22 Dec 2019
Trump’s options of rising from impeachment
in America

Understanding what is going on helps in configuring the best paths forward. You kept on saying that “I did nothing wrong … it was a perfect call … I did nothing wrong … it was a perfect call”. But you did not realize that you were in an Establishment trap … they had designed and preplanned an entire process where they would repeatedly stab you in the back. If you had understood the Establishment malice behind this then it would be very easy to win. However … here is what’s going on and here is how you can easily rise from impeachment.

Stab One – Fell for the Ukraine bait
This is the first mistake that you made … somehow you fell in a trap that would target a key Democrat opponent. The Establishment was already spying on your activities and they used the Ukraine scandal to stab you in the back. You were thinking that you were getting dirt … but you were actually falling in a trap.

Stab Two – Democrats move for impeachment
The Ukraine scandal was given maximum publicity in the media only to use Democrats as a platform to attack Trump. You were again thinking that the Democrats were impeaching you but in reality, at every key place, a puppet of the Jewish Establishment was installed to run this anti-Trump propaganda.

Stab Three – Scandal during the Senate Trial
What you should realize is that … the Establishment has not played all of its cards yet. You got stabbed only twice … but if you look at the detailed level of planning that they have carried out till date …

  • Of placing a puppet at every key place
  • Of giving them the script and creating a common agenda
  • Of doing everything in a preplanned and rehearsed manner

Then they obviously know that … Trump will win in the Senate. The only thing that can defeat you in the Senate is … if the Republican Senators split against you. If they can make this happen then you get impeached in the Senate as well and your Presidency comes to an end. So, it is very obvious that the Establishment has prepared some kind of scandal for you during the Senate trial as well.

Scandal Possibilities
There are several scandal possibilities that will help the Establishment split the Republican support in the Senate.

  • Lawsuits. You have several ongoing lawsuits and investigations. You have 3 cases in the Supreme Court. If during the Senate Trial … you start losing court cases … then it can backfire.
  • Financials and Tax Returns. You should evaluate how damaging the information can be from your financials and tax returns that are held up in courts.
  • Damaging Information. You should evaluate from every possible source … if any damaging information can be revealed against you.

You should understand that now … your Presidency is not in your hands. Your Presidency lies in the hands of the Senate Republicans. It will be as they vote it to be.

Consolidating Republican Support
Your utmost priority should be to consolidate Republican support in the Senate. It is very easy to defeat Establishment malice … provided you plan 10 steps ahead. Understand their malice and what they will want to do … and then plan 10 steps ahead of them … you will win.

  • Pro-Trump Groups. As we speak, Pro-Trump groups are already working on any issues that might rise from lawsuits or any possible damaging information. They already worked on consolidating Republican support for you in the House … they are screening possible issues in the Senate. There is already ongoing backend work to help you in this.
  • Establishment Malice. You should also take measures to keep Republican support consolidated in your favor. An easy way of doing that is to show who the malicious assholes are behind this … show them the connections of the Jewish Establishment through the entire process. You can give them this information directly or indirectly via other associates. This will help you to pull the majority on your side … just by the virtue of defeating a criminal and malicious organization.
  • Damaging Info. Once you show Republicans that this is nothing but malice from a criminal Jewish Establishment … it will also help them prepare for any damaging information that might be revealed in the next stages. Even if you lose any lawsuit or any kind of damaging info is revealed … all Republicans will understand that this is nothing but continued malice of the same Establishment that has framed you in this scandal. Republicans will stand by your side … even in the worst case scenario.

It is not necessary that any damaging info is revealed … we have already busted the Establishment involvement in this. They will take a step back from their malice as they have been exposed. But just in case anything happens … then you should be prepared to be united.

Two options to rise from impeachment
Given the basic information of what you are dealing with … now you can plan for two options to rise from impeachment.

Option One – Dismissal and Sue Adam Schiff
This is the safest option. Simply work with the Republicans to dismiss the whole thing … so that, you don’t give the time and opportunity for any further malice against you. Once the impeachment articles are dismissed … and you win your impeachment successfully … then you can sue the shit out of Adam Schiff.

Option Two – Senate Trial and Sue Adam Schiff
But if you are sure that … you can maintain Republican unity under all scenarios … then go ahead with the Senate Trial. This option will give you maximum positive publicity. It might be a little risky … but it will give you maximum publicity. Here are some details on the second option.

Conduct a fantastic Senate Trial
The planning in the House impeachment proceeding were very poor. The Republicans played defensive and they were mostly on the receiving side of the punches. When in reality, the President didn’t do anything wrong … he is doing fantastic things for America and he had a bunch of criminals on the other side. He could have crushed them. This is what you need to do.

  • Prepare to kick some ass. You are not going there to defend yourselves. You are going there to “kick some ass”. Roll up your sleeves and fight. Quit playing defense.
  • Trump accomplishments are Republican accomplishments. What all Republicans must keep in mind is that … Trump accomplishments are Republican accomplishments … an attack on Trump is an attack on Republicans … defeat of Trump is the defeat of Republicans … victory and glory for Trump is victory and glory for Republicans. President Trump is a “Republican President”. They need to fight for their Republican President … and not just for Trump.
  • Provide Talking Points. Another mistake that you guys made was that … your opposition was well prepared, scripted and well-rehearsed in everything that they did. You did not provide any talking points to the hundreds of Republicans in the House. Provide positive talking points to every Senate Republican.
  • Full scale blow horns. This is the right time and the right place to blow Trump’s horn. Every Senate Republican should carry 6 feet long blow horns … and praise Trump in such a loud volume that it deafens the Democrats. Every Republican should praise Trump’s accomplishments and what he has done for the country. Republicans should keep in mind that … praising Trump is praising Republicans.
  • Heal the damage done. Just saying that Trump has not done anything wrong is not enough. They have to move on with an offensive … and every Republican should enlist some of Trump’s key accomplishments. They should do this … when grilling the witnesses, when defending Trump, when making their argument or judgment and when making any statement whatsoever.

This bogus and baseless impeachment show was created only to damage the Trump Presidency and to damage his approval ratings. But if you follow the above points … you can reverse the game … and get full scale publicity instead of any damage.

Talking Points
Here are some talking points … feel free to add some more.

  • Trump is America’s savior … he saved America from Hillary … he saved America from her non-stop disastrous warmongering.
  • Jobs and economy
  • Trade deals
  • America First
  • Standing up to Europe and China to fight for America
  • Fighting against MS13, drugs and gangs
  • Wiping out terrorism and ISIS
  • End of all wars
  • End of the War on Terror
  • Peace and stability in the world
  • Bringing troops back home
  • Getting American prisoners back home
  • America being respected by its enemies
  • Created history in the Koreas
  • Controlling illegal immigration … managing an uncontrolled and broken system
  • Protecting Christianity and Churches
  • All of this done within 2-3 years is freaking awesome

Impeach Trump for this??
Impeach him for being great? Impeach him for doing good for the people? Impeach him for saving America? Impeach him for maintaining peace and stability in the world? Impeach him for wiping out ISIS? Impeach him for the best jobs and economic records? Impeach him for keeping America First?

Quit playing defense … move in the offense … use Trump’s accomplishments as bullets against them. Shoot them again and again using Trump’s accomplishments.

Sue Adam Schiff
And in both the options … make sure to sue Adam Schiff. Look into Adam Schiff’s eyes and tell him on the Senate floor … that we are going to sue the shit out of him. He used a political process and made a mockery out of it. He broke several laws and for that … he has to answer in the court of law … not in the House or the Senate … he has to defend himself in the court of law.