17 Dec 2019
Playing the Game Active Democracy
in America

Yes, yes … I know … “It is not a game. This is about being President. This is about my political career.” Yes, I know … but we call it a game because it is pretty darn easy for us. For you … it might be the highest accomplishment of your lifetime to be President … but for us it is a simple team building activity. We are dealing with a multi-trillion dollar malicious Establishment with thousands of outlets spread across 195 countries. We are managing such an Establishment and containing its malice. Picking one right guy and placing him in the White House is as easy as tic tac toe for us.

The information that we publish is primarily for Presidential candidates and SM Networks. We mainly address the current and next Presidents. There is an ongoing battle between the Silent Majority and the Establishment. In order to combat Establishment malice in various spheres of life of politics, media, intelligence, legal and corporations … we had to activate tens of millions of SM Groups all across America and Europe in the same spheres. And when you enter the White House … this is the battle that you will be entering.

You will find many things “out of the normal” … the media will be freaking out, you did nothing wrong but many people will be screaming at you, you will find aggression for no reason at all … you will find yourself in impeachment cases for no reason at all. In order to understand what is going on … you have to understand these additional forces working in America in various spheres … then you will know the moves that you have to take in order to win.

Doing what is right for the people in God’s light
This is our fundamental way of working for the people … “do what’s right for the people in God’s light”. When we work on anything for the people … it might be actions, policies, strategies, supporting something or stopping something … we only keep two elements in mind … “God and people” … and then we decide the right course of action in favor of the people.

We don’t suck up to any politician or President or King. We don’t align ourselves with any political party. What we say will be exclusively based on what is good for the people in God’s light. That’s why … when I had evaluated Warren’s policies … on one side, I have one nice lady with wrong policies … and on the other side, I have 330 million American Citizens. Should I just nod along with the lady because she is nice? Or because she is a Democrat? Should I allow 330 million American citizens to get hurt because of her?

That’s why we said … “excuse me, dear lady, you are nice … but your policies are total nonsense”. Because we are concerned about the damages it will do to hundreds of millions of Americans. So, don’t feel bad about it … just be logical. Your Pro-Warren groups are concerned about your falling in polls and they asked me to create a path of victory for you. If you want to win then you need to understand the game … then everything will become easy for you. There are paths of victory for you.

Let me show you a few things that you need to do and things that you should avoid. But before that … let us remove some misconceptions.

  • SM Groups are not some elites. The Silent Majority groups are not some millionaires and billionaires sitting there and running the country from the backend. No, they are your own citizens. They are tens of millions of Active Citizens spread across various fields of life. They are your own people. Their support gets you the votes and their disapproval removes your support.
  • Not just a blogger. And no … I am not just a blogger. I am the guy that is designing this entire system of “Active Democracy” in America. It is an advanced form of Democracy where people take the lead in managing their country.
  • Support & protection for the President. Yes, we need support and protection from the President to keep moving this work forward. But the support & protection is mutual. It is not just that you are supporting a blogger as the President. No … actually, SM Groups get you thousand times more support to make you President … with billions worth media coverage, a massive support base, campaign finance and via votes. Yes, we reach out to Presidents for protection … but SM Groups also protect the President from Establishment malice, misleading, traps, lawsuits, investigations and even impeachment. The support and protection is mutual … and it is thousands of times more for you than you can ever provide us.

I will give you two examples to understand this in real life.

Obamas. They always followed our advice … they always tried to do what is right … they always kept us protected. And today they are literally the most admired people in the world … take a look … no kidding: https://today.yougov.com/topics/international/articles-reports/2019/07/18/2019-worlds-most-admired

Obamas were on the right side of this movement. Obama was a successful President and he is a super successful Ex-President.

Netanyahu. And we also have Netanyahu on the other end of the spectrum. Who the hell likes this guy? His government broke down 3 times in one year … he has lawsuits and criminal indictments of fraud and bribery against him. He is going to get a disgraceful exit from politics.

Netanyahu was busy running and supporting Establishment malice around the world since the past 2 decades … that’s why he got this fate. And Obamas were always doing what is right for the people and standing up to Establishment malice … that’s why they are the highly adored and respected in the world today. The profiles of Obama and Netanyahu are living examples of whether you should be pro-Establishment or stand against Establishment malice.

