28 Dec 2019
Blaming Pelosi for impeachment is Establishment Malice
in America

Deviation Tactic
The entire impeachment scheme was designed by the Establishment … using their puppets at all key places. Now, they are using their media to run a propaganda against Nancy Pelosi … blaming her for everything. The Establishment media is only being used to run a deviation tactic that will help the Establishment.

The Tactic Design
Some background information on Nancy Pelosi will help you understand their tactic.

  • Protected you. Pelosi was the one who shielded you against impeachment several times saying that it will divide the country. It was this Ukraine scandal that was widely publicized in the media … with a combination of AOC rallying for Trump’s impeachment that made Pelosi agree to the impeachment.
  • Establishment Independent. Pelosi is a Senior Democrat that is Establishment independent and also a close contact of the Obamas. It is because of the Obama connection that she was made Speaker … because we needed someone to rally for our cause and get votes when we present new laws and systems in the Congress.
  • Network based. She is not one person but she is network based … she has the entire Obama Coalition that works with her.
  • Catholic. The entire impeachment show was run via Jewish puppets by the Jewish Establishment. But Nancy Pelosi is a Catholic … (who does not hate anyone … lol).
  • Totally Clean. In this entire impeachment episode … she is totally clean having committed no crime whatsoever.

Now when you attack Nancy Pelosi … who is clean, Establishment independent, a Catholic who had nothing to do with this scheme and someone who protected you several times from impeachment calls … then the entire Democrat Party comes to her rescue. You are directly pitching yourself against the entire Democrat Party. This is the Establishment “socializing” the blame of the malice carried out by a few.

Establishment benefits from this tactic

  • Focus Removed. They get remove the focus from them … the moment you start attacking Pelosi. The attention is removed from all of the malicious elements used in this tactic.
  • Pitch you against half of the country. Democrats form half of the government and half of the country. You get pitched against half of your country … having to fight against millions of points rather than focus on the key culprits.
  • No crime can be shown. All of your efforts will go in vain as no crime can be shown and it will be seen only as partisan bickering.

Effect on Trump Leadership
In the long run, these will be the effects on Trump Leadership in the country.

  • Bitter relations. When you think that the Senior Democrats did this to you and keep fighting against them … it will only create bitter relations.
  • Hate and Revenge. Bitter relations will only result in hate and revenge against each other. You will be continuously using hateful words against each other … and words will turn into actions and policies.
  • A Divided Country. The country will be divided with no one working uniformly for the people.
  • Establishment Secured. By pitching us against each other, the Establishment secures itself in this hate and conflict propaganda.

These guys are war designers … designing and benefiting from conflicts, hate and friction is their specialty. They have been doing this since more than a 100 years. It was Communism in the East … since 2 decades, it was the War on Terror … now it is Domestic politics in America.

Disadvantage at a Personal Level
Now, these are the more pressing issues for you in the coming weeks and months ahead … and how this tactic will work against you.

  • Presidential Profiteering. The impeachment was just step one … the next steps down this road is Presidential Profiteering … criminal indictments … bankruptcy and even jail. This is the track that the Establishment has designed and they already got the support for impeachment from Pro-Warren SM Groups.
  • Hate & Bitterness. If you go deeper in this hate and bitterness against each other … Trump will be the one on the losing side. Because only a Democrat President can save you from criminal indictments.
  • Hate against Pelosi. Now, here is where you need to understand why they are targeting Pelosi. She is the Speaker of the House … a very close confidant of Obama … very close to Warren … and if Warren becomes President … then everything that you say and do against Pelosi will come on the table. The more bitter and vicious you will be to Pelosi … lesser will be the chances of your pardon.

The Establishment is already working on the next level of attacks against Trump … they are already laying the platform for Presidential Profiteering issues. And when you enter that phase … it is going to be a Democrat President in the White House. You have to keep in mind that only the Democrat President can pardon you. By putting the blame on Nancy Pelosi …

  • The Establishment is very nicely removing the focus from their malice
  • Securing themselves by dividing us and
  • Making sure that Trump gets destroyed in the next steps

The Right Strategy
That’s why we told you … keep your focus mainly on the key criminals in this scheme. If you focus on hammering Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler … then you can:

  • Hammer the main culprits behind the impeachment scam
  • Show their illegal and criminal activities
  • Hammer the Democrats for following their malice and illegal activities
  • Keep the majority of the Dems on your side and also the country on your side

I am not trying to take their side … you can hammer the Dems … no problem about that … but keep it within party politics. They ran party politics against you … you can run party politics against them. But don’t do anything personal against any Senior Democrat … that is Establishment independent … especially Nancy Pelosi.

Don’t fall of the media’s misleading. You have to team up with Dems under all circumstances.

  • Even if you win the re-election … you need their votes.
  • Even if you get indicted … you need their pardon.

Don’t be too upset or bitter
Try not to be too upset or bitter regarding the impeachment. There may be more trouble coming ahead. Till date you have not lost anything.

  • You are still President … no one has removed you from the White House.
  • You will get the win in the Senate … the impeachment will not remove you from office.
  • You still have your businesses in tact
  • And you have no criminal charges against you … no one is putting you in jail

The only thing that you have is a little bit of bad media coverage … which is nothing new for you. You have no major loss as of now. Keep your eyes on the next steps and the phases coming ahead.

You have been a great fighter … one of the most resilient ones to enter the White House. All of us wish that you had used your fighting skills to fight for the people … that would be a Trump that everyone would love. Try to fight for your people and country … we know you can do great.