10 Jan 2020
Warren shouldn’t worry about our support for Trump
in America

Warren is probably freaking out over our support for Trump and his moves. “Hey, I am getting your funding! You are supposed to work with me! Make me President!! What the hell are you doing!!!” Well, let’s clear some misconceptions … it will help.

We would guide even Hillary
If Hillary had won against Trump … then we would have guided Hillary as well. We actually had begun guiding her already. We thought that SM Groups didn’t want Trump in the White House … that’s why the sex scandals were released before the elections … and we saw that Hillary was not ready to be President … so we had already started giving inputs to her team on how important it is to maintain good relations with Russia in the current atmosphere. But later, it turned out that … the Establishment had unleashed those sex scandals and Trump still had SM backing. This was better for America.

We guide Trump not only because he is a nice guy who is Establishment independent … but we guide him simply because he is the US President. This position is critically important in maintaining stability in America. Great disasters can be inflicted via this position and great accomplishments can also be made via this position. We are containing Establishment malice via the White House as a key support point.

As long as Trump is President … he can make decisions about America’s stability … and we will continue to guide him … it may be for one year or another 5 more years. Because how SM Networks function is … the moment the President makes the move in a particular direction as per our guidance … they come into action to help the President succeed. That’s how the system is organized.

Now, just because you are planning to work with us … we cannot stop guiding Trump. The world is in a critical war atmosphere … anytime anything can happen. We just escaped from the brink of a war this week itself. It should not bother you nor should it disturb you that we guide Trump. Guiding Trump is the same as keeping America safe and stable.

Its been 3 years … he has been continuously following what we write. He is far more experienced and knowledgeable than any other politician in Washington about Establishment malice today. Its quite easy to guide him … he catches things very fast.

The Presidency is not the same as the Senate win
Another misconception that you have is that … “I was behind in the polls by 10 points and I won by 7 points in the Senate … I can do the same as President.” No my dear lady … the Senate and the Presidency are two different animals. In the Senate, your Republican opponent did not have any SM Support group … which is why, you had an upper hand and you won. As Senator you were not campaigning for Medicare for All or the Green New Deal … as Senator you could not damage America in any way … and we needed more and more Establishment independent candidates in the leadership … that’s why the victory was given to you.

But in the Presidency, your opponent has very strong SM Support. He is running fantastic policies that create trillions of new wealth. And the policies that you have drain America’s wealth by more than $100 Trillion … this is the main reason why you are lagging behind by more than 10 - 15 points in many States. It is not because of less media attention on you. There are many many SM Groups involved in deciding the Presidency … and you do not have an overwhelming support as of now.

Distributed Win
The good news for you is that … no Democrat has been finalized as the nominee yet. It is still an open race. The plan is to create a “distributed win” for a while. One State for Biden … at another State for Bernie … for Warren and for Buttigieg. You also have some good SM Groups that support you but even they don’t agree with your policies. The best that they can do for you is give you more time to learn, change and lead with the right policies. This distributed win is being created only to buy some more time for you.

If you fail to learn and change even during this time … then I guess … they will give you 4 more years of time to learn and change … 2024.

Campaign locked in a box
We told you several months ago … your campaign is “locked in a box”. You have all nonsense policies. If you campaign for them … then you are campaigning for disasters which will only backfire and you will lose support. But if you don’t campaign for them … then you get an empty platform and you have nothing to campaign for. You would get locked in a box. This is exactly what your current state is as of now … locked in a box.

We tell about stuff even before it happens … you should have paid a little bit more attention.

The good thing in you
However, there is still good news for you. There is one strong SM Group in your favor. They see you as the leader that will take America forward. You have a good nature … you love fighting against the Establishment … you are backed by good people … Trump is stuck and you can be the key leader for a new America. There is still a 10% chance that this group may push you into the White House.

Yes, even this group is concerned about your policies … but what they say is … “she is backed by Obamas … all of them love to fight the Establishment … she will fiercely protect Active Democracy and pull support for the work once she is President. It will be a fantastic team. Let her be President. She will change once she knows what she has to do.” There is one Group that is ready to make you President … but even that Group is banking on “your change” to make you President.

Obamas were great fighters against the Establishment. Sole handedly they changed the entire flow of America’s direction and politics. A lot of SM Groups adore them, love them and respect them. I will give you some inside information … you know, the recent Miss Universe and Miss World … both of them are beautiful black women from Africa. This was done in honor of the beautiful First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama … it is to tell them that “they are the most beautiful people living on his planet”. It is to honor their contribution in world leadership in this crisis. They love Obamas.

You have very good backing … but your policies are a major issue.

Trump’s Misconception
Trump has been in the game since 3 years but even he has misunderstandings sometimes. He got to know that the Establishment elements had impeached him by placing their puppets at every key place. He was about to do a new list of favors for the Establishment to pull them on his side. We had to inform him that “no, the Establishment carried out the impeachment … but they were nothing but hunting dogs released by SM Networks”. SM Groups just wanted Trump to see the Establishment’s real color … as to who were these guys, what they think of Trump and what they wanted to do to him.

Yes, Establishment dogs impeached Trump … but Trump will be given all the help that he needs to hammer the shit out of them. That’s why we are telling him to focus on Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler … instead of worsening relations with the entire Democrat Party.

Things out there are sometimes a little bit complicated … it is not simple as black and white. You need to understand how to play in order to win. The moves in the game are different at every place and scenario.

Logical Evaluation is a must
Don’t think that we are taking sides. A logical evaluation is a must. We support everything that is right under anyone. We denounce everything that is wrong under anyone. This helps in moving forward with what is right and holding back what is wrong irrespective of the leader … it results in only good things for the people.

Media Formula
I will show you a simple media formula to show who is winning. “Is the media coming to you or are you going to the media?” If the media is coming to you … then you are in demand, the focus is on you, you are popular and you have chances to win. If you are going to media trying to get attention … then you are not in demand, the focus in not on you, you are not popular and your chances of winning are less.

Yes, you are going on many talk shows to promote your candidacy. But when was the last time you saw Trump on a talk show on TV? The media goes to Trump and Trump doesn’t chase the media. The media doesn’t only go to Trump … but the media is so all over Trump that it is all about Trump. That’s the huge lead he has. It is all about “logic and making new changes” in the country.

You are trying to make new changes but the logic fails in your policies. That’s why the media is not after you.

Being maintained in the race
Its not that you are being removed from the race. You are still being maintained in the race … options are left open for you … because you are a nice person with good potential. I would suggest you to focus on learning and leading. Don’t bother about the support we give to Trump’s moves. We like both candidates and we encourage both candidates to lead.