24 Dec 2019
Designing the Senate Trial A Criminal Investigation of Adam Schiff & Jerry Nadler
in America

President Trump needs a fantastic win in the Senate. You will not get a fantastic win as long as you are going to plainly defend yourself. Playing plain defense is expected and just cheesy. The Senate Trial should not be the trial of President Trump. You can immediately convert the Senate Trial into a criminal investigation of Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler. You have done nothing wrong … you have nothing to worry about. This is how you should design the Senate Trial. Pull in your legal team and work on this.

Before we get into that … let me give you some basics on Establishment strategies. If you understand the basics then you can come out swinging and winning. If you don’t understand their gimmicks … then you will throw a lot of punches but won’t make much difference in the end. But if you understand the strategy at play … then every punch you throw … will be a power punch that will make great change for you.

Establishment Tactics
It is a malicious and criminal organization that is self-centered and works for its own interests … but this is how they function:

  • Socialize the cause and activity
  • Personalize the benefits

There are many many schemes that they have designed based on these aspects. Some examples:

  • The War on Terror. The threat was shown for the American people … trillions of tax payer money was spent … politicians were used … the cause and activity was socialized. But the benefits went to weapon manufacturers, bankers and Israel … the benefits were personalized.
  • Climate Change. A new scheme on the move is … Climate Change. Again the threat is socialized … people are shown in danger … trillions in spending is shown but then the beneficiaries from these trillions of dollars will be a few.
  • The Impeachment. Yes, the impeachment was also designed based upon the same concept. The threat was shown for the Democrats where Biden was being attacked … the threat was socialized to all Democrats and Democrats were collectively used for an action that would favor the Establishment’s personal interests. The cause and activity was Socialized but the benefits were pretty personal.

What not to do?
If you see … we were losing the War on Terror … mainly because we were not understanding the Establishment involvement and the crime was being socialized across an entire religion and on several countries. As long as we were following the Establishment agenda and strategy … we remained lost and unsuccessful in solving the crisis.

But the moment, we snapped out of the Establishment propaganda and strategy … and when we identified the exact criminals and their exact activities … then we were successful in rooting out the War on Terror. Why this relates to you right now is … right now you are pissed off at Dems. You think that all Democrats are bad … you hate Dems. But this is exactly what they want you to do and how they want you to be.

You should understand that Democrats are the “platform” used in this and not your enemy. The Democrats form half of your government and they form half of your country. Hating half of your country and thinking that half of your country is your enemy … will not give you the solution. You can throw as many punches as you want … but it will not give you the right solution. It is the same as thinking that terrorism was being created by Islam, Afghanistan and Iraq. Fighting against Islam or against Afghanistan never gave any result but only created more and more casualties.

Go for the exact criminals and their crimes
A better way to win is by going for the exact criminals and the exact crimes that they have committed. As long as you are going to fight against the entire Democrat party … it will not yield in anything positive. But the moment you start magnifying into the exact criminals behind this … then you start winning. It will get you not just one victory but it will get you several victories.

Target Outcomes
These are the victories that you will get and these should be the target outcomes of the Senate Trial.

  • Complete vindication for Trump
  • Lawsuits against Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler
  • Tens of millions of charges against them
  • Criminal Indictments against them
  • Removal from political office for both of them
  • And also possible jail time

You can get these victories when you make the right moves and play the right strategy.

Layers of criminal activities in the impeachment trial
There have been “layers” of criminal activities in this impeachment trial already. And all of these crimes lie on the Democrat side … mainly involving Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler. These are your key criminals who have architected, pushed and promoted this scam.

Layer One – Design of the crime – Adam Schiff
We have already mentioned more than 2 dozen charges that can be filed against Adam Schiff here: http://active-democracy.com/tips/america/1815-exploring-charges-adam-schiff.html

Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was involved in the design of these criminal activities. The moment the President released the call transcripts … his job was to shut down the whole thing. Because the whistleblower lied … there was no quid pro quo … there was no crime … no one was hurt … nothing bad had happened to anyone whatsoever. It was Adam Schiff’s job to shut down the whole thing … right there and then.

But instead of following the given facts … he collaborated with the whistleblower and hatched up more and more false evidence and testimonies against the President. All of these activities are criminal in nature. Based upon these false evidence, a misleading whistleblower and false testimonies … impeachment was recommended.

Layer Two – Aiding and abetting the crime – Jerry Nadler
This hatched up and manufactured false information was forwarded to Jerry Nadler, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. If Adam Schiff made a mistake and if he was involved in criminal activities against the President … it was the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee’s job to come clean and say that … there is nothing wrong … no crime has been committed … we need to shut this down. But instead of doing that … what Jerry Nadler does is … he conspires with Adam Schiff in his crime … he moves forward to aid and abet Adam Schiff in all of his criminal activities against the President.

