27 Dec 2019
American Presidency, as easy as Monkey See, Monkey Do
in America

This is what you need to understand … today, is not like it was in your first year of Presidency. Today, the Establishment has been crushed at almost every front possible. It will be very rare that a “team based” malice will come from the Establishment’s side. They only use single puppets at some places to run malice against you. Team work based malice is carried out along with Pro-Warren SM Group support.

Yes, Pro-Warren groups are supporting Establishment malice against you. Even during this impeachment … we were alerted that … “the Establishment is designing an impeachment and it is supported by Pro-Warren Groups … please help Trump”. You know the old story of the Establishment and why they design malice against you … they hate you and they have been wanting to end your Presidency since day one. They are routine backstabbers and there is nothing new about them. But it will help you if you understand the concerns of Pro-Warren Groups … since each segment are massive networks who are American citizens living in your own country. If you understand them, then it will help you make better decisions and lead the country with more stability.

Pro-Warren Group Concerns
These are their major concerns and why they supported your impeachment.

  • Stagnation under Trump. They say … “What is Trump doing? Why is he in the White House? Why should we protect him? What reform is he making? In education? In infrastructure? In media? In industries? He makes no major reforms … just brags about himself … treats the Presidency like a trillion dollar lottery … keeps blowing up money and only looks for ways of making money for himself. The country is burning in debt and he doesn’t do shit. He deserves to be fired.” We warned you about this in your second year itself … that there are groups that see you as “a thief in a burning building”. They were pretty keen on firing you during the Mueller Investigation itself … but we said that … so many years under Mike Pence will be a disaster … Trump should be protected. Again we warned you in the beginning of your third year that … “knockout games have begun … they will impeach you this year” … but you didn’t really care.
  • Can manage Mike Pence. Now, what the Pro-Warren Groups say is … “all we need to do is manage the wars under Mike Pence. We could stop the wars under Trump … and we can stop the wars under Mike Pence as well. Why do we need Trump in the White House at all? He just sits there bragging and following what you write. Even Mike Pence can do that. You have made many things as easy as “monkey see, monkey do”. Most of the places that he is getting successes … is because of you. Why should we put up with Trump?” They are seeing you as dispensable. That’s why … if any Establishment element hatches up any malice against you … they are in full agreement and cooperate in getting rid of you. Pro-Trump groups cannot do anything about it … they just complain to us about it.
  • Repeated cycles of humiliation. You are stuck in repeated cycles of self-imposed humiliation. No one asked you to remain stuck in these cycles of abuse and ridicule. You yourself chose to take this abuse and ridicule. And nobody likes it … its embarrassing for everybody.
  • Warren can take the country forward. They love Warren and they think that Warren can take the country to the next level. They want Warren in the White House.

We were informed about all of this … we conveyed all of this information to you … again and again. But you are the one who chose to remain stuck in cycles of self-imposed humiliation and chose not to lead the country.

Why Trump was protected?
Despite your inaction on the key crisis that the country faces … we protected you from impeachment. A lot of support base has already been generated to defend you in the Senate. The victory is not guaranteed yet … but there are a lot of chances that you will be saved. We chose to activate this support base for you … mainly because of 2 reasons:

  • Good job this year. You did a good job this year. You followed us on almost everything that we said at more than a dozen places. You were humble and logical … did what is right … and prevented wars many times. Its very obvious that if there is some malice against you … we would obviously defend you.
  • Warren is not ready. The plan was not only the impeachment in the House … it was planned to fully remove you via the Senate as well. They did not want any more of President Trump at all. They wanted you back in Trump Tower within a few weeks. (I think you already sold the Trump Tower … so technically, it is not possible.) If we had allowed this impeachment to run its course … then there would be no more President Trump and we had to move Warren in the White House without any choice. And that would be a catastrophe because Warren is not ready.

Warren’s School Teacher Presidency
By the way, this is Warren’s current status … these are the inputs that we have about Warren from Pro-Trump Groups. Pro-Trump groups argue in favor of Trump saying this about Warren … she is a know-nothing nonsense candidate who doesn’t give a shit. Her entire Presidential campaign planning is like a bookish school teacher.

