08 Jan 2020
Trump shouldn’t start a war over missiles fired in the desert
in America

Missiles fired
The first thing that you need to evaluate is … were American lives lost with these missiles? If American lives were not lost then these missiles were nothing but missiles fired in the desert.

  • They did not lead to any Americans being hurt
  • Nor were they fired on American soil

But since they were directed at American troops … then you have every right to respond with sanctions. Responding with sanctions is much better than responding with war.

All blame will be on Trump
The more you escalate this friction … you should understand that all blame will be put on Trump. Don’t fall for the misleading articles that they run in the media to support war and conflict. Look what happened to Bush … he was used in the war and everything was blamed on him … and he ended up being the most hated President of all time. Don’t fall for the short term encouragement that you get … later on, they themselves will hate you, ridicule you and stomp on you.

As of now, you are clean. The anti-Trump propaganda is bogus … it has no substance to it. In fact, today you are the strongest candidate that is fit to lead America. Democrats are trying their best to take the lead but they are coming up with only nonsense policies. But if you go for this war then you will create a fantastic platform for the Democrats.

Creating a platform for the Democrats
You are an impeached President going for war … when there was no provocation from the other side.

  • You attacked Iranians bases … putting a loss of lives and property on their side.
  • They responded with protests against the US Embassy … but no Americans were hurt. The casualties from their side is still zero.
  • You responded to that by killing their Commander … they responded by firing missiles in the desert.

If the casualties from their side is zero … and no American was hurt … then you are waging an unjust war against Iran.

  • You instigated them
  • You attacked them
  • You started killing them
  • And you started bombing their cities after you got impeached

This will create a very strong platform for the Democrats to remove you from office and win 2020. Not only that … these are the issues that you will face with a conflict with Iran. 

Issues with a conflict with Iran
Right now, you already got one impeachment … there are already plans for a “double impeachment” for you.

  • Double Impeachment. A messy war for no reason will justify a double impeachment.
  • Financial Issues. Along with that, there are many issues related to your tax returns, Presidential profiteering and other financial crimes & malice. Many groups are looking for a reason to attack you on financial issues. By starting to bomb cities and killing innocent people … you will be giving them the reason that they want.

As of now … you are super clean … you are on a track to be a great President. Your competitors are struggling and scrambling to match up to your image, reputation and leadership. They are coming up with nonsense policies while you are keeping America safe, great and peaceful. Stick to the track of peace, stability and diplomacy.

If there were no American lives lost … then simply respond with more sanctions, as the missiles were targeted at US troops. Don’t escalate anything anymore. This is best for America and the Trump Presidency.