01 Feb 2020
Designing the best outcomes for Warren and Trump
in America

Both are on exit tracks
Yes, both Warren and Trump are on exit tracks. The difference between their exit tracks is that … Warren has only 3-4 months of time before her exit is complete … and Trump has 9 months before his exit is complete. Both Warren and Trump have about 20-30% of SM Support as of now … but Trump has better chances of moving out of this exit track and instead he can get a win … mainly because …

  • He has no wars, disasters or financial catastrophes in his hands as of now
  • And he has 9 months of time to make the change and lead

Unfortunately, Warren lags in both cases … she has a lot of baggage and extremely less time to make a change. Warren’s exit will be much earlier than Trump’s.

New crazy setup
But this page is not just about Warren or Trump getting the exit. This is about a new crazy setup. This is what’s going on:

  • Some malicious elements know that Warren and Trump are on exit tracks
  • And they know that I will generally write in order to tell them what is going on … so that we can design alternate options for them
  • What they are trying to do is … use this scenario where Warren and Trump will fail … in order to create conflict and friction. They want to put the blame on me for Warren’s and Trump’s exit. This is what they are scheming.
  • Hey, he is angry at you because he did not get the funding!
  • He is writing all of these exit strategies because you did not give him the funding!
  • He is upset and angry with both of you!
  • And because he writing … this is happening to you!
  • He is doing this to you!
  • It is happening all because of him!
  • Stop the Active Democracy guy!!

This is nothing but plain crazy. This is another setup designed only to create hate and friction. We should be working with Trump and Warren … and not have hate and friction among us. They are just using … what is going to happen in the next steps … to create hate and friction among us. Its plain bullshit.

Happens because of your activities
It doesn’t happen because “we wrote it”. It happens mainly because of two reasons:

  • Your own activities and policies since the past one year (Warren) and since the past 3 years (Trump). It depends upon what exactly you have been doing since the past few years and how it would impact the people.
  • All SM Groups follow facts and logic. They determine what to do with the President or the Presidential candidates based upon the available facts and logic.

It happens mainly because of this. If you were on a good track … expect good things … if not then expect changes.

Distributed Activities
All activities at the ground level are distributed activities. It might be via SM Groups or Establishment Elements. We don’t carry out these activities at the ground level.

Issues that come to us
Issues that come to us is …

  • Who to make President
  • If the current President is about to make a blunder
  • If the President is walking into a trap
  • If some malicious activities are designed targeting the President
  • How to manage the Presidential candidates … who to move up, who to support and so on

Based on these issues what we do is …

  • We try to manage the scenario
  • We activate other SM Groups in containing the malice
  • We try to create the best outcome with the available parameters

Best outcome for Warren
If we didn’t get involved … they had already planned to pull the plug on Warren’s campaign itself. We told SM Groups … “no, let her run … let her learn … let her gain some good publicity … if Trump leads in 2020 then we can make her President in 2024”. This is how we helped her survive till date … otherwise no one was interested in funding Socialist policies under Warren.

And even now … what we are suggesting for Warren is that … don’t allow her to be just a failed candidate … open up a path for VP for her. She is positive, dynamic, courageous, loyal and a good fighter. If she is given the right policies then she will do good. We are not against Warren … the “VP configuration” helps to remove all of her bad policies … and helps us use her good energy for good work.

Best outcome for Trump
Trump might have only 20-30% support base as of now. But since he has no disasters at hand and he still has 9 months until election … Trump still has 70-80% chance of winning his re-election. He can easily win … if he runs the right policies.

But even if he doesn’t run the right policies … and Biden wins the election … we are still activating support to help Trump in cases of impeachment and jail. We are still making sure that he gets a decent exit.

We are designing the best outcomes for both candidates. Doesn’t matter what track they are on … we show them what is going on at the ground level and show them the best outcomes that they can work for … for the best results.

Critical Year
This is a critical year for both candidates. Please don’t sit there blaming me. We are configuring and designing the best outcomes for both of you. Shit doesn’t happen to you because I wrote it. Because it might happen out there … we write beforehand … and help you save yourselves from those problems.

It’s a complicated mess out there. The only thing that I will suggest is …

  • Keep an open mind … don’t lock yourself on one track. You have to use a multi-directional approach in order to win.
  • Use logic … and whatever you do … in action or policies … always use logic because that’s how tens of millions of entities evaluate you and respond to you.

Misleading is easy in complications
It is very easy to mislead people in complicated situations. Our lovely Establishment are war designers … they are experts in capitalizing on crisis … creating hate and friction to enable what they want is a routine job for them. Some examples of linear and unidirectional thinking and actions that may not work out are:

  • Warren hating and opposing anything and everything that Trump is doing. This is not logical … just because Trump does something, it is not bad. Trump is not the definition of bad … Trump is not the devil.
  • Even Iran hates Trump. Iran hating Trump is understandable … he ripped up the Nuclear Deal and put many sanctions on them. But even then … if I write anything in favor of Trump … then getting pissed off at me is not reasonable. Iran can hate Trump if it wants … but we manage the entire country out there … we have to see how everything will impact 330 million Americans.
  • Just because he is Trump we cannot put him in jail for no reason.
  • Just because she is Warren, we cannot allow her to run financial catastrophes in the country.

Managing a country here
We are managing a country here. There is no one person agenda. We are not dealing with one ordinary person here … we are dealing with the President of the United States … we are making the next US President. We have to keep an open mind and work with several configuration and follow a multi-directional approach.

What the Establishment expected was that … just like we rallied after Trump and made him President … similarly we will do the same with Warren. They wanted us to endorse Warren and make her President … and they stacked her with all catastrophic policies. They don’t realize that we still have options open with Trump and Biden. We follow a multi-directional approach to take the country forward.

Just because we wrote a few lines in favor of Trump … we should be hated by one party. And if we wrote a few lines in favor of Warren … then we should be hated by the other party. This is extremely childish and insane.

SM is not party specific
SM Groups do not care about the party at all. In the initial even Trump thought that … “I was a Democrat and Democrats are doing all of this against him”. Now, when Warren is tanking in polls and SM groups are saving Trump from impeachment … now he is realizing that there are other groups involved that have no connection to any party.

To sum it up … this is a critical year for America … and for Trump. For any adversity against anyone … it might be on Warren or Trump … please don’t blame it on me. Nobody is hating anyone … nobody is pissed off at anything. It is just another gimmick to create friction and conflict. Just keep an open mind … work on multiple options.