16 Feb 2020
Democrats are extremely ill prepared for a 2020 win
in America

SM in Trump’s Favor
Democrats must be surprised that …

  • Mueller. SM Groups helped Trump win in the Mueller Investigation
  • Impeachment. SM helped Trump in the impeachment
  • Bernie. And now Bernie is rising to the top
  • Re-Election. SM is putting strategies in place for Trump’s re-election as well

Please understand and don’t be mad at me.

America at a critical point
America is standing at a very critical point … anything can happen. If the wrong guy enters the White House then America and a huge section of the world can turn into radioactive wastelands. This is the issue with Establishment Monopoly … if they pull an Establishment puppet in the White House … then it can be a complete disaster.

Under Trump itself, several attempts were made to start a war with Iran and hundreds of attempts were made to demonize Russia as much as possible. The Establishment wants the bombing of Iran and that the war should move into Russia … they want this destruction. Trump has avoided all of these war attempts and kept America safe. If the wrong guy enters the White House then it will be a catastrophe for everyone. No one will be bothering about party politics or whether they are Democrats or Republicans when the country turns into radioactive wastelands. No one knows how many of us will live to see the life after this war … God forbid if it ever happens.

This is the major “National Security” issue for America because of the Establishment monopoly … apart from the wealth drain and other malicious systems. It is a must to see things from a neutral perspective and do things that are right for the country and the American people.

Presidential Evaluation
The Presidential Evaluation since Obama has been done based upon the capability to “manage Establishment malice” and take the country forward. We always have to put a President in the White House that can understand and manage this Establishment malice … keep America safe … and take things forward. This is the key reason why we always look for an “Establishment independent” candidate for President. It has nothing to do with party politics.

Current status of leading Democrat Candidates
From a “neutral perspective” this is the current status of the leading Democrat candidates.

  • Warren. She was basically chosen to lead America because of her courage to take on the Establishment. But she flunked big time at the basic level itself. She has just a 10-20% chance to take things forward.
  • Biden. Biden is the only Dem candidate that is qualifying at the basic level as of now. But he has no idea of what is going on … nobody knows if he wants to fight Establishment malice. He has not shown any fight against the Establishment … he is taking big money and he is brittle … he will break under pressure. The Biden-Warren team is plain mathematics … nobody knows if it will fall into place in real time and how much they will move forward as a team.
  • Bernie. He is pure devil … America will burn under Bernie Sanders.
  • Buttigieg and Bloomberg. Both of them show all characteristics of Establishment puppets.

The key Dem candidate, Warren, has failed … and the next Dem candidate, Biden, is too brittle to handle Establishment malice. The rest of the candidates are total disasters.

Biggest Issues of Democrats
These are the biggest issues that will hinder a win for Democrats in 2020.

  • Expecting wins via Establishment Malice. Democrats were riding waves of Establishment malice against Trump … and expecting Trump to fall so that they can take the White House. As a political party if you think like that … then it is understandable … but what you should also know that apart from political parties and the Establishment … there is another entity involved called the SM Network which is bigger than all of you combined. SM will never allow Establishment malice to succeed against Trump … Establishment malice will always be failed. Trump will never fall owing to Establishment malice.
  • Thinking of victory because of … media demonization, investigation and impeachment moves that Trump faces. But all of these activities are baseless, scams and hoaxes that have no real base. You are thinking that Trump will fall because of the demonization that he faces … but this demonization is itself hollow … and thus your expectations are based on something that is totally hollow. That’s why Trump wins and you guys get surprised.

Trump is at Level Three
Yes, Trump’s inaction on Establishment malice and monopoly is a concern … but Trump is at Level Three of the game. And you guys are flunking at the basic level itself … either you have someone who has failed at the basic level … or someone who is too weak … or others who are total disasters. And when you look at Trump … he is someone who works with the best minds for the best results … this is how Trump functions. Other routine Washington politicians are either Establishment puppets or … they are:

  • Too old to learn
  • Too big headed to change and
  • Too narrow minded to see things beyond themselves and party politics

We gave a simple formula to Warren right in the beginning itself … “keep an open mind and rise above yourself and party politics to win”. It is a simple formula. But reading this line and nodding along is one thing … and actually doing it is another thing. You yourself see what Warren did for the past one year … did she follow this formula? Did she keep an open mind? Did she rise above herself and party politics? She did everything the opposite. She doubled down on all wrong policies … showed no flexibility and committed herself hardcore to party politics that were defined around anti-Trumpism. Reading what we write and actually putting it in action are two different things.

