04 Jan 2020
Warren’s fading chances of leadership
in America

Warren is sticking to punch lines, bookish tactics of pulling votes and showing that she is nice. She is taking a chance at leadership with these tactics … but she does not know that her chances of leadership are fading away with passing time. We leave nothing to “chance”, dear lady. We calculate everything from a dozen different angles and then we move forward with what is best for the country. This is your current track right now.

Warren’s fading chances with passing time
The most important thing that you were supposed to do was … “connect with us and learn what to do”. You failed and the more you delay in doing that … this is how your chances of leadership start fading away.

  • President. As of now, there is still scope of you being President. Voting will begin next month … but you still have time to campaign on new policies and change the game in your favor. But let’s assume that you delay on launching any new policies … then …
  • Biden’s VP. You should understand that Biden is being maintained in a very strong lead. There are 3 major reasons for that.
    • Logical. Firstly, he is the most logical person that the Democrats have, who is not an Establishment puppet.
    • Lose to Trump. But he is brittle and he cannot manage the Establishment malice in the country. Trump is managing that perfectly well and not only that … Trump has moved ahead with some good policies that Biden cannot match. Thus, if Biden is the nominee … then he will lose to Trump … so that Trump can take America forward. He is in the lead to push back Establishment puppets like Bernie and Buttigieg … and then he will lose to Trump.
    • Help Warren. His third major role is … if in the late phases you work with us … then you can be his Vice President. You can defeat Trump via the Biden-Warren ticket and lead the country. And may be in 2024, you will have a chance to lead the country as President for another two terms.
  • President 2024. Let’s say … you don’t even connect with us even in the later stage of this Presidential campaign … then you can plan for 2024. In 2020, you will lose your chances of being President or even Vice President based upon your delay. Doesn’t matter who you team up with … if you are not working with us then you will lose to Trump.

Why is this so?
Do you know the main reason why many SM Groups want to remove Trump from the White House? It is because of the same reason … because he is not yet working with us directly. America is stuck in a debt crisis and he is busy minting cash for himself. But Pro-Trump groups say … “what’s the point in bringing Warren in the White House … when even she doesn’t care and when even she is not working with the main person in the game? Why are we even channelizing tens of millions in funding to her campaign when she doesn’t care?” Trump is working with us indirectly since the past 3 years … he has changed and learnt so many things that you guys have no idea about.

Trump and Warren in the Surgery Room
The President is supposed to be the “right hand” of our work. It is something like hiring someone in the surgery room … the patient is dying on the table … and Trump doesn’t care … he is busy in seeing how he can benefit himself instead. This is why they want Trump out of the White House … and this is why they brought Warren in the game. This is why you are being given tens of millions in campaign finance, media publicity and a massive support base.

But the policies that Warren came up with are like … “let us first put kerosene on the patient and set it on fire … and then we will try to cure the patient”. This is what your policies do.

  • $30 Trillion in Medicare for All
  • $100 Trillion for the Green New Deal
  • Tens of thousands of more American deaths via legalizing Marijuana
  • More promotion and support for LGBTQ … you care and tweet about one transgender being killed … what about the 60,000 Americans dying every year due to drugs?

Via your policies … you are literally destroying the country in financial catastrophes, death and decadence. And you are also saying … “yes, let’s save America … Trump doesn’t have courage … I have courage”. You are literally putting kerosene on the patient … setting him on fire and then saying … “let’s do some good work … let’s fight corruption … let’s save the people”.

Will any Doctor allow you to set the patient on fire and then work with you to treat the patient? You will save the country from corruption after unleashing financial catastrophes in the country? This is the main reason … we told SM Networks to just maintain you in the 3rd or 4th position in the Presidential race where you will be harmless to America and you will get some National level publicity. The publicity will help you in the future.

Logical Evaluation
Don’t feel bad … this is a simple logical evaluation that we do for Presidents. The fact that we talk about Trump and Warren automatically brings you in the top games. The candidates that we don’t talk about … they are not even given the support to rise to the top. Don’t feel bad on Bernie’s or Buttigieg’s lead over you in polls or campaign finance. This is being done to help you.

They are just distributing Biden’s lead to other candidates so that … too much focus is not there only on one candidate. They will help you move ahead of them … once you start working with us and when you launch the right policies. But everything has a time factor associated with it when leadership is concerned. The Presidency doesn’t wait for anyone … there is always an active competitive evaluation … and as of now … you are losing miserably to Trump. He is coming off as a far better candidate to lead and manage America than you.

Trump might be benefiting himself is some way but at the same time … he is not trying to burn down America in any way. In fact, he has repeatedly saved America from being burnt down again and again. You are facing very good competition … and you have no idea of the support given to him and how far ahead he is. And if you can’t learn that soon … then time waits for no one.

Don’t come to me after your ship sinks
There are several factors involved in the making of a President … time, reaching out to people so that they know what you are going to do for them … there has to be sufficient marketing and awareness, doesn’t matter how good the policies are. Don’t come to me after your ship sinks and tell me to make you President when there is no time to make it happen.

Don’t blame us
Don’t blame us for your loss. We put tens of millions in your campaign, gave you a lot of media publicity and created a support base for you. You came up with complete nonsense policies, that too with an “I don’t give a shit attitude”. You delayed … you refused to learn … you did not change … you did not show yourself as capable to lead America in the current times. We did everything from our side to bring you in the top games. Your loss will be solely because of you.