Every crime that Adam Schiff is being charged with … Jerry Nadler is his co-conspirator who openly aided and abetted all of his crimes. Both of them abused their power and office. These are your two main criminals who are involved in this criminal conspiracy to remove a duly elected President of the United States.

Layer three – a sham vote to impeach the President – House Democrats
It is after the criminal activities of Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler … that a sham vote was taken place based upon false evidence and false testimonies … by the House Democrats. The Democrats were nothing but a platform used to support the criminal activities of Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler.

Schiff and Nadler blindly moved forward with the impeachment vote only because they had the majority in the House. This is something like getting mugged on the street because the other guy has a gun in his hand. Yes, you might have more power in your hands … but stealing something that legally belongs to the other person … only because you have more power … is called “mugging” and it is plainly criminal.

The person that you have mugged right now … is the President of the United States. When the victim goes to the court and when the police pick you up … then your gun is going to be of no use … your power is going to be of no use … your House majority is going to be of no use … because … the Court of Law is not about more power or votes … it is about justice. You have the criminals, the crime, the motive, the evidence and millions of witnesses on live television. You guys have broken the law dozens of times … expect dozens of criminal charges. The President is not above the law … but the law protects the President also.

Designing the grilling in the Senate
When you grill any Democrat or Adam Schiff or Jerry Nadler in the Senate … your grilling should contain these 4 important sections.

  • Trump is innocent. President Trump is innocent. Not a single American was hurt nor a single law was broken by the Ukraine phone call … no crime was committed. Biden was not impacted in any way … he did not lose any credibility or votes or support … in fact, the election is still one year away. Trump is 100% innocent with no damage being done to anyone at all.
  • Criminal activities of the two Democrat Chairmen. Secondly, your grilling should be like a “criminal investigation” of the activities of Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler. Put them in the chair and grill the shit out of them … demand to know how the hell they could support all of these illegal activities of false evidence and witnesses against the President. And once you define their crime … also define the punishment that they will face in the lawsuits that will come next. Tell them on live television … how many years they will face, how many millions they will be charged for and how they will be removed from office & also face possible jail time.
  • Elections 2020. Thirdly, make sure to emphasize that all of this is being done just before the election year. Everything that Democrats are saying that Trump is doing … they were actually doing it themselves. They were trying to get rid of a duly elected President just to get help in 2020.
  • Trump’s Accomplishments. Lastly, make sure to emphasize Trump’s accomplishments. These are the accomplishments that they feared will help Trump win the re-election. And all of this scam impeachment is even more gross when Trump is a President who brought peace in the world and has created the greatest economy that America has seen. You don’t impeach a President for being great and for doing great things.

Benefits of this approach
If you take this approach of targeting the key criminals behind this impeachment … and of showing their crimes and the possible legal action on them … you will get several benefits. Right now, it is mainly a “political show” … of each party flexing their muscle. But owing to their long list of criminal activities … you have “legal power” on your side. Now, you can use a combination of “legal power and political power” to get a fantastic win in the Senate.

  • Push away majority of the Dems. Once you show the legal stick to Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler … Democrats will slowly start sliding away from them. No one wants to be associated with criminals and crimes … no one wants lawsuits against them … especially politicians.
  • Nullify their case. It will help you to publicly nullify their case for impeachment … since they are being charged for several criminal activities. The whole thing will come off as a super flop for them. They were not able to show any crime against the President but they have a long list of crimes from their Chairmen.
  • Consolidate Republican Support. The moment you start showing criminal charges against the two Democrat Chairmen … it will rattle the Democrats and also consolidate Republican support for you. Because now … not only you have the political power in the Senate but you also have strong legal power on your side.
  • Pull public support. And once the people see … the Chairman of the Intel Committee and House Judiciary Committee have committed crimes and they are going to get lawsuits against them … it will bring enormous public support in your favor. You can come out swinging and winning.

Design the entire Senate Trial based upon target outcomes

  • Don’t go just to win the impeachment
  • Don’t target the entire Democrat party
  • Don’t target Nancy and Schumer … they are not the criminals behind this. They just went with the flow that the Establishment created.
  • Go for the main criminals against whom you can show evidence of crime
  • Convert the whole thing into a criminal investigation of Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler

They wanted to impeach you and remove you from office. But you can reverse the game … and get rid of them from the political office that they hold. You have the criminals, the crime, the motive, the evidence and millions of witnesses on live television. It will be a clear cut victory. This should be not the trial of the President but a trial of Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler. A lot of support base is being built for you … you can win this.