05 Jan 2020
2020 is going to be decisive between Trump and Warren
in America

This is what President Trump needs to know. 2020 is a very important year for your Presidency and leadership. It will define your Presidency, what type of President you are and how you will be remembered. And this is how a conflict with Iran will affect this decision.

  • War or revenge rhetoric. Don’t pay attention to the rhetoric of Iranian leaders. Their threats of attacks and revenge are mostly “image management” tactics to manage their people … and to show their people that they are the superheroes. Chanting “death to America and death to Israel” is something that happens in most political meetings including Friday prayers. Every single week in Iran … on Fridays, they chant death to America. This is the “theme” of the government.
  • The Establishment – War Designers. The main problem creators are not the Iranian leaders but it is the Establishment … these guys are war designers. They pick all of these local statements made in local places to manage the people … and rile up America against Iran. “Hey, Iranian leaders are vowing for revenge and attacks on America & Israel. They will attack so many sites and bla bla bla.” All of these are Establishment games.

They misled you and pushed you to carry out the attack on Iranian targets as a way to remove the focus on the impeachment. Now, they are pushing the Iranian side for revenge … they are saying we can attack so many sites … hearing that … you are saying that … we can attack so many sites. All of this is bullshit and this is what they have been wanting since Obama’s first year itself. They have been begging for a war with Iran since a decade now.

Netanyahu has been going to the UN Assembly almost every year since the past 10 years … telling the world that Iran is the biggest threat to the world. It has been 10 years of repeated fear and warmongering from Netanyahu and Iran has not done anything to anybody. It was all bogus fear mongering.

Bigger Backend Issues
These are the bigger backend issues for your Presidency that you have to keep an eye on in 2020.

  • Senate Trial Pending. You already got the impeachment from the House and the Senate Trial is pending. The impeachment is not dismissed yet. We have already alerted you before … to be aware of any major scandal or leaks during the Senate Trial … there should be nothing bombastic during the Senate Trial. And you yourself are attacking Iran before the Senate Trial … why? You are creating stability issues in the world that will directly affect the support for your leadership.
  • 2020 is going to be decisive. Hopefully, you will win in the Senate … then the bigger issue is … 2020 is going to be decisive between Trump and Warren. Warren has already been alerted for all the issues in her campaign … she is already working on staying away from those issues and she is creating transition plans for some. Some groups out there want to see Warren take America forward since you could not make the move. The moment she starts working with us then everything will change for her … her support, publicity, media coverage, campaign finance and polls … she will get a huge boost in everything. This is a small issue for you because …
  • Exit Strategies for Trump will be activated. Once Warren works with us … not only she will get a huge boost but several exit strategies will be activated for Trump. Right now, you are doing great … Warren has big shoes to wear. You have managed Establishment malice again and again … kept America safe again and again … created records in jobs and economy. Right now, the only exit strategy that SM Networks have for you is “inaction”. Via this strategy … they can give you only a decent exit … this is nothing criminal, nothing illegal and they can’t condemn you for it … they can only change the President.

But this changes if you go for wars, conflicts and friction … they get to pile up more reasons for your exit. When innocent people start getting killed … we have no idea what they will do. Hillary’s Benghazi was not about a few Americans dying in Libya … it was because of the civil war that she created in Syria and the worldwide refugee crisis that was created from it. It was because of this unnecessary civil war that Hillary created … she was put in a chair and grilled again and again on live television. After doing that, they kicked her out of politics for good. That’s the exit she got.

I don’t think that they will put you in a chair and grill you … but they are looking for financial issues. So, when it is about Iran or war & conflict with any country this year … it is not about just a war against that country … whether America can win a war against another country or not … that is not the criteria here. It is an active evaluation of the exit that Trump has to be given. That’s why we have been telling you since one year already … “stay away from wars and do good things”.

Don’t need an exit
But what I say is … you don’t even need an exit from the White House at all … not via impeachment and not via 2020 elections. You are already doing 10 times better than most of the junk that exists in the Congress. You are managing the entire Establishment issue fantastically … you are protecting America and maintaining skyrocketing jobs and economy. This is the biggest criteria for selecting Presidents … “who can manage Establishment malice and move ahead to do good things for the country”. You have succeeded several times already. There is no reason for you to take an exit … just lead and be a phenomenal leader.

Exit strategies are mutual
By the way, these exit strategies are mutual. It applies to both candidates. As of now, Warren is already under “hold-off tactics”. They have already initiated tactics to hold off Warren’s Presidency because of the issues in her policies. She is not the main leader in polls … and the lead has been distributed among 4 different candidates. This is done for the good of the country and what is suitable for the candidate.

We don’t need exit strategies for Warren because she is not President … the only thing we need for her is … to hold off her entry into the White House with bad policies. That’s exactly what is being done. The exit strategies for Trump will be based upon his activities as President. That’s why I say ... maintain a clean record … if you are maintaining a clean record then … forget about an exit … you always have a good shot at re-election.

What to do?
Now, how to manage this friction with Iran?

  • Firstly, don’t respond to everything that they say locally in their own cities to their own people. They have to manage their people and the local politics in their own way. Respond to them in an official manner only if something is sent to you officially via a letter or via an official notice.
  • Don’t get carried away with the Establishment media. The Establishment media sometimes functions as a tool for the Establishment. They love wars & conflicts and they will use the media to facilitate and encourage the same.
  • Move into diplomatic mode … get Russia involved. Russia will be glad to provide world leadership to calm things down. Try to get Iran on a diplomatic track via Russia.
  • And even if something happens … be very precise and equal in response … don’t overdo anything which might lead to a full-fledged conflict.

I don’t think that Iran wants war either. No country will go to a war with America for just one of their commanders. It doesn’t make sense. It is only the Establishment that is overhyping the situation and pushing for conflict.

Warren is on the safe side
In 2020, you are in competition with Warren. She might not have the right policies with her yet … but still she is on the safe side.

  • No one is trying to impeach her
  • She has no financial issues
  • She doesn’t have to worry about leaks
  • She is not involved in any wars or conflicts

You are the one who is being tested here … because you are the President. You are the one who is supposed to play better and smarter. Don’t go for friction and conflicts … try to manage the situation with tact and diplomacy.