19 Jan 2020
Warren has to move out of the Red Zone
in America

Hillary – A Red Zone Candidate
This is a nice chart that helps understanding leadership in a time of a major Establishment crisis. This is what Warren should understand … Hillary was kicked out of politics because she was a Red Zone Candidate. She was a total hardcore Establishment puppet and there was no way to make her change. That’s why she was fired as Secretary of State and removed from politics for good.

But “puppetry” is not the only way the Establishment misleads Politicians. The media, political advisers, military advisers and other political pundits are also routes of misleading the President. You fell for the Climate Change propaganda … because the “media” is making a big noise out of it. The media made a big noise out of the War on Terror as well … but the whole thing was bullshit propaganda. We spent trillions and trillions in trying to solve the terrorism crisis … but it only kept getting worse. The solution was to stop the spending to fix the problem … and that’s exactly what got it fixed.

Warren – Bush 2.0?
The Establishment will only drain tens of trillions of taxpayer money in this Climate Change scam … and when nothing gets fixed … all of the blame will be put on the politician who carried out the spending. That’s how they used and trashed Bush. Why do you want to be Bush 2.0 and help the Establishment with another major scam that is actually 20 times bigger than the War on Terror?

You are a beautiful, excellent and good natured person … who is stuck in the wrong zone with the wrong policies.

Joe Biden – A Green Zone Candidate
If you want to understand why Joe Biden is in the lead … then it is because he has no policies from the Red Zone. He is already showing enough logic and reason to maintain America in the Green Zone. People like you … people want you … but nobody wants America in the Red Zone. We spent two decades in the Red Zone and that’s enough. We don’t want any more of the Red Zone … not now and not ever.

Trump’s Problem in the Green Zone
Trump is actually excelling in the Green Zone. Despite all of the aggression and negativity around him … he maintains America in the Green Zone … which is quite incredible. But the issue is that … he has not moved into the Blue Zone. Obama already brought America into the Green Zone … and the people and Obama himself were tired of the Green Zone … everyone was eager to move into the Blue Zone. Trump was the guy chosen to move America into the Blue Zone.

Trump probably thinks that … “things are already so hectic right now … why do I need to create new fights with the Establishment to make things even more hectic?” But he does not know that … things are incredibly easy in the Blue Zone. The entire country will work with the President in accomplishing things in the Blue Zone. He will get tens of millions of hands at work with him at the ground level in making things happen.

America needs a Blue Zone Candidate
What everyone is working on is … how to get a Blue Zone Candidate for America? What is the best configuration we need to put into place so that America moves into the Blue Zone?

  • So that … all Red Zone policies are shoved aside
  • We are dodging and eliminating all Establishment misleading from the Green Zone
  • And we are successfully getting things done in the Blue Zone

No US President has moved into the Blue Zone yet. And the first President to move into the Blue Zone … he / she will be creating history. The candidate’s name will go down in American history and world history for many many beautiful accomplishments.

Climate Change Scam
A simple advise for you is that … don’t plan anything lengthy for Climate Change that is high in cost. The whole thing is a scam and it costs peanuts to fix this issue. The lengthier the plan … the more the spending … the bigger the scam. You want to be the President that will fight for Climate Change from 2021 onwards … but what you don’t know is that … if we give the solution to Trump on Climate Change today … by 2021 the Climate Change crisis itself will vaporize. Within one year no one will be talking about Climate Change … let alone spending trillions on this scam.

So, just chill on the Climate Change issue … it’s a massive scam.

Who the hell are you?
Sometimes … some leaders say … “who the hell are you … why should I listen to you?” Getting this thought in your mind is quite normal … I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought like that. Here are a few reasons why many SM Groups follow me.

  • Got Stuck.
    • SM got stuck. SM Groups were closely following our concepts of “People Power” and they implemented this in many countries … got the Arab Spring and even overthrew governments. But even after they overthrew the government … the new government didn’t do anything different … nothing changed. Nothing was “people centric” … it was the same old crap under a different name. SM got stuck and didn’t know how to move forward.
    • Obama got stuck. Since our concepts of People Power were very effective and successful … SM Groups encouraged Obamas to follow us. But after a while … even Obama got stuck and he was not able to solve the debt crisis … the country kept sinking by $1 Trillion per year in debt. We told Obama to stop the funding in war zones and end the wars … and then we will work on internal policies. But Obama timed out while ending wars. You are just a Senator trying to create some policies that will get you votes … but Obama was the President … he had the best advisers from every field possible … even then there was no fix to this massive crisis.
    • Trump is stuck. Today, Trump took two good moves of American Energy and Tariffs … these are good internal moves … but even he is stuck. The country still sinks in $1 Trillion debt every year. This $1 Trillion is itself a major crisis that 3 Presidents were not able to solve and you are coming up with tens of trillions of new spending.
  • Tactics work. Our tactics, strategies and policies work. We have written more than 3,000 pages on the Establishment crisis that define the problem statement. Yes, just to define the problem statement and protect leaders from blunders … we have written more than 3,000 pages. And in just defining the problem statement we have rooted out the War on Terror and vaporized terrorism from the world. Once we start implementing solutions … we will be creating “revolutions” in every sphere of life.
  • America under a revolution. America is already under an active revolution … of a woke culture … of being actively involved in leadership and policy making. There are tens of millions of entities in America actively involved in this.
  • Everyone plays their role. America is in the Green Zone today … not just because of Obama or Trump … but because everyone plays their role. Everyone from the fields of politics, intelligence, legals, media, corporations and even celebrities … play their role in keeping America on the right track and helping it move forward.

Yes, thanks to the All Mighty … we are a part of this who made it happen. This is who the hell we are.

A Blue Zone candidate campaigning Red Zone policies
Currently, my dear Elizabeth Warren … you are a Blue Zone Candidate who is campaigning for Red Zone policies. You are fantastic material who is meant for the Blue Zone. You were chosen to take America into new heights and into a new era. But you are owning and personalizing Red Zone policies.

We know that you have a few policies that are okay and they may work … like eliminating student loan, providing child care and so on. But a combination of Red Zone policies with these policies are like … putting a person on fire and then giving her a manicure and a pedicure.

Trump is a guy in the Green Zone … everyone is already tired of a guy in the Green Zone because he has not moved in the Blue Zone. Everyone is already looking for alternate options. And you are standing in the Red Zone with Red Zone policies screaming “make me President … make me President”. Why would anyone want America in the Red Zone again?

This is the main reason we told you that … it is a must for you to transition away from these policies.

  • Not only you have to show that you don’t have any Red Zone policies
  • But you have to show that you can maintain America’s safety and security while dodging all Establishment misleading
  • And you can take America into a new era

This is where Trump is stuck. You can win against Trump when you can enter the Blue Zone. You cannot campaign for Red Zone policies … you cannot remain in the Red Zone and eliminate the guy in the Green Zone. Minimally, anyone needs to show that he / she is a Green Zone candidate. The candidate who can enter the Blue Zone … he / she gets the White House.