05 Feb 2020
Help Biden
in America

Help Biden … all these guys will get crushed by Trump … Buttigieg, Bernie and Warren … they don’t stand a chance. Buttigieg is a scamming weasel … and Bernie & Warren are Socialist fanatics.

I am at a peculiar point where we are helping both sides … Trump and Democrats. There is a wide division among SM Groups as to who should lead America from 2020 onwards. Trump has his Pro-Trump groups and Dems have their own groups. We are encouraging Trump to lead … but many groups are frustrated with the stagnation under Trump. We are able to activate security for Trump in impeachment and jail cases. But the support is not there for his re-election yet.

We have to look for the right candidate who can lead America. We have Trump on one side and we have Biden on the other side. Warren has self-disqualified herself by putting toxic policies in her campaign. She is on VP track as of now. The best configuration that we can pull for the Democrats is the “Biden-Warren” team … or with Biden-Bill de Blasio.

Dems are looking at two key factors to win the election.

  • Capability and
  • Campaign

Buttigieg, Bernie and Warren … none of them show the right capabilities to lead America. To design the right Democrat team to win in the election … this is what you need to understand … why is Trump given strong SM support?

Capabilities shown by Trump
Screw the anti-Trumpism … it is hollow. Don’t expect to win the White House via anti-Trumpism. You have to see the actual ground level facts that are associated with the Trump Presidency. You can see all of these factors with Trump:

  • Open minded. Trump’s very nature of business is … pulling in the best minds and doing what is best for the best results. He is not opinionated … he goes for the victories … doesn’t matter what route it might be. Trump has always done his business like this and he is also running the Presidency in the same manner. This is a very strong advantage that he has.
  • Rises above himself and party politics. Trump is not coming into the game with his own opinions or plans … Trump is not marketing any party’s policies. Trump is always working on the best course of action to get things done with the best advice. If you see all other Dem leaders … they are sticking to crap only because it is the Party’s agenda. Trump does not do that.
  • Commonsense and Strong Analytical Skills. Since Trump is more concerned about victories … not only he is rising above his own opinions … but he is showing the use of commonsense and strong analytical skills in every policy and decision. He has changed and backtracked his own decisions … especially in wars … mainly because the next steps would be disastrous. He used commonsense and analysis to lead.
  • Extremely Strong Hold. Now, Trump is getting a 97% vote against his GOP challengers. This is because Trump is showing extremely strong level of logic and use of facts.

The above factors make Trump the best guy to lead America in the current crisis … being open minded, following logic and going for the best results. The second major advantage that Trump has over Dems is:

  • Campaign. He has a very strong campaign since the past 3 years of America First. The message has to reach the people and people decide who to vote for. Trump still has 9 months until November … giving him a lot of more time to consolidate his campaign.

Warren is on VP track mainly because of this. She doesn’t have the time anymore. You need at least 4-5 months of campaigning and allow 2-3 months of time for the people to make up their minds. A President is not made over the weekend. Warren has just 2-3 months till the nomination is finalized and that much time is not enough for her to get rid of her toxic policies and campaign with a new message.

She is not totally ruled out … but 80% think that she is not fit for President. She has support from about just 20% groups.

Biden-Warren gives 9 months time
Biden-Warren combination gives us the right amount of time for the right campaign. But even for this team to succeed against Trump … they have to show the right capabilities.

  • They have to show the use of logic to take the country forward from the Establishment crisis.
  • They have to show that they can move ahead of Trump.

Establishment wise … these are Trump’s accomplishments:

  • He is draining the swamp … he got rid of about 200 Federal judges.
  • He moved ahead with America First, American Energy and Tariffs.
  • He moved away from wars in half a dozen places.
  • He has made many peaceful and Diplomatic initiatives bringing peace in the world.
  • And he closely coordinates with us in understanding Establishment malice at each place and how to make the right moves.

Biden is clean from any war or financial catastrophes … but where are his moves ahead of the Establishment?

  • What policy does he have to stand up to the Establishment?
  • What understanding does he have about the Establishment?
  • How prepared is he to combat Establishment malice?

Just anti-Trumpism, Climate Change and gun reforms … is a very weak campaign. It is a must for Democrats to re-organize and re-structure themselves … if they want to lead the country in the next term. You cannot simply sit there and wait for Trump to fall and expect to get the Presidency. We have told you this many many times before … quit waiting for Trump’s fall. Trump is chosen to protect America and keep America safe … he has strong support. If you want to win against Trump … then you have to show that you are better than Trump.

  • You have to show that you have a better understanding of the current crisis.
  • You have to show that you have much better policies that Trump.
  • You have to show that you can eliminate Establishment malice.
  • You have to show that you can take America forward from Trump.
  • You have to show strong policies, strong capabilities and have a strong campaign to win.

Till date, there is no Democrat that matches up to Trump. We have been telling this to Warren … since one year … since she launched her campaign … “Trump is far ahead in the game … please learn … Trump is far ahead in the game … please learn”. And she screwed up royally.

Now, Democrats still have the time to re-structure, re-organize and fight collectively with the right policies … then you can win. Don’t sit there with weak policies hoping for Trump’s fall, it will not work. It is a must for you to understand what is going on and … learn how to lead in this crisis.