31 Dec 2019
Making it short and sweet for Warren
in America

Let’s try to make things short and sweet for Warren. If we show you things right from scratch … then it will be a terribly lengthy learning curve and you won’t make it in time … that is, if you want to be President in 2020. You don’t have the time to learn everything right now. If you start thinking and working from a third world authoritarian system … we do not have the time to show you everything in real time. Trump already made that mistake … it will be easier, if you learn from the Trump Presidency.

Playing Chess
Sometimes a few misleading Establishment elements will say … “hey, you are sitting there and playing Chess … we are not your pawns!” They are right … this is not Chess … this is more complicated than Chess. In Chess … there are two players and one board … but the Establishment Monopoly is half a dozen players with layers of half a dozen boards below each other … all interconnected with each other.

If you play the normal Chess … then you try to predict the next move of your opponent … maybe predict the next two moves or next 6 moves. But if you have 5 opposition players … and behind them … there are 6 more opposition players in 5 different other layers who will make their own moves. How will you predict the moves of 35 other people in the same game? How will you win against 35 players when you stand alone against them?

Let me give you an example to help you understand.

The Layers in the War on Terror

  • Event. One guy would carry out a terror event.
  • Intelligence. The intelligence officials would say that Saddam has WMD.
  • Media. The media would start warmongering and start putting fear among the people.
  • Politicians. The politicians would start calling for action and war.
  • Finance. These politicians would channelize trillions of taxpayer money into these wars.
  • Bankers and Corporations. The bankers and corporations would make a killing out of the entire propaganda.

These are 6 layers of different activities … being carried out in the real world. And in each layer … just one guy is not there … there are hundreds and thousands of them. Hundreds and thousands of terrorists … thousands of intel guys … thousands of media outlets … and hundreds of politicians. Can you play this game and win against these entire “layers of networks”?

Dear Lady … you have already lost the game even before you entered the game. The Climate Change propaganda is exactly the same as the War on Terror propaganda.

  • Weather change events are being used.
  • Intel reports are being created.
  • The media is fear mongering already.
  • Politicians are being activated.
  • And you yourself are committing trillions to this scam.
  • You don’t know that the benefits of this will go to the bankers and corporations.

You might be eager to play this game and fight against the corporations … but you have already lost the game even before you started it. Its okay don’t worry about it.

Yes, one man can win against 35 players
This is a game when almost all key elements lost in the beginning and then they were brought onto the right track.

  • Silent Majority Networks. This massive network … they themselves started playing this game … and all of them made their own blunders. They thought that I am Indian … they have worker unions in India … therefore we should create worker unions. They went about creating revolutions and overthrowing governments in the Arab world. But even after overthrowing the government … they did not get any change. They had no idea of what to do next or what was going on.
  • Obama. He himself was misled into starting new wars. It was in his second term that he changed the tide.
  • Trump. Trump also entered the system with his own issues. It took a long time for him to understand what was going on.
  • Warren. And now it is your turn … you are coming up with your own issues.

Just like you fell for the Climate Change propaganda … in the same manner, you can very easily be misled into any disastrous agenda. If you don’t know what is going on and what you have to face … you will get rattled, scared and may end up giving in to the Establishment. You already gave in to so many of their misleading propaganda … that includes:

  • Climate Change – The Green New Deal
  • Healthcare – Medicare for All
  • Drugs – Legalize Marijuana
  • Kill American businesses – Increase minimum wage
  • Promote Decadence – LGBTQ

You are not even President and you already gave in to so many Establishment’s misleading propaganda that is only going to be disastrous for the country and the people. And if you look at Trump … then he is not making all of these mistakes. What will you do “after” we make you President? How will you manage them … how will you understand their misleading? Especially when you are carry an “I don’t give a shit attitude”.

It is possible to win … when you understand the game … when you play the game correctly. Yes, one man can win against 35 players … because we activate millions of players against these 35 puppet players.

