22 Jan 2020
“Destroy or Stagnate” Establishment Gimmick
in America

Gangster Tactics
These are the Establishment’s “gangster tactics” … to keep the country busy with either destruction or stagnation. Take a look.

America – War on Terror
What was this? America is the biggest victim of Establishment malice. The Establishment’s exploitation programs leech more than $1 Trillion of American wealth every year. As of now, America is the biggest threat to the Establishment Network. They know that they would be expose and they know that action will be taken against them when they are exposed. So, the solution that they came up with is … keep America busy in terror. “There are terrorists out there! They want to kill you! They hate you!! We must fight a never ending war against them!!” This is the bullshit that they came up with.

And they took this war all the way to Russian doors. Military drills had begun near Russian borders. If you see this War on Terror … on one side, it had complete destruction with a war against Russia. And if you averted it … you would be back on the same track of stagnation and wealth depletion.

Trump – Mueller
Trump was the guy chosen to take care of this Establishment. To take America out of this stagnation and move the Nation into a new era. The Establishment saw that their end was near … and they launched the Mueller Investigation against Trump. If you see even this gimmick … it has the same two sides. On one side Trump would get impeached … and if we saved Trump then we would be back on the same track of stagnation.

With the War on Terror, they terrorized America … and with Mueller, they terrorized Trump. We saved America from the War on Terror … we saved Trump from Mueller … but did anything change for America? We are still on the same track of stagnation with a depletion of $1 Trillion every year.

Trump’s impeachment is a different story … he was impeached because of his lack of action and ongoing Presidential Profiteering while the country was burning. Trump will be saved in the Senate because of his clean records in wars … most probably. But his next issues will be based on finances … it would be quite tricky to save Trump from that issue.

Warren – Financial Catastrophes
Since Trump didn’t show much courage to combat Establishment malice … the next most preferred candidate was Warren. But look how they screwed up her campaign even before she got anywhere near the White House. They have stacked her with tens of trillions of financial catastrophes.

What the Establishment is expecting is a “repetition of the Trump Presidency”. They are expecting us to put Warren in the White House … she will unleash new catastrophes of her own. We end up in another life saving mission of several years that may range from 2-8 years. The Establishment will again succeed in just keeping us busy in “saving America from catastrophes” … while maintaining America on the same track of stagnation … where the debt keeps on piling more and more and more.

Well the bad news for the Establishment is that … the movement is moving in favor of Biden-Warren ticket … with Biden in the lead … mainly because …

  • Waste of time. Nobody wants to spend years in stopping new catastrophes in America.
  • Intervention not possible. We chose to intervene and correct Trump … because we had Hillary on the other side. Hillary would be a disaster for America. And Trump’s policies had no financial catastrophes … the only thing he wanted to do was a Muslim Ban, Border Wall and deport millions of immigrants. His issues had a racist touch to it … but they didn’t have financial catastrophes … an intervention was feasible with Trump. An intervention is not possible with Warren because these financial catastrophes will break the economy and she will be impeached.
  • Biden is the best intervention. Biden is logical … he has no racist, war or financial catastrophes with him. If Warren is made the VP with Biden … then all of Warren’s issues get resolved instantly. We don’t need to waste years or trillions of American resources to fix Warren’s problems.

The Biden-Warren ticket is the most preferred option as of now. Unless Warren doesn’t want to be VP … Biden can always consider another Establishment bashing candidate like Bill de Blasio.

Active Democracy – Legal or Physical Abuse
These gimmicks are not restricted to Presidential candidates … these gimmicks are also used on Active Democracy as well sometimes. Some legal or physical abuse scenarios will be created. Now, everyone gets involved in saving the person and even after they succeed in saving the person … we are still on the same track of stagnation.

We think that … “Yay! We won! We stopped the War on Terror … we saved Trump from Mueller … we found a way to stop Warren’s financial catastrophes … we saved Active Democracy.” We just think that we won … but we just worked on one side of the coin and we are still on the same track of stagnation since the past 20 years. Which Establishment system did we break? Which exploitation system did we stop? How many trillions of new wealth for America did we create? Absolutely nothing done since the past 3 Presidents … other than stopping ourselves from blowing up each other. This is the reality that we are dealing with.

Gangster Tactics
These are Establishment Gangster tactics. Just like a criminal will bring you misfortune … in the form of your car being stolen or house items being stolen … and if the criminal doesn’t come then your life will remain in the same track. This is what Establishment tactics are … fall for them then you get destruction … avoid them then you remain on the same track.

Much of this is carried out via the Matrix System. These are “mind games” that can be setup at almost any place … in the White House, in Presidential Campaigns or even in ordinary businesses around the world. Some malicious elements are used to carry it out. And when this activity is exposed … the majority of Groups come into action to rectify the situation.

Today the Establishment are a bunch of dogs … but dogs will be dogs. If they create negative setups … start misleading … or design catastrophes … then you should understand how it impacts the people and take necessary action to prevent the same. This is what any President can easily succeed in doing.