Trump in action
I am showing actual facts here … I am not blowing anyone’s horn. Here are some real examples where you can see how Trump puts logic in action.

  • Anti-Russian Propaganda. This is the biggest threat to American National Security … the anti-Russian propaganda. It was at a peak when Trump got elected. Trump is an American President … he could have thrown Russia under the bus whenever he wanted … to protect himself. Look at Hillary … she lost and she still sits there screaming anti-Russian stuff. Despite a whole year of aggression and pressure on Trump … Trump never worsened relations with Russia. Because after bad relations with Russia … the next step is a nuclear war with Russia. Trump put logic in action … and he put up with mountains of pressure only to stick with what is right for the American people. Not having bad relations with Russia keeps America safe.
  • Mueller Investigation. This is another Establishment scam that was coupled with the anti-Russian propaganda. Did you see Trump shaking, quitting, buckling or giving up? He pulled in the best teams used enormous patience, intelligence and tactically rooted out this bogus propaganda.
  • Turk-Kurdish Conflict. Recently, if Trump had supplied weapons to Kurds near the Turkish border … it would create a civil war in 4 different countries out there. His own Republican Party was against him … Dems were sending a Congressional Delegation to investigate and surpass Trump on this. But Trump very patiently and Diplomatically worked with all elements at the ground level … Russia, Turkey, Kurds and the Syrian Government … and resolved the crisis without firing a single bullet. A situation where a wrong decision would create a civil war in 4 countries … Trump solves it without firing a single bullet … using nothing but plain Diplomacy. This is freaking awesome.
  • Impeachment. And the most recent Establishment scam of impeachment … Trump was patient, strong, stable, tactical and unshaken … does what he does best … works with the best minds for the best results and gets a clear sweeping victory.

What you need to see is the “logic in action” here. Warren failed to even understand the logic … and Trump is solving and leading the country in National and International issues with a fantastic application of “logic in action”. Trump is literally “diamond cut” to lead America in this current times of crisis.

What SM Groups do at the ground level to get victories for Trump … that’s a separate ongoing game. See how the guy at the top in the White House is functioning. A person of this caliber, patience and logical action is exactly what’s needed right now.

If Democrats wanted the White House … they had to prove themselves to be better than this. This is Trump’s current functioning caliber … you guys had to show that you could surpass this and do better for America. But look what you guys are doing …

  • The Lady that had to lead America ahead of Trump … she is wearing rainbow colors and dancing in gay rallies … and following all of the Devil’s policies. (Warren)
  • The top most Dem candidate is the Devil himself. (Bernie)
  • The only person who can lead is too weak to handle the pressure. (Biden)
  • And the rest of them are all disasters. (Buttigieg & Bloomberg)

How do you expect a win with a team like this? Lol. Again … I am not taking sides here … I am just showing you practically where things stand.

Biden-Warren team is the last shot
Firstly, you guys need to stop expecting Establishment malice to succeed against Trump. Warren wasted an entire year doing everything wrong. If you guys are looking for a win … then it is the Biden-Warren team that is your best last shot. Individually, neither Warren nor Biden have a shot at it … but team wise, Biden-Warren has a 50% chance of success. Time is extremely crucial. The Biden-Warren team is mainly seen as a mathematical formula by many SM Groups. It will require a lot of organizing and planning effort … you guys have very less time … and no one knows if you guys will actually put it into place.

The Establishment is the Common Enemy
Democrats need to start warming up with the idea that Trump may get re-elected. Strategies are already being put into place for his re-election. The best man will win the election and no one has shown himself to be better than Trump till date. Three years of on the job training for Trump is paying off big time for him now. Lol. But please don’t get carried away too much with party politics … because the common enemy here is the Establishment. If we allow the wrong person to enter the White House … it can be a disaster for all of us. People first … party politics later.