The Era of People Power
You are in a new era of people power. In this era … you are closely watched by tens of millions of entities in every action, policy and strategy. Everything is screened via facts and logic. If you are failing in facts and logic then you don’t get to be President.

Don’t worry that you are falling in polls. It is mainly because there are many issues your policies. Biden is polling the best because he is not an Establishment puppet and he is the most logical person on the stage. You will start rising in the polls once you start working with us … but until then please follow these to do and not to do lists. It will help you manage your falling rating.

What not to do – Active Democracy
These are the things that you should not do with respect to Active Democracy.

  • Don’t rely on third world advice from advisers. If you ask your advisers that … “hey, I got this message from a blogger. What should I do?” They will give you third world advice like … “You are going to be President … you can do whatever you want and bla bla bla.” All of it will be bullshit … because your advisers won’t know shit of what is going on. Our info is circulated only among the Presidential candidates and SM Networks. Your advisers will not know anything.
  • Snap out of third world politics. Stop thinking and acting from a third world political perspective … where the President has all the powers and he is unquestionable. This thinking will lead you only to blunders.
  • Don’t try to cut off the head. You might not like our content when we oppose your policies but despite that don’t try to take any type of action against us. SM Groups are closely monitoring the activities of a malicious Establishment spread across the world … watching one President is not a big deal for them. The moment you turn against us, the support for you will tank.
  • Don’t get authoritarian. If you try to get authoritarian then all SM Groups in the fields of intelligence, legal and politics will take it as a green light for them to get authoritarian against you. You will end up in a battle against your own country. We are not giving you power to become a despot or an authoritarian. We are giving you power to do good things for everyone via facts and logic. The President is supposed to be the right hand of the work … that’s why everyone protects you if you are in trouble. But the hand is not supposed to cut off the head nor is it supposed to harm the body.
  • Don’t try to stop the work. Our work does not serve or address one candidate or one President. It is an advanced form of a democratic system being run in the country. There are millions of other entities that need to know what is going on and how they have to play their role. It is not just the work of a blogger … it is an entire democratic system that you will end up trying to stop … and this will piss off everyone. Never make attempts to stop our work.
  • Don’t try to use others against our work. Don’t go running to Obamas or anyone else to stop our work. You need to synchronize with us … stop where you are wrong and move forward on the right policies. If SM Groups note that you are trying to use others to stop our work then they don’t see you as a good fit for the White House. It will only mean that you won’t synchronize correctly with us and you will not be able to provide the right leadership in this new era.

Always try to be positive, supportive, use logic & facts and protect everyone.

What not to do – People
These are the things that you are not supposed to do when it comes to your campaigns and the people.

  • No fear mongering. No climate change is NOT an existential threat. Stop the fear mongering … you are losing supporters because of this. Climate change is an Establishment scam which was overhyped in the media only after Trump pulled America out of the Paris Climate Accord. Until then, no Democrat gave a shit about Climate Change. Take it easy on Climate Change … it is a bogus propaganda … it is easy to fix … we will show you how.
  • Don’t follow Bernie. Bernie will never be President. The asshole is an open liar. He is an Establishment puppet that comes from the core Establishment ideology of Socialism. All of his policies will drain wealth from the people … and this wealth drain is done in the name of saving the people … this is what Socialism is. Don’t follow Bernie.
  • No Socialism. Screen all of your policies. If you have picked anything from a Socialist book or person … then press delete on that policy. Socialism is nothing but bogus lies. Take a visit to Cuba or Venezuela if you want to understand what Socialism does.
  • No trillions in new spending. Quit marketing trillions of new spending anywhere. Everyone knows that the country is $23 Trillion in debt and no one is able to stop this since the past 18 years. You are scaring away supporters with your multi-trillion dollar spending promises. They are only seeing a hike in taxes under your Presidency.
  • Don’t follow the Squad. AOC is total garbage like Bernie … the rest of them are totally new. They were brought in the system only to make noise. They themselves have a lot to learn … they are not supposed to be followed.
  • Quit talking about shutting down oil operations. Everybody knows that oil is gold. The main reason why Dubai is Dubai