13 Feb 2020
Holding back Warren to save Warren
in America

February – a wake-up call for Warren
Well, I didn’t say anything yesterday because Warren seemed totally devastated … red eyes … seems like some crying was also there. Ma’am … relax … this is for your own good. Right now, SM Groups are holding you back to protect you and save you. Your policies will lead you to a terrible path ahead that you will not be able to manage. Trust me, its for your own good. You will realize this with time.

Got shaken with just one intervention
You got shaken with just one intervention and fell in polls. You have stacked up so many wrong policies that if SM Groups create an intervention in all of your policies … you would be struggling to maintain your Senate seat … let alone be President.

No one got hurt
Maintaining you in the 3rd or 4th position is a win-win solution where no one gets hurt. If you look at your profile then:

  • You will still live the millionaire lifestyle
  • You will have the same level of respect and honor
  • Apart from being a Senator, you still have strong chances of being VP
  • And maybe you can be President in 2024

And if you look at the 330 million American citizens:

  • No one got hurt because of your wrong policies
  • There were no financial catastrophes
  • There was no economic collapse
  • You are safe, the people are safe and the country is safe

This is done for everyone’s good. You couldn’t handle the intervention itself … if we had allowed you to become President … then you would be baffled and shattered with the crisis that would be unleashed from your policies. You would never be able to handle it. This option keeps you safe and the country safe.

Everything was informed several months in advance
Don’t blame me or anyone else for your loss … everything was told to you several months in advance. You had trucks load of time to change and fight the right fight.

  • We alerted you about the Establishment crisis
  • We alerted you that your policies are wrong
  • That you won’t get the nomination with these policies
  • That this will be done to save you and protect you
  • We told you to stay away from Bernie
  • To stay away from Socialism
  • We told you “please learn … please learn … change and then lead”

But you didn’t listen to anything Ma’am … nothing. We told you not to go for the Green New Deal and you stood there shouting “Blue New Deal! Blue New Deal!!” as well.

Worst thing – Allowed the catastrophe to fall
Keeping aside not listening to us … and complaining to Obamas … the worst thing that you did was … you continued on the wrong track blindly till the catastrophe fell … till you lost in Iowa. This was mind-boggling for SM Groups. This means that … if we maintained you top in polls and gave you the Presidency … then you would blindly carry out these wrong policies and wait for the catastrophes to fall before making a change. That would be a “sorry too late” … saying sorry and trying to backtrack after the economy collapses … that’s a sorry too late.

We told you everything beforehand … even before it happens … and you waited till things go bad before changing. You know what … we got the info about your coming losses even before the vote was taken in Iowa. You might not have foresight, practical experience and logic … but many many SM Groups do have. Everybody knew that you were wrong except yourself. You had a full year to learn and be a fantastic President … and you screwed up big time. It was plain Establishment malice to derail you like this … you failed to see it through.

What are you going to do next?
Are you going to get logical now or you are going to sit there waiting for a magic wand in your favor? These are the options ahead:

  • 2020. Chances for your win in 2020 are quite slim. You sent out the wrong message with wrong policies.
  • Biden-Warren. Chances of VP are better than the above. It is advisable to make the best use of your time and resources now. Team up with Biden and fight the right fight. The only issue with this option is that … Biden himself doesn’t know shit what is going on and what has to be done. Lol! Holy shit … Dems are so ill prepared for a win.
  • Trump-Warren. This is the option that many groups consider feasible for you. It gives you 4 years of on the ground practical experience, which you severely lack. It helps you fight the Establishment crisis with Trump as President … learn what has to be done and become President in 2024.

What I would strongly suggest is … don’t pass away your time in wrong activities … like you wasted this whole year. The information that we give is like the “holy grail” of politics. If you are an expert in this know-how and if you show the right moves … then you get the keys to the White House. Why do you think Trump is so strongly protected? Dems have a lot of preparation to do … restructuring and organizing to do … if they want to win in 2020.