07 Feb 2020
Iowa Caucus Things that Trump and Warren can learn
in America

Firstly, congratulations to President Trump for a fantastic win in the Senate against the impeachment scam. You got complete vindication and got totally acquitted from any crime whatsoever. Well, you deserved it.

Yes, there were some SM Groups involved and the Establishment was also involved in this. Few SM Groups were frustrated at your Presidency and this was the Establishment’s take in this impeachment move.

  • Let’s impeach Trump this Christmas because Netanyahu’s government fell before Christmas last year.
  • Let’s put criminal charges on Trump because Netanyahu was facing criminal charges in Israel.
  • And let’s put GOP challengers against Trump because Netanyahu was facing challengers from within his own party.
  • Trump should fail because Netanyahu is failing.

They just wanted to replicate everything that was happening to Netanyahu in Israel to Trump in America … as a tit-for-tat measure. But thankfully we were able to activate the majority of SM Groups against this malice. Always keep in mind that you are the “chosen Angel” for America … you are a chosen “force for good”. There is absolutely no comparison between you and Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is a devil who has misled America into several wars … destroyed several countries … killed millions of people and rendered tens of millions of people homeless. On the other hand, Trump is an Angel who has wiped out terrorism and ISIS from the world … ended several wars … brought peace in the world … and created record breaking jobs and economy for America. This is why …

  • Netanyahu’s government was broken down several times … and Trump’s Presidency remains stronger than ever.
  • Netanyahu faces criminal charges and indictments … and Trump gets complete vindication and total acquittal.
  • Netanyahu loses his immunity case and faces formal lawsuits via the indictments … and the Trump Presidency continues without any charges whatsoever.
  • To add to that … Netanyahu’s challengers rattled his position within his party … and Trump is given a crushing win against his GOP challengers … as if they don’t even exist.

An Angel and a Devil cannot be treated in the same manner. Favors for Israel and the Establishment never helped and they were never required. You are way beyond these guys … and you never had to pester them. An Angel never pesters the Devil.

So, congratulations again … you are back in full power … your Presidency doesn’t depend on a handful of Senators anymore. Its time to jump back into the game.

Iowa Caucus
You must be tired from the impeachment scam and its hectic work. But this is election year … you can’t afford to lose time. You have to see what is going on and start making the right moves.

If you see … these are the number of votes that each candidate got in Iowa:

  • Votes for Trump: 31,464
  • Votes for Bernie Sanders: 45,826 … he got 45% more votes than you
  • Votes for Pete Buttigieg: 43,195 … he got 37% more votes than you
  • Votes for Warren: 34,771 … she got 10% more votes than you

These are not polls … these are actual votes … from a toss-up State that is not hardcore Democrat. In total, Democrat candidates got 5 times more votes than the Republican candidates. This shows a huge move towards the Democrats.

America wants change
All top 3 Democrat candidates are getting more public support than you … ranging from 10-45%. This clearly shows that America wants change … just peace and jobs are not enough. People are flocking towards candidates that promise more change. You were using the jobs card to ward off the demonization via the media … but forget about the media … now, its about the people.

Just record breaking jobs is not enough … people are having to work 2-3 jobs to survive. An average American relies on 3 credit cards just to pay bills. People want change. Moving ahead with new systems is the need of the hour.

Good News
This is the good news from Pro-Trump SM Groups …

  • Trump’s first term was about defeating Hillary and wiping out terrorism … ending wars and bringing peace and record breaking job growth in America.
  • They want Trump’s second term to be about defeating Socialism and wiping out all Socialist ideas … and take America into a new fantastic era. Victories are already being planned out for you.

Trump-Warren Configuration
Trump will win in 2020 … and he will launch easy policies via Executive Order … and Warren will drop all of her Socialist policies … learn and campaign for the right policies at the ground level. This will give her the right knowledge and experience to lead for two terms from 2024 onwards as President.

The Trump-Warren configuration will create a strong coalition of Democrats and Republicans against the Establishment that has to be defeated. I know … we are just coming out of an impeachment scam … we are a quite divided country as of now. But we are all grownups … we should be able to reach to an understanding in the year ahead. It is not fair to use taxpayer money and public positions only to bitch against each other … we also have to do something for the people. This division and hate is not fair for the people.

What Warren can learn from the Iowa Caucus
My dear lady … the Presidency is not the same as the Senate. You cannot follow the Devil and expect to be elected as President of the largest Christian country in the world. There is a future for you in the White House … only if you drop all Socialist policies. Bernie Sanders and AOC are not role models for anybody … anyone following them will only be “blacklisted”.

There are 3 main reasons why Bernie is rising as of now:

  • To get crushed by Trump
  • To be exposed as the Jewish Establishment connection that destroyed 60% of the world in the East.
  • And to save Warren … yes, it is Bernie who should face the thrashing and not Warren. Socialism and Socialist ideas are not Warren’s creation. The main designer of the malice must be hammered.

3 levels of combating the Establishment
This is how you can understand the difference between Trump and other candidates. These are the levels at which Trump is working at:

  • Level 01. Shows basic skills of analysis, decision making … taking new measures, new decisions and rising above personal beliefs and party policies. He shows good use of commonsense and logic.
  • Level 02. Using the basic skills … he was able to take new measures of American Energy and Tariffs … stop wars several times … and initiate peaceful and diplomatic measures at several places. Several war and financial catastrophes were stopped under Trump.
  • Level 03. When you show the applications of your basic skills in level 02 … then you are geared up to create new systems and also to break Establishment monopoly.

Trump passed Level 02 of the game in his second year itself … he is stuck in Level 03. But if you look at all other candidates including yourself … you are not even showing Level 01 skills. It is only Biden that is fitting in Level 01 … even he has no idea about Level 02 either.

Warren had to be in Level 03 by now already. It is then that you would be ready to be President. You can’t be a complete failure in all levels and expect the Presidency. This is why … these are the configurations being put forward for you.

  • Trump-Warren. Trump wins 2020 and you lead from the ground. You learn, change and fight with the right policies and prepare to be President in 2024.
  • Biden-Warren. Even in this option, you don’t get to be President as everyone is scared of your Socialist policies. Biden leads and you will be VP. Biden will make sure that you don’t run Socialism in America.
  • Warren-Bill de Blasio. There is only a 20% chance of this happening in 2020 … but it is still on the table … mainly because of the limitation in time. If you get the nomination then you still have 9 months to campaign for new policies.

New policies a must
It might be Trump or Warren … new policies are a must … people need change. Policies that are right, fruitful and that “make money” … not blow up tens of trillions of taxpayer money. Please show policies that make money. We will design what will happen next … but it is also important for you guys to play your roles.