25 Jan 2020
Establishment Malice - Ebola & Zika Virus under Obama and Coronavirus under Trump
in America

The Coronavirus must be taken seriously. This is Establishment malice. Ebola and Zika Virus were unleashed under Obama and now under Trump, they have unleashed the Coronavirus.

Objective – Large Scale Death & Destruction
The Establishment has been yearning for a massive destructive war since Obama. But we have been continuously failing all of their war attempts. Life threatening diseases is their alternate route to facilitate widespread death and destruction.

The West is their main target
Doesn’t matter if it was Ebola or today’s Coronavirus … the West is their main target. They will somehow move the virus into the West and try to spread it there. They need destruction to be spread across America and Europe. This is their cover-up of the debt crisis.

This is how you ascertain the Establishment connection to these deadly diseases.

  • Obama refused to start new wars. If you observe as to when Ebola was unleashed … it was when Obama refused to start new wars. The path to destruction via wars was thwarted. They unleashed Ebola … but the moment a cure for Ebola was found … they immediately unleashed the Zika Virus. Both of them were new deadly diseases without any cure. And somehow these diseases were finding a way into America.
  • Trump did not start any new wars. Now, if you look at the timing of unleashing the Coronavirus … it is when Trump is not starting any new wars. There is consistent stability and there are 3 routes of taking America forward … under Trump, under Warren or under the Biden-Warren ticket. Support for Trump’s win in the Senate against the impeachment has already been activated. The Establishment has again lost their routes of destruction via wars.

It is when the Establishment loses all of its options in starting new wars … it is then that it resorts to these alternate routes of death and destruction. That too, they launched the Coronavirus while the entire country is occupied with Trump’s impeachment drama. So that they can utilize these few weeks for the spread of the disease. This is plain malice.

Establishment Defeat & Frustration
This is nothing but a sign of Establishment defeat and frustration. Seeing the use of these vicious and deadly tactics … we should understand the type of Establishment that we are dealing with. These guys are vicious assholes who don’t give a shit about human life. Killing a few thousand or millions of people is just a part of their gimmicks and cover-ups.

Capability – Main Source
The main source of these deadly diseases are the secret biotechnology labs in Israel. Here is where all of these research, testing and operations of deadly diseases happen. This has been done before … the Bubonic Plague that killed one third of Europe’s population was manually planted and spread by the same Kazarian Jewish witchcraft lovers. The Rothchilds are from the same Kazarian line following the same hateful and vicious ideology and techniques. The entire country of Israel was setup by the Rothschild Family.

This is exactly what goes on in the secret biotechnology labs in Israel. They sit there designing several means of destroying countries via alternate biological routes. The world wars were designed by the Bankers and so are these deadly diseases.

Blame Game
And this is how the blame game will work out:

  • The Bubonic Plague was blamed on rats.
  • Ebola was blamed on Africa
  • And the Coronavirus will be blamed on China

But all 3 crisis were designed by the people from the same vicious and hateful ideology. It is a must to take swift and sweeping action against this crisis.

Must act on a war-footing
You should keep in mind that this is “alternate warfare”. Do not take any new deadly disease lightly in the current Establishment crisis. These guys are vicious assholes who don’t give a shit about anybody. America, Europe and Russia must immediately start helping China to create a cure or vaccination for the Coronavirus.

If we don’t take the necessary action then it will be spread manually and maliciously. As long as we don’t take action on it … several countries can be engulfed in this crisis.

How to manage this biotechnological malice?

  • Expose. Firstly, it should be exposed for what it is. This did not happen because Chinese eat wild animals. It did not happen because of some bats or rats. Chinese have been eating wild animals since a century now … if wild animals killed Chinese people … all of them would have been dead by now. It’s a bullshit accusation. This is “Establishment biotechnological malice”. If you know and understand the root source and cause of this malice then you will know how to contain it.
  • The Goyim know! The moment Goyim know … the Establishment backtracks because the stick will be on their heads. Instead of expanding the crisis they will try to wrap it up. But if we keep blaming some bats or rats … they will think that their tactic is winning … nobody knows that they are doing it … and they will maliciously continue on this destructive path. A “know-how confrontation” is a must … because the spread of the disease is manually carried out.
  • Technology Support. America, Europe and Russia must immediately get involved in providing technological support to combat this malice.
  • Put Pressure. Let the Bankers and Israel openly know … directly or indirectly … that everybody knows that the Establishment is behind this. Consider political and financial pressure points on Israel based on these biotechnological issues. Indirectly stall political or financial cooperation with Israel as long as these biotechnological issues exist out there.

Maintain a strict vigil on new deadly diseases
This is an extremely crucial time of Establishment crisis. We are very successfully averting all wars. It is a must to maintain a strict vigil on any new deadly diseases … especially diseases that tend to kill by the masses. This is pure Establishment malice. This is just another front of the same Establishment that we have to manage as we go on.