There are half a dozen layers when the War on Terror was concerned at the domestic level … but when you start considering the international and personal levels used in the same scheme … then the number of layers become more than a dozen. We are supporting and bringing outsiders in the White House mainly to:

  • Fight and dismantle this malicious Establishment
  • And to take America into a new era

We literally identify the right candidate to lead America in this crisis:

  • So that he will not break
  • So that he is courageous
  • So that he will move forward
  • So that he will do what is right
  • So that he will understand and make the right tactical moves
  • So that he will not get scared of the Establishment coming at him from a dozen different directions

It is easy to say … yes, yes, yes to all of this and to show and talk courage. But in real time, you have already lost about half a dozen times. You already fell for their misleading and when we pointed it out … you didn’t give a shit. Maybe, learning from Trump will make it very easy for you.

Trump’s First Year – Great Expectations
Trump’s first year was all about great expectations. It was a massive victory for all SM Networks to defeat the Establishment puppet Hillary Clinton and put Trump in the White House. They expected phenomenal reforms under Trump and the dawn of a new era for America.

But unfortunately, we did not train Trump before putting him in the White House. And when he saw the Establishment wolves attacking him from a dozen different directions … he broke and he started doing a long list of favors for them … so that the lawsuits go away and he doesn’t have to go to jail. Instead of working with us … he called us “fake news” … just to push us away and show allegiance to the Establishment instead.

During Trump’s first year … there were only two main teams at the ground level … the Establishment and SM Networks. Seeing Trump’s betrayal and allegiance to the Establishment … a huge section of SM Groups moved away from him … some of them became acute anti-Trumpers. Some of them were moderate … they thought “if Trump thinks that … we are fake news and that the Establishment problem is not real … then let us create additional simulations for him … so that he understands that the problem is real.” They multiplied the aggression against Trump to show him that the problem is real.

One year goes by … Trump takes no lead and all hopes are bust. SM Groups say … “time is up … we need to get rid of him”.

Trump’s Second Year – Jail for Trump
Trump entered his second year with not one but two opposition forces … the Establishment and SM Anti-Trump Groups. This year the plan was to put Trump in jail. The Anti-Trumpers hated the Establishment … and they hated Trump’s favors for the Establishment, blowing up of trillions of taxpayer money and his self-benefit from every route possible while America was burning in debt.

Because of Trump’s America First agenda, he got a Pro-Trump group on his side, thankfully. They liked his moves of tariffs and American Energy. Pro-Trump groups informed us that the plan is to get rid of Trump via Mueller and pressed us to intervene. The major reason why this was happening to Trump was because he was not leading the country … in order to solve his crisis … we would push him to lead and also reason with other SM Groups that impeaching Trump and putting Mike Pence in the White House for so many year can be a disaster.

We told SM Groups that we cannot just sit there hating and demonizing Trump for 4 years … but instead, I will show Trump how to lead in peace and stability efforts around the world. He will end wars and bring stability in the world … there is no Establishment elements involved in international arenas … it is easy for him to win. They said … “good idea … give it a shot”.

Trump’s Third Year – Peace, stability, jobs and economy
We gave a simple formula to Trump … “stay away from wars … work on peaceful and diplomatic channels … and we will save you from lawsuits and jail”. Trump follows us on North Korea, Syria, Turkey, Kurds, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and also maintains good relations with Russia. During Trump’s third year there was a lot of stability and peace … which led to job and economic growth.

But Trump was lacking in action against the Establishment … he maintained himself in a self-imposed cycle of ridicule. Nobody wanted another term of this … not bombing another country is not rocket science … anyone can do it. The main job is to fight Establishment malice and do something for the people … this is where Trump is lagging.

Choosing Warren
This is why you were chosen, by the way … we literally handpicked you for the job. Because we knew that you would make the right decision between right and wrong. Trump lacks action in favor of his people. When you launched your Presidential campaign … anti-Trump groups became Pro-Warren groups. You immediately got massive SM Support only because of Trump’s inaction.

