31 Jan 2020
Obamas need to step in to configure the Dem 2020 win
in America

America needs the Obamas
All key leaders need adjustment and support. Trump is stuck since his second year itself … he is not able to take the country forward. Warren is failing with her bad policies. Biden is brittle and doesn’t know that the Presidency is all about fighting against an Establishment network.

The issue with Trump
Everything is about one person … Trump is facing ridicule … save Trump … Trump is facing lawsuits … save Trump … Trump is under an investigation … save Trump … Trump is getting impeached … save Trump. And what is this one person doing for the American people? Nothing. We all are involved in saving one person and this one person is not doing anything for the country at all. If he was doing something great for the people … all SM Groups would love to fight for him and save him all the time. But that is not the case. America stagnates under Trump and nothing moves forward.

Don’t discard Trump totally
I don’t think that you guys like Trump a lot. But these are massive works and Trump can be of some use. We can help Trump and Trump can help us. If you want to understand what is going on with Trump and why he got impeached … then it is because most SM Groups see him as a “thief in a burning building”. He was a firefighter that was supposed to save the people and save the building. But instead of doing that … he is busy filling his bags with cash. So the formula that is being used to deal with Trump is … how would you deal with such a fireman? You would fire him and also collect everything that he has stolen from the building.

This is why they impeached him using the pretext of the Ukraine phone call … Establishment dogs were used to go after him. And that’s why the next thing they will go for is how much money has Trump made off the Presidency. Like you confront a thief from a building … that’s how they want to confront Trump. Some Pro-Trump SM Groups brought this issue to our table and they asked for help to activate other SM Groups to help Trump. We personally don’t think that Trump is an evil person or an Establishment puppet that should be dealt with so harshly. Firstly, because he is a nice guy that saved America from Hillary and secondly, he has continuously followed us in keeping America safe from so many war traps. Protecting Trump was the right thing to do.

Hating Trump for being Trump is not going to help anyone. Let’s get practical and see where Trump can help us and where we can help him. Right now, getting supporters for the project is a big challenge for the Dems … here is where Trump can help. And Dems can help Trump in impeachment and jail issues. Create a simple give and take relationship. He is a nice guy that is not going around killing anyone. I think a working relationship can be created with Trump.

Issues with Warren
Warren had 70-80% of SM Support when she launched her Presidential campaign. She was seen as the candidate that will take America into a new era … but:

  • She stacked her campaign with wrong policies
  • She did not change when issues were pointed out in her policies
  • Not only she did not show any flexibility but she started complaining about us
  • She was dropped in polls to show that no one approves these policies … but still she hasn’t changed

Now, she is going to start losing votes from next week onwards. Warren needs to prepare for the coming setbacks. We told her that this would happen one year ago itself … but I don’t think that she took it seriously enough. No problem, let’s prepare for the next year.

We told about Tulsi, Harris, Gillibrand, Klobuchar and others … that they won’t make it to the Presidency. Did all of them blame their loss on me? Did all of them go to Obama and start complaining about me? Are all of them pissed off at me because they are not topping the polls? Then what are you doing? There is no point in going around complaining about me to anyone. What we say is all about actions, policies and potential of what you have to deal with as President. That’s how the analysis is done. Work on your policies … instead of complaining about people who are trying to help you … that will help your campaign.

Not a Hillary situation
America is not in a Hillary situation right now. Trump was given the victory despite some of his racist policies … mainly because we had a warmonger on the other side. Warren doesn’t realize that Trump and Biden … both of them are totally clean and stronger candidates … both of them don’t have wars or financial catastrophes with them. There is absolutely no reason to make America go through Warren’s financial catastrophes.

She is following a complete textbook approach to politics … using the same plain repetitive punch lines … with bad policies and a weak campaign. No idea how she was expecting to be President with this.

America needs more Michelle and less Barack
Barack Obama is a super gentleman … he follows mongoose politics … he allows everyone to do their thing and remains everyone’s favorite. And Michelle Obama kicks ass and gets things done. America needs more Michelle and less Barack right now. Lol.

President Barack Obama … please don’t step in to allow everyone to do their thing. It will not work out in the current situation. This is why Warren fell … she started to do everything … without any logic or any evaluation or any practical application. This is not the time to fall for everything when Establishment misleading is to the max. They have stacked Warren’s campaign with bad policies and spoilt a good candidate. She doesn’t even realize it.

Its incredibly important to be right factually and logically in order to win the Presidency and this is what will help in combating Establishment malice. The more you can use logic and facts, the better President you will be.

Biden – the strongest candidate
As of now, Biden is coming off to be the strongest candidate to lead America. He has no nonsense policies … no wars … no trillions in expenditure … and closely associated with Obamas that can help him combat Establishment malice.

Getting the nomination is not the big deal … showing the right logic to bring great changes for the country will help in defeating Trump, getting the Presidency and also help in taking the country forward from Establishment malice.

Top Preferred Combinations to lead America
As of now … these are the top preferred combinations to lead America …

  • Biden-Warren
  • Biden-Bill De Blasio or any other Establishment bashing candidate … just in case Warren doesn’t want to be VP
  • Trump-Pence … yes, Trump has fallen to the third place from being at the top
  • Warren-Bill De Blasio … Warren has fallen to rock bottom in the preferred list

Warren should open up to other options
If Warren sticks to her current track … then it is very possible that … she will face a long line of failures and then go back to being Senator. I don’t see why she should be a failed candidate who goes back to being Senator. What everyone suggests is that … Warren should spend one term as VP to learn how things are done … get the practical aspect of it and then things might open up for her in 2024. Being the first woman to be America’s Vice President also creates history. Why be a Senator when she can be a part of a beautiful team that is going to make phenomenal reforms for the country? She can choose to be in the top games instead of being a failed candidate.

The strategy to win ahead
We are not totally ruling out Warren yet … the voting has not yet begun. But let’s just say that … we know a few things before they happen and we prepare SM Groups one year in advance. Based upon Warren’s current policies … it is not going to be favorable year ahead for her. But there is a strategy where we can make a few changes and empower Democrats to a great extent.

Fight via teamwork
Warren might be thinking that … “hey, I will work with you … give me the Presidency”. Yeah, but the time has lapsed for that already … as of now, you have only 20-30% chance of making it. But this is how we can still keep you in the fight … our policies are very powerful … you will get phenomenal support based on our policies. You need to “fight via teamwork”.

  • Biden … we give one policy to Biden … he launches it and promotes it. Warren endorses it and follows it.
  • Warren … at the same time … we give one policy to Warren … she launches it and promotes it. Biden endorses it and follows it.
  • Both of you … work hand in hand to fiercely promote all policies. It creates fantastic teamwork on a common ground. It doubles the Democrat marketing, campaign and publicity power in the Presidential race. It will help you knock out Bernie and Buttigieg from the nomination.

If Biden wins the nomination … then he takes Warren as VP … and you guys continue the teamwork in the White House. If Warren can make through her falling campaign and get the nomination … then congrats … pick your VP. We are not ruling out Warren completely as of now … we are still giving you that 20-30% chance that you have. But our work is about taking the country forward … we formulate configurations to make that happen.

House and Senate
Our policies bring fantastic reforms at all levels in America. Not only Biden and Warren should follow and campaign for the policies … but these policies should be given across the House and Senate. All Democrat Reps and Senators should use these policies to campaign and win elections in the Congress. It will help the Democrats to dominate in the House and the Senate as well.

And when hundreds of House Reps and Senators campaign at the ground level … it creates an overwhelming support for the Democrat Candidate to win the Presidency. Biden and Warren will not be campaigning alone … but they will have hundreds of hands at the ground level helping them win in each city and State.

4 routes of victory for Dems
It easily creates 4 routes of victory for Democrats in 2020:

  • Biden-Warren
  • Biden-Bill de Blasio
  • Warren –Bill de Blasio
  • House and Senate

Bernie and Buttigieg
Bernie and Buttigieg are easy to manage. Bernie will never be President. Buttigieg needs to get his “sex and holes” correctly before telling America what to do. The guy sucks cock and wants to be the President of the largest Christian country in the world … no idea what he was thinking.

Obamas must get involved
Its complicated stuff that we are dealing with out there. Just climate change and guns are not good enough polices. It is a must to fight with good policies. You have to get involved in configuring the winning teams and helping them win. We are not going to do this just for 2020 … we will be designing the next 3 Democrat Presidents. We can easily keep the Presidency with the Democrats if we play the right moves.

Trump already got a shock with what he had to deal with. We have to prepare the candidates so that they can hit the ground running. Yes, some SM Groups don’t like Trump’s turning a blind eye to America’s debt crisis. But when I look at the overall picture … its okay … he is a nice guy that we can work with. Configure the right teams … it will be great if Warren can keep her mind open for VP … and work with Trump. This will help you create a winning formula for 2020.