08 Feb 2020
Two Paths ahead for Democrats via Biden and Warren
in America

Don’t be pissed at Trump’s acquittal
First and foremost … my lovely Democrats … please don’t be pissed at Trump’s acquittal. There are several reasons why Trump deserved it.

  • Firstly, everybody knows that it was a scam. No President gets impeached over a phone call. The whole thing was just ridiculous. Some SM Groups allowed it to happen just to show the true colors of this malicious Establishment to Trump.
  • Secondly, this demonization of Trump is totally bogus … there is no truth to it. Trump does not hurt a single American in any way. You cannot show me a single policy where Trump is hurting a single American.
  • Thirdly, Trump was the one who accomplished Obama’s dreams and promises of an America free from war, hate, fear and terrorism. Trump was the one who pulled the plug on the funding of opposition groups and rebels in war zones which led to the elimination of ISIS. It was a good move and all of Obama’s promises got accomplished under Trump.
  • Fourth … owing to whatever happened under Trump’s 3 years … America is at a critical point where we are going to make major changes in healthcare, education and infrastructure. The leaders who will do it right will be known as heroes … and the leaders who will create financial catastrophes will get their asses kicked.
  • Fifth … we are all grown-ups and we have to do what is right for the country and people. Millions of taxpayer money is spent on the Congress … this is not a high school where Daddy is paying the bills. Every Congressman / woman lives off taxpayer money. Taxpayers are not paying you to sit there and bitch against each other. The American taxpayers expect their leaders to do something for them.

All of this hate and friction … of impeachment and investigations only divides the country. It plays to the benefit of the malicious Establishment. The more divided we are, the stronger they remain. Right from the Mueller Investigation to the Impeachment scam … everything was of benefit to the Establishment where they maintained us busy bitching against each other. The taxpayers got zero benefit. It is not fair for the people.

America at a critical stage
Despite all of this negative activities in the air … we have still managed to move away from all war traps and economic traps. Today we have a strong economy with record breaking jobs. But still this is not good enough … because the people are still working 2-3 jobs just to survive the high cost of living. People want change and America will be moving into a period of fantastic reforms.

A race between better and the best
We wrote this a few months ago … that the race for President should be between the “better and the best”. This is exactly where we are. Everyone is placing their proposals for better education, healthcare and infrastructure. This intervention that we do in pulling all SM Groups … it might be in protecting the President or combating Establishment malice … it helps in maintaining the stability in the country. It has helped in bringing America to this stage … from fear & terrorism … to major reforms for the country.

Democrats shouldn’t fume if we are helping Trump against Establishment malice. These guys play both sides … while they run malicious programs against Trump … they have placed massive Socialist disasters among Democrats. Sometimes we have to help both sides to keep the country stable.

Warren’s Mistakes
Now, coming to the leadership under Warren. Warren is actually a very good person … who can be a very promising President. But she has made several mistakes.

  • Firstly, she picked all of the wrong policies from the devil’s Socialist den.
  • Then when we pointed it out … she doubled down on them and started defending them.
  • And then she also went to Obamas complaining about us.

All of them were very bad mistakes.

The US President picked based on two major criteria

  • Establishment Know-how. It is a must for the President to understand what the Establishment is and he or she should show the capabilities of managing and surpassing Establishment malice. This is a must to avoid the repetition of what happened under Bush and Obama’s first term. America faced only catastrophes under Establishment control and influence. Many Presidential candidates have no idea what the White House is about. They have no idea how the selection is carried out.
  • How closely you work with us. The second major factor that is considered is … how closely you can work with Active Democracy. Because the information that we give … nobody in America will give you this information … not the FBI or Secret Service or Military or Political advisers. None of them have the information that we give you. Not only the past and present … we also show the 10 steps in future how things work out on each route. It is this information that changed America’s direction under Obama and Trump.

It is a must to understand & manage the Establishment … and it is a must to work with us closely.

How it works
This is basically how the routine works.

  • We show where the Establishment malice is or where the problem is.
  • And then you … as the Commander in Chief … you use your team … show leadership and fix the problem.
  • SM Groups come into action at the ground level to help you succeed.