The program of Pro-Warren groups was to terminate the Trump Presidency in this year itself. The Establishment hatched up a scheme and they allowed it to move forward. We knew in the beginning of the year itself that … they are planning to terminate his Presidency this year. We warned him about it as well.

Warren saves Trump
And guess who saved Trump from impeachment … yes, my dear … it was you … you saved Trump from complete impeachment. The plan was to remove Trump to make the way for Warren. You came up with such total nonsense policies that Pro-Trumpers were literally begging me to save Trump from impeachment and save America from your policies.

So, we had to intervene again to save Trump from his “second major impeachment scandal”. The first one was Mueller … the Ukraine Scandal is the second one. We had to show all of the good things that Trump has done in order to save him. And he has in fact, spent a good year doing good work. We repeatedly told him … “stay away from wars and do good work … it will help us to use them as protective shields for you.” And it is working. These protective shields will help him now. Hopefully, Trump will be saved in the Senate.

Trump’s Fourth Year – Undecided
What is going to happen to Trump in his fourth year is not yet decided. Because from being an Establishment supporter … Trump came out to be a humble person who works with a lot of logic and understanding. He pays attention when there is a concern … he doesn’t carry an “I don’t give a shit attitude” … and he repeatedly did what is good for the people.

Pro-Warren groups say that … “this guy is a thief in the White House who steals from a burning building … doesn’t do shit for his people … we cannot put up with this for one more term.” They are planning a bombastic year with a lot of financial scandals for Trump.

Targeting Double Impeachment
They are targeting double impeachment for him. He already got impeached for the Ukraine Scandal. He will win it in the Senate and then the plan is to start unleashing bombshells about his finances … “tax returns, financial crimes, self-benefiting, foreign payments to his companies abroad and on and on and on”. They want to make Trump the only President who got impeached “two times” and then remove him from office.

Why such an exit? They say “because, he is allowing America to burn in a debt crisis and doesn’t care at all. So let’s burn down his Presidency … if he doesn’t care, then why should we care? He doesn’t care how 330 million American feel and burn in debt … why should we care of how one person feels … why should we allow him to rip us off?”

Pro-Trumpers are not of this opinion. They like Trump. And thanks to your nonsense policies where you have already failed half a dozen times … and that Trump has not failed on those issues … you just made him the best candidate to lead America. You put him at the top of the list.

Pro-Trumpers want another intervention from us … to save Trump … to offer him something easy that he can do at the Domestic level … just like he is doing at the international level … so that he can be saved from these Pro-Warren groups. If Trump starts any key policies at the domestic level then we can nullify the Pro-Warren group’s arguments to remove Trump.

Winning in 2020
So, if you want a short and easy way to win in 2020 … then just look at what is happening with the Trump Presidency. Everything is mentioned online on this website from year to year. These are Trump’s major issues:

  • Spending Trillions on the Establishment
  • Minting money for himself at every channel possible
  • Not taking any action on Establishment malice or systems

I don’t think that you are running for President to mint money for yourself … so, one point is ruled out. Trump is spending $1 Trillion on defense … even that pisses off everyone … you can’t come up with hundreds of trillions in new spending. You need to drop all of those policies that require trillions in new spending. And then understand where Trump is stuck.

We already spent years in making Trump understand the Establishment and SM networks … and what happens at so many places. There is no time for you to learn all of this as President because:

  • There is no disaster under Trump … no war or economic disasters.
  • And when you enter the White House with trillions in new spending … then the economy will crash under your Presidency … you will not have the time to learn as Trump had. So, technically … you are the problem and not Trump.

Trump never came up with multi-trillion dollar disasters at hand to become President. He just talked about a border wall and deporting immigrants … none of them created a multi-trillion dollar disaster. So … as of now … don’t think that you are better than Trump … Trump is actually far ahead in the game. And you have a lot of catching up to do. From being the problem … you have to become the candidate that can take things forward. If you can be flexible and learn quickly … and change quickly … then paths of victory open for you.

Happy New Year!