17 Jan 2020
Understanding leadership in terms of Obama and Biden
in America

Before we get started … let us all thank the All Mighty … that America has moved away from the brink of war. And now we are back to the normal America … where everybody is against Trump and the theme of the country is anti-Trumpism. Lol … I am sure President Trump is pretty used to it … he has 3 years of non-stop experience in managing anti-Trumpism in every form possible. And he always comes out winning … standing bold, strong and tall … in all scenarios.

President Trump should keep this in mind … doesn’t matter what they say about you … you already saved America from Hillary … you haven’t started a single new war and always kept America first, safe and secure. Had the Presidency gone to Hillary … we would have several genocidal disasters at hand. President Trump … you are already America’s savior … doesn’t matter what.

Now, coming to the main topic of the page … take a look at the below pic.

It’s a very simple chart … that shows layers of combating Establishment malice. The bottom Red Zone is the Establishment Den … where all of their malice exists … of Socialism, Communism, Wars, High Cost of Living, High Spending & Debt, Green New Deal, Medicare for All, Blue New Deal and so on.

Obama’s and Trump’s Status
Obama and Trump are in the Green Zone. Whatever was coming from the Red Zone … they were fighting against it. They were successfully dodging all types of Establishment malice … in terms of wars, financial catastrophes and disasters. They were dodging Establishment malice at every step. Both of them successfully kept America and Americans safe.

Trump’s Lead
Not only Trump did everything that Obama was doing … but he took America ahead with a campaign of America First, Tariffs and American Energy. Not only Trump did not start any new wars … but he also started major reforms at the Domestic front. Policy wise … Trump kept America safe from disastrous policies like the Green New Deal, Medicare for All and any other Socialist policies whatsoever. Trump did not allow any financial catastrophe to touch America.

Is Trump in the Red Zone?
Trump might have done some favors for the Establishment … but look … is Trump in the Red Zone? Can we say that Trump is in the Red Zone? Is he marketing anything from the Socialist or Communist handbooks? Is he marketing the Medicare for All or the bogus Climate Change propaganda?

Doesn’t matter what favors he has done for the Establishment … Trump doesn’t have any Red Zone policy with him … and he is excelling in the Green Zone. No US President has performed so exceptionally well … in a time of crisis … with mountains of abuse against him … he has kept America safe from all disasters. This guy is a new comer in the field … with zero political experience … and he is already 10 steps ahead of Obama. And Obama never got even a fraction of abuse or aggression that Trump gets on a daily basis.

Given the parameters surrounding Trump … he is doing exceptionally well. He has nothing from the Red Zone … he is excelling in Green Zone … and he is just a step away from the Blue Zone. If he leads America into the Blue Zone then he can crush any opposition whatsoever. Because in the Blue Zone … he will not be fighting alone … but he will get millions of additional hands in the battle. Trump thinks that things might be difficult in the Blue Zone … but everything is easy in the Blue Zone. Because you never do anything alone in the Blue Zone … everything is network based.

Leadership in terms of Obama and Biden
However, we cannot keep praising Trump … because Warren doesn’t understand the Trump language. Trump is the opposition … she doesn’t like Trump … and she doesn’t want to follow Trump. So let’s talk in terms of Obama and Biden … this should help her understand logical leadership.

Obama’s Leadership
Look at this chart again.

Just like you are in the Red Zone right now … even Obama was there in the Red Zone during his First Term. Hillary had started new wars under Obama and there was a major crisis of wars that he had to solve. So, we showed Obama how the Establishment functions and pushed him in the Green Zone. In his Second Term, Obama was avoiding all types of Establishment malice. The greatest challenges of his time were … ending wars, eliminating politics of fear and hate, and the growth of jobs and economy. And Obama did all of that very successfully by maintaining himself in the Green Zone.

Not only Obama maintained himself in the Green Zone … he was incredibly eager to move into the Blue Zone. He was eager to know more … to do more … to bring more changes … and to become a great President. He would continuously ask us for the changes that need to be brought in America. This chance to lead America with phenomenal reforms … Obama himself was incredibly eager to work on.

This is what you should note about Obama’s Presidency:

  • He never campaigned based on massive handouts
  • He never promised multi-trillion dollar handouts to the people
  • He did not campaign on any Socialist policy
  • He did not go for anything that costs tens of trillions of American resources
  • He always campaigned to work on “logical things that can be done correctly”
  • He fought against what was wrong and fought to do what was right
  • Obama was a two time President … and no where he campaigned for multi-trillion dollar handouts for anyone

Biden’s Leadership
Another example … take a look at Biden … why is he in the lead? Just because he was Obama’s VP? No … he is in the lead because of the same points.

  • Nowhere Biden is promising multi-trillion dollar handouts
  • Nowhere is Biden trying to run Socialist policies
  • Biden is not going for anything that will cost America by the tens of trillions in this time of crisis
  • Everywhere Biden is trying to “use logic to do what is right”

This is what the American people connect to … “whether you can do what is right as per logic or not”. The American people do not fancy handouts … handouts are just a political gimmick to attract voters … which backfires most of the time. All of these successful people that you are seeing:

  • Obama was a two time President
  • Trump is the current President
  • Biden is the leading Democrat right from the start

None of them relied on multi-trillion dollar handouts to get votes.

Warren’s reasons for handouts

  • Firstly, you did not know that these Socialist policies are Establishment scams. You fell for the cover of the book … that said “people, people, people” … but in action it is “scam, scam and scam”.
  • Secondly, you are taking extreme measures to give the biggest handouts possible … thinking that it will attract voters. But you don’t realize that it is backfiring on you … and you became from the leading candidate to the candidate in the 3-4 position. These handouts are not helping you … they are becoming your baggage.

Why you were chosen?
Do you know why you were chosen for the Presidency? Because we knew that you are a fantastic candidate that will fight for what is right … that will take on the malicious Establishment with enormous courage. You were meant for the Blue Zone. We wanted to directly launch you into the Blue Zone … where no US President has even entered. If you enter the Blue Zone then the entire country will be bowing to you … loving you and adoring you … such are the scale of changes that will be made.

But you are using all of your energy and courage to market policies from the Red Zone … which is a shock for everyone.

Do you know why you fell in polls?
You fell in polls amidst your campaign … because if we gave you non-stop support to become President with these policies … then you would never realize that these policies are actually disasters. You would sit there and think that … “hey, I am winning because of the Green New Deal and Medicare for All … why should I change? Let’s implement these policies … because people elected me for these policies.” You would implement financial catastrophes if breaks were not put to make you realize where you were wrong. You would end up consolidating yourself on the wrong policies.

Learn from Obama and Biden at least
If you don’t like Trump … then at least learn from Obama and Biden. See how they stand in the chart … see their use of logic. Stop with the massive handouts … stop relying on votes based on handouts and wrong policies.

If you lead correctly … then we have to transition you away from the Red Zone and move you directly into the Blue Zone … while you understand how to manage the Green Zone. That’s the difference between you and Trump. Trump has already experienced it all … he is already doing phenomenally well in the Green Zone and he is a step away from the Blue Zone. You made a bad start in the Red Zone … and then remained in the Red Zone for one full year and you have not even entered the Green Zone. In order, to get the right President in 2020 … everyone is working on the right formula for someone who can lead in the Blue Zone. All SM Groups are focused on … how to move America into the Blue Zone … that’s the President we are all working on.