26 Jan 2020
The Establishment is using “terrorist routes” to facilitate death and destruction
in America

Official routes controlled
If you see the War on Terror … it comprised of these moves:

  • Event. The Establishment would sponsor a terror event.
  • Media. The event would be given widespread publicity in the media.
  • Politicians. Establishment puppet politicians would go gaga over the event.
  • Taxpayer Funding. These puppet politicians would channelize trillions of taxpayer money to go after these fake and sponsored terrorists.

This was an open combination of terrorism and official routes working hand in hand in the propaganda. Since the past 10 years, a lot of effort was put in to root out Establishment influence and control all official routes. The media, politicians and the flow of government funding … all of them are very closely controlled and monitored. The only route left for the Establishment is “terrorist routes”.

Deadly Diseases
If you look at these events of Ebola, Zika Virus and the current Coronavirus … these are pure terrorist routes. It does not involve any media, political or public funding involvement. Open death is carried out at large scales via plain terrorism … with the support of technology.

We are sitting back and thinking that … “hey, it might be because of some rats or bats." But as long as we think that … this crisis will never get solved. We have to work at the root of it to control and eliminate its repetitive recurrence. Three deadly diseases have been unleashed since the past few years and its no joke.

Not the right time for a new list of favors for Israel
President Trump is inviting Netanyahu and Gantz to the White House for a possible new list of favors for Israel. Well, this is not the right time for a new list of favors for Israel. These are the factors that President Trump should consider before showering Israel with new favors.

Factor One. Israel is America’s number one enemy
It is bullshit Establishment media propaganda that Israel is America’s ally. In reality if you see … Israel is the key culprit in worldwide terrorism and the debt crisis. It created and promoted ISIS … it misled America into several wars … Israel has cost America thousands of lives and trillions of taxpayer money. These are not actions of a friend or an ally. Its open misleading on destructive paths … its open enmity.

America is the world’s superpower and it should be able to differentiate between words and actions. If the actions of the other country only cause us death, destruction and leeching of trillions of our reserves … then is that a friend or a foe? No country in the world follows Israel like we do … and that happens only because of Establishment puppetry setup in America. Otherwise, there is no reason to follow Israel or even to consider Israel as a friend.

Factor Two. Trump brought in the White House because of no Establishment connection
You were given the Presidency mainly because you had no Establishment connection and you were not an Establishment puppet. If you remember, you showed no Establishment puppetry before elections. Your favors for the Establishment began only when you saw trouble coming from the Establishment after your Presidency began. And your favors for the Establishment and Israel enraged all SM Groups.

Factor Three. The Presidency is all about rooting out Establishment malice
Only those candidates who show great potential in rooting out Establishment malice are given the White House. This is the formula that is used to pick the right President for the United States. You were basically chosen to root out Establishment malice … not to do a long list of favors for them.

The work is all about rooting out Israel’s control and influence in America. We need to make America work for Americans … no more puppetry from a tiny nation sitting on other side of the Ocean. A tiny nation shouldn’t have any right to puppet the world’s Superpower. We chose you for this and you are doing the opposite. This is the main reason why all SM Groups get pissed off when you start doing favors for the Establishment and Israel.

Factor Four. 60-70% of the support is already in favor of Democrats
As of now, with Warren and the Biden-Warren combination … 60-70% of the support has already moved towards the Democrats. Which means that about 70% of SM Groups will be working on your exit strategies. As of now … as we speak … this is what’s going on … 70% of SM Groups are working on your exit from the White House.

Biden can easily do what you are doing. Biden does not have any war or financial catastrophes with him. He is a close Obama associate and he will easily cooperate on dodging Establishment traps. You are creating absolutely no reforms whatsoever in any field. All you are doing is sitting there and saying “jobs, jobs, jobs” while not starting any new wars. Even Biden can do what you are doing. Its no rocket science. To add to that … if Biden ties up with the right VP … he can actually take the country forward which you have not done since the past 3 years.

No one sees a reason to maintain Trump in the White House anymore. The leadership is being designed under Warren … if she fixes her policies … or they are going for the Biden-Warren ticket.

Factor Five. This is Election Year
Now, you are in Election year. During election year … when the majority of SM Groups already hate your favors for the Establishment … when about 70% of the support has already moved towards the Democrats … if you start a new list of favors for an enemy of America that has got thousands of our people killed, wasted trillions of our taxpayer money and misled our country on a destructive path for the past 20 years … then what do you think is going to happen? It is going to backfire enormously.

Factor Six. Repetitive Cycle of Humiliation
You are doing this … when they just got you impeached. They have openly on National Television impeached you over a simple phone call … and now you are throwing a red carpet for Netanyahu and Gantz … for a new list of favors. This is the same repetitive cycle of humiliation that all SM Groups hate. We have no idea of how you put up with it … but when you are the President of America … then you are the President of SM Groups as well. And they hate it that their President gets abused and humiliated … and then he starts doing favors for them.

One of the major reasons why SM Groups want to end your Presidency is because of this cycle of humiliation.

Factor Seven. The Establishment in America are dogs on a leash
As of now … most Establishment networks in America are SM’s dogs on a leash. 80-90% of all major Establishment routes are being closely controlled and monitored via SM Networks. It is only this 10% that seeps out of the network and carries out some malice of their own. What good is it going to do for you to favor a bunch of backstabbers who have always stabbed you in the back … who are a bunch of dogs on a leash?

Factor Eight. Favors during Mueller was a different scenario
Your Presidency was planned to be terminated during Mueller itself seeing your favors for the Establishment. But SM Groups brought this issue to our table and we said that … “Mike Pence is of no use … Trump acts where there is no Establishment involved … Trump can be useful in bringing peace and stability in the world. Let’s use these 4 years of Trump for world peace and stability … instead of simply removing Trump.” This is why you were saved during Mueller … not because of your list of favors for the Establishment.

You just got impeached … the trial in the Senate is not even over and you are inviting Netanyahu for a new list of favors … during election year. This can be catastrophic for your leadership and Presidency. No Establishment element is going to help you during election year … doesn’t matter what favors you do. But it will only give the full motivation to all SM Groups to terminate your Presidency. And the type of termination that you get can be unpredictable. This is a major blunder.

Just like you are staying away from wars … in the same manner, you have to stay away from Establishment and Israel favors. Both of them are same level of disasters. No one wants the US President to suck up to a bunch of criminals who are leeching our country by the trillions.

What to do?
Now that you are calling Netanyahu and Gantz …

  • Postpone. See if you can postpone the meeting. This is not the right time for this meeting … it will backfire enormously.
  • No Favors. Even if you have the meeting … hold back or postpone all favors in it.
    • There should be no additional recognition of illegally occupied land.
    • There should be no permission for further occupation of Palestinian land.
    • There should be no permission for bombing of any country by Israel.
    • There should be no permission for Israel for any illegal or harmful activity.
  • Just inputs. Another way to stall it is … just tell them that … you called them to take inputs on so and so issues and resolutions … that you just wanted their suggestions and views on certain things. This way also you can have the meeting but keep yourself safe from the backfire that you will get from these favors.

Backfire for you may not come because you did favors for Israel but it will come from other routes … especially “financial routes”. We are already getting alerts of financial issues for Trump. Favors for the Establishment and Israel can be a reason that will be used to unleash these financial issues. This is election year … anything can happen … stay away from all critical and sensitive issues … especially Establishment favors.