates even more conflicts and friction.

Warren was supposed to become a phenomenal leader that would take America into a new era. But instead of all of that happening … do you see the long list of problems and traps that are being created using you? Instead of you become a force of good … they have made you a source of problems … for your Presidency … for America … for us … for Iran … and for everybody. They designed 6 different traps via one person. And you don’t even realize it.

The White House for Democrats is not guaranteed anymore
We get requests from SM Groups to help both sides and both teams. We will continue to help both sides … but we don’t guarantee the White House for Democrats in 2020 anymore. Warren failed and Biden is too weak and brittle to manage Establishment malice. We are not ruling out anyone yet … but our offer was … “whoever works with us first …we help them become President”. We designed this offer to keep it just and fair between Trump and the Democrats. But Warren doesn’t have the scope to manage the country anymore … this offer does not remain logical hereon.

You can work with us if you want … but there is no guarantee of a Dem President in 2020. It could be or it could not be. And you should be open with the idea of Trump getting his re-election … and you should be open to working with Trump as President.

Think bigger and look at the long run
I am hoping that Dems were not trying to get in touch with us only to become President. Think bigger and look at the long run … we are open to financing options from multiple sources. If we leave aside the White House guarantee … then our work still does this:

  • We are fighting a malicious Establishment
  • We are stopping wars and keeping America Safe
  • We have a lot of good works planned for Africa … doesn’t matter who sponsors us … Dems or Trump.
  • We will be taking America into a new era
  • With just 3 years of on the job training … Trump has become a massive political giant in America. Warren needs to start thinking about 2024 right now. If you are honest about your change … if you are honest about working with us on the right policies … then prepare for 2024 right now. If you spend the next few years in the same manner … like you spent last year then you can forget about 2024 as well. Work with Trump … you need to be a part of something glorious so that you can be chosen as the next President.

From Trump’s Re-Election to a Trump Dynasty
We keep telling you this again and again … the Presidency is all about managing Establishment malice … if you can learn how to do this well then you can become President. Trump’s re-election chances are improving to a great extent … but that’s not the only thing that Democrats should know. Do you know who is the next person that is getting excellent know-how and experience on managing Establishment malice … it is Ivanka Trump.

She is not just a Trump Assistant. She is a critical figure in the White House that has helped the President avoid several wars … initiated several international diplomatic measures … created peace in several countries and protected the Presidency from many Establishment traps. She is there in every single meeting of the President at every place in the world that he goes. She is learning and gaining fantastic experience every single day.

By the end of Trump’s Second Term … she will have 8 years of hands-on experience in leading the country and managing the Establishment. As of now, Democrats are just warming up to the idea of Trump’s re-election … but this re-election can easily turn into a Trump Dynasty as well. Ivanka Trump can be the next Trump President in 2024. You are not looking at the next 4 years of Trump ... you could be looking at the next 12 years of Trump. 

That’s why I am telling you guys … rise above yourselves, rise above party politics and learn how to lead the country in this Active Democracy Era.