  • Bookish planning. She has zero practical knowledge … she is planning everything from the book … and she is picking all nonsense policies from Socialist books. She doesn’t know anything.
  • Trillion dollar handouts. To attract students to her class … she is giving away trillion dollar handouts. $3 Trillion for Climate Change research … $1 Trillion for cities affected by Climate Change … $30 Trillion for Medicare for All … $100 Trillion for the Green New Deal … millions of housing units and God knows what not. Every few months, the Congress is struggling to keep the Government from shutting down … we don’t have money to pay the bills … but in Warren’s world … it is raining by the trillions. She is busy boasting about money that does not exist.
  • Spanking students. And in this School Teacher’s Presidency … if you stand up and point out any issue in her policies … then you get spanked. She doesn’t like bad students who don’t agree to her. Lol.
  • Will Quit. And if there is too much opposition … then she will just quit from the class and resign.

This is a small overview of the Warren Presidency that is being presented by some Groups. Now, how is it justified to impeach Trump totally … when we have this on the other side? Trump might have his own issues … but the issues on the other side … are of drastic high levels.

Warren’s Good Points
But Warren also has some good points.

  • She is clean and courageous.
  • She closely works with Obamas giving her direct access to our project.
  • She loves to kick Establishment ass … we don’t need to worry if she will play her role or not.
  • She is seen as the candidate who will take America to the next level by her support groups.

This is the reason why Pro-Warren groups don’t want Trump in the White House anymore.

Options ahead for Trump
In the overall leadership of the country … based upon the ground level activity of major groups … I would suggest these two options for Trump.

Option One – One Term President
This is a safe option that is less hectic. If you don’t want to lead the country … if you are not interested in any major reforms … then wind up. Don’t quit … but just be a one term President. Things will work out for you in the Senate Option hopefully … and then let the Democrats handle the country’s issues. America is in a major crisis and you were specifically picked because you are not an Establishment puppet and because you love your country. You were expected to fight for your country. Your current leadership is disappointing and embarrassing for everyone when our key leader is stuck in cycles of self-imposed ridicule.

We told you this in the beginning of this year itself … impeachment will be step one … then comes Presidential Profiteering … criminal indictments … and then bankruptcy and even jail. You are not on a good track. Just plain impeachment is so embarrassing for you … what will happen when you get criminal indictments for financial issues and profiteering? Right now, you have no direct damage to your business or finances. You are still in the safe zone.

There are two major elements that can create issues for you on this track. The Establishment and Pro-Warren Groups … the Establishment not so much as they are mostly under control. But if Pro-Warren groups back their malice or make their own moves … then it can get problematic. Don’t tell me that this is harassment … we told you this in the beginning of the year itself. This has already been carried out on Netanyahu. The main Banker puppet is himself baffled as to how the hell did he get criminal charges in his own country. Even Netanyahu doesn’t know how SM Groups function.

So, if you are not planning to lead … then I would suggest a decent exit. Coordinate with the Democrats and plan the transition. These are your benefits in this option.

  • You get a clean exit.
  • Since you are already working with the Dems and helping Warren take over … then Pro-Warren groups will back off. Establishment malice can be crushed with a more united force.
  • You get to keep the cash whatever you have made till date.
  • You can help Warren to setup a base for her work under your Presidency’s last year.
  • And even if the Establishment blows the whistle on you … even then the Democrats will cooperate in pardoning you … as the next US President will be a Democrat President … most probably Warren … could be Biden, don’t know yet.

Option Two – Founding Father of a Modern America
If you are scared about breaking monopoly and don’t want to pick a fight with the Establishment … then you don’t have to. You can at least set up “new systems”. Setting up new systems does not require breaking monopolies. But these new systems will help in breaking monopoly in the future. You can lay the foundations for these new systems. Why do you want to exit like this? I don’t recommend Option One at all … you should choose Option Two.

You are the most experienced and learned person as of now in the leadership … why let everything go waste … especially when you can be remembered as the “Founding Father of a Modern America”? Options of greatness are there for you. I highly recommend this option.

Democrat Primaries
Are you seeing something interesting in the Democrat Primaries? There are 4 candidates in the lead … the lead is distributed among 4 candidates … why? This is the Pro-Warren Groups leaving the options open for Warren. If she leads then she can immediately shoot to the top. Managing the polls, the votes, the media and victories for Presidential elections is as easy as tic tac toe for SM Groups. There is a massive network activated at the ground level to help you get victories in every sphere. All we need is leaders who can make the right moves.

And for the current leadership … the most highly preferred candidates are … Trump and Warren. I would strongly suggest you to lead. Why do you want to quit and sit at home … watching a girl kick some ass? Try to be the man who laid the foundations for all victories to come. Everyone’s victories will be your victories hereon. Isn’t that better?