This is the general routine … and what did you do? You did the opposite.

  • We showed you the issues in your policies
  • You used your entire team to justify all of your policies
  • And then turned against us and started complaining about us

Not only you shocked all SM Groups by picking the policies of the devil … but you shocked them by doubling down on them and then by turning against us. When you try to do something nice … then SM Groups become your million hands at work and help you get success. But forget about doing something nice … you are shocking everyone.

Change in Campaign – Fighting Corruption
You thought … “why the hell should I listen to this Active Democracy guy? I was lagging in polls by 7 points in the Senate race and I won by 10 points. I am going to win in the same way in the Primaries.” So what happened in Iowa?

Now, you realize that “this shit actually works”. Now, you change your campaign from Medicare for All and the Climate Change … to fighting corruption. We told you this several months ago … you got yourself locked in a box. Your policies are wrong … if you campaign for them … you will lose and if you don’t campaign then you will get an empty platform. You are in that state right now. Campaign for these Socialist disasters and you will lose even more … and if you don’t campaign then you will be in the 3rd or 4th place. Six months ago if you would have changed then you wouldn’t be in this state right now.

Good News … everyone makes mistakes
Don’t worry … don’t worry … I have good news. Firstly, everyone makes mistakes … even Obama and Trump didn’t get elected in their first run for the Presidency. The first time Trump ran for President … he was banking on the Obama birther conspiracy … that Obama was not born in America. He dropped out of the race … and then he observed, learnt and came back with a much better campaign and policies.

I am not asking you to drop out as of now. These are the favorable things that you need to see for you and Biden.

  • Bernie is a Socialist devil and he will not be President. Buttigieg is a scamming weasel … he also doesn’t stand a chance against Trump. But if Bernie and Buttigieg fall in the Primaries … then who gets the lead? Exactly … it is Warren and Biden that get the lead. Don’t follow Bernie … there is every chance that we can move him down.
  • People want change. Democrats got 10-45% more votes than Trump in Iowa. The movement is in favor of the candidate that will bring great change.
  • Trump has left a huge leadership vacuum. We have been telling this also to Trump since years.

With the fall of Bernie and Buttigieg … the entire game moves in favor of Warren and Biden. But the key to victory in the Primaries and the General Election is … fantastic policies … that are actually feasible and doable.

Chance to be President
There is a chance for Warren to be President … but you need to show basic skills of using logic and facts … show the skill of moving away from wrong policies and disasters. Yes, moving away from your own policy and decision if it is wrong … even this is a skill. Get open minded and show some maneuverability. You need to drop these policies … all of them are harmful for the people and the country.

  • Medicare for All
  • Green New Deal
  • Blue New Deal
  • Legalization of Marijuana
  • Raising of Minimum wage
  • Criminalizing Disinformation
  • Shutting down oil operations
  • Putting trillions in wind and solar energy

Yes, you have accumulated quite a bundle out there. Lol. If you can show that you can drop these policies … then ways for your Presidency can open up.

Biden and Warren should fight collectively
You should keep in mind that currently … Trump has the best know-how and experience in Establishment malice. And he has his lovely Daughter, Ivanka Trump that follows everything that I write and conveys it to him. Ivanka is not just Trump’s assistant … she is a major critical figure that is shaping the direction of the country. She is the key coordinator that helps in changing the President’s decisions wherever there might be an issue.

If you see the key requirements to be President … Trump is ahead of both of you. He has a better understanding of the Establishment crisis and he also closely coordinates with us. This gives him an upper edge to both of you.

If you guys want the nomination and also win against Trump …

  • You have to show a better understanding of the Establishment than Trump
  • You have to show better “workable” policies in education, healthcare and infrastructure than Trump
  • And you need to have a better working relationship with us than Trump

You can’t do everything opposite and expect things to fall in your favor. When it comes to leading the country … all 3 of you can do it … Trump, Biden and Warren. But if you want to win against Trump … then show that you can be better than Trump in this crisis.