21 Dec 2019
Exploring charges against Adam Schiff
in America

Multi-fold victory for Trump
The Establishment thinks that it impeached Trump … but they don’t realize that … they just handed him a multi-fold victory.

  • Total vindication by the opposition. Firstly, President Trump was totally vindicated by the opposition itself … on live television repeatedly during the impeachment hearings. The Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, himself said that “President Trump has not committed any crime but a crime is not required for an impeachment”. The Chairman himself has repeatedly said that “the President has not committed any crime” … again and again. This is a fantastic legal victory for President Trump in the Ukraine scandal delivered by his opposition itself on live television.
  • Lies filled hate-fest. Even though the President did not commit any crime … the Democrats still impeached Trump, why? Because the whole thing was nothing but a “lies filled hate fest” against the President. It was open misuse of power.
  • Showed us the scum. Thirdly, it was not a Democrat run impeachment scam. The Democrats were used only as a platform by the Jewish Establishment to impeach the President. Every single person involved in this impeachment … right from the Ambassador to EU … to the Chairman of Intel Committee … to Chairman of the Judiciary Committee … to the counsels and witnesses … all of them were puppets of the Jewish Establishment. Very nicely and very openly … these criminals have shown us where the scum lies in Washington. Thank you very much … and now … we shall get rid of the scum.
  • Dozens of legal blunders. The Establishment … in its obsession to impeach Trump … they have committed dozens and dozens of legal blunders. They have broken the law several times. They were using a “political process” against the President only because they hold the majority in the House … but they failed to follow the law. They have made dozens of blunders. Doesn’t matter if you are following a political process or a corporate process or a family process … it is a must for you to follow the law. And wherever you break the law … you can be sued and the victim can demand for justice.

What they have basically done is … given us on a platter … a bunch of criminals … who broke the law on live television … with the world as their witness. Interestingly, they also vindicated the President. They have no freaking idea of how terribly the President can whip the shit out of them now. Lol.

The good news for President Trump is that … not only he is going to win the impeachment in the Senate … but he is going to be given full support to hammer the shit out of Adam Schiff, the main guy who architected and ran this scam.

This is not a Bill Clinton era
President Trump should keep in mind that … this is not a Bill Clinton era. There is no way in hell you should sit silently taking these baseless and bogus impeachment punches. You have done absolutely nothing wrong. Interestingly, your own opposition has vindicated you of any crime whatsoever. You need to rise and kick some ass now.

You were given the support to knock out Mueller. You were given the support to use the legal system to control the scope and time of the Mueller Investigation. The law is there for you. You are an American Citizen … and it is the job of the law to protect and safeguard every single American Citizen, including the President, from any kind of malice or abuse. Yes, the President is not above the law … but the law also protects the President.

Taking down Schiff is 10 times easier than Mueller. Schiff has made all of his blunders on live television thinking that Trump will be taken down. He has no freaking idea of the support and protection that you have. He has no idea that you will be saved and you will get to kick his ass.

Why to sue Adam Schiff?
When someone is lying against you … when he is running a scam against you … when he is misleading the Nation against you … when is trying to nullify the votes of 65 million Americans … when he is trying to obstruct everything that you are doing for the people and trying to remove you from office … then it is very very justified that you take legal action against him. You have to hold him accountable for this massive scam.

You cannot allow them to lie, run scams against you and then walk free. If you allow them to walk free then they will do it again. If they hold the House majority after 2020, they will try to impeach you again … and whip up another scam for the same. Until and unless you show them that they cannot try to impeach a President for no reason … they will keep repeating this ridiculousness. You have to hold them accountable for this. So that … next time anyone says “impeach Trump” … they need to back it up with some freaking good reasons. Otherwise, they need to know that they will get crucified in court.

Adam Schiff in party mode
Right now, Adam Schiff might be in party mode … must be planning on how to enjoy his New Year. Well, he should try to enjoy it as much as he can … because this might be his last New Year party as a politician. Based upon the dozens of legal blunders that he has made … the end results for him will be:

  • Criminal indictments
  • The end of his political career
  • Paying tens of millions in damages
  • And also possible jail time

President Trump will go down in history as a great President and Adam Schiff will go down in history as a lying criminal.

Exploring charges against Adam Schiff
There are about 2 dozen charges that you can explore against Adam Schiff. Pull in your legal team and advisers … and explore charges against him in these spheres.

  • Authority
  • Activities
  • Processes
  • People
  • Impact
  • Time and Money

These are half a dozen spheres that were involved in the impeachment process. Explore all the possible ways in which Adam Schiff has broken the law and abused others in these spheres. Let me enlist a few of them myself.

  • Authority
    • Abuse of power as Chairman of House Intelligence Committee
  • Activities
    • Lying
    • Running a lie and a scam against the President
    • Spying on the President
    • Was connected to the Whistleblower right from the beginning
    • Fabricated evidence
    • Misquoting the President
    • False witnesses
    • False testimony
    • Threatening the President
    • Defamation of the President
    • Defamation of the Republican Party
    • Misleading the Democrats
    • Misleading the people and the country
    • Destabilization of the country
    • Creating friction and division across the country
    • Creating National security issues at a time of terrorism and wars
  • Processes
    • Abuse of the political process of impeachment
    • Abuse of the processes of the House Intelligence Committee
  • People
    • Defaming a duly elected President
    • Trying to rattle Republican supporters and Trump supporters
    • Trying to pull voters to their side via a scam
    • Trying to create instability and insecurity in the country via false charges
  • Time and Money
    • Wasting millions of taxpayer money and time
    • Wasting millions of the President’s money and time
    • Wasting millions of the entire Congress’s money and time
  • Impact
    • Abusing a duly elected President
    • Abusing a potential political opponent of the Democrats
    • Maliciously trying to pull the election in the favor of Democrats
    • Running a scam to win the election
    • Wasting of good time of the President, Congress and the people that could have been used for good work

President Trump … there is nothing to fear … you have lost nothing. In fact, you have got a multi-fold victory. And you have the key criminal on a platter … with dozens of crimes being committed on live television. Not only you will be given the support to win the impeachment … but you will also be given the support to hammer the shit out of Adam Schiff … God willing. Start the hammering … and enjoy it.

(Important note: Lawsuits must be filed only after winning the impeachment in the Senate.)