09 Jan 2020
Trump is right on not pulling troops out of Iraq
in America

Firstly, congratulations in avoiding a conflict with Iran. It was a spectacular accomplishment. If Hillary was in Trump’s place … we would be having a nuclear war with Iran by now. She would have gone bonkers over the situation. President Trump is making fantastic moves beyond party lines … beyond international boundaries … and creating the best configuration for the best outcome. It was a fantastic display of patience and diplomacy. Good work Mr.President!

Many thanks to President Putin for being there at the right time and at the right place to help with this crisis.

Trump should actually lead America … instead of giving up. He is doing 100 time better than Hillary and 10 times better than any other politician in Washington. The anti-Trump propaganda is bogus … the impeachment was a scam … he has nothing to worry about … if he leads correctly then he can be a phenomenal President.

Iraq’s parliament voting to remove US presence
Okay fine … we agree that Bush’s bombing of Iraq was unnecessary and unjust. Your calls for expelling US troops was totally justified at that time. But in order to fix Bush’s mistake … Obama did exactly what you wanted … Obama removed all US troops from Iraq. Then what happened? Within a couple of years … you gave us ISIS. Iraq turned into the breeding ground for tens of thousands of ISIS soldiers.

Today, the Iraqi parliament is voting to remove US forces … but where was this “parliament” when ISIS was chopping off your heads and raping your women? ISIS had occupied several cities in Iraq. What was your parliament doing at that time? You didn’t have the funds … nor the weapons … nor the strength to fight against ISIS. America had to send US troops back into Iraq to fight ISIS … to keep your people safe from a vicious terrorist organization that grew in your country.

Yes, America is at fault for destroying your country … but as per your request … we left and you couldn’t manage it. There were terrorists ruling over your cities. America spent hundreds of billions to fix this problem for you. We risked our lives, sent all of our military and technology … and spent hundreds of billions to save your country.

There is no way you can pay for the lives lost in saving your country. But how many billions has this “parliament” of yours paid back to America? Your owe us by the hundreds of billions Mr. First be ready to clear your bill and then have the face to ask America to leave.

Wants to be China’s bitch
And secondly, if America leaves then no country in the world will buy oil from you. Right now, most of the oil from Iraq is going to China. We did not get rid of Saddam Hussein and save you from ISIS so that you can get rid of American forces and be China’s bitch in the world. This is not America’s purpose of freeing you from Saddam and ISIS. Today, we are just turning a blind eye to whom the oil is going to from Iraq … so don’t push it. We will move our focus to Iraq soon. Iraq is an American ally and it will remain that way.

Iran should be careful
Iran should be very careful in its international relations … especially in dealing with America. You are standing there and calling for an end to the US presence in the Middle East … but if Trump turns the tables then he can bring an end to the Mullah Regime in Iran. What you should know is that … there are several groups in America that know everything about the Iranian government.

Today, the sanctions are on Iran only because of the Nuclear Program. If Trump moves his attention to all of the atrocities of the Iranian Government against its own people … then he can make things very difficult for your government. Today the Democrats in America, Europe and Russia try to cooperate with Iran … only to protect the country from a war. But if they know all of the atrocities that your government carries out against its own people … and if America and Europe start moving the focus from the Nuclear Program … to the atrocities of your government … then hardly any country in the world will do business with you.

Your only options will be to change the entire functioning of the Iranian government or end the Mullah Regime all together. Everybody knows all of the shit that you do in Iran. Be very careful in how you deal with America … everything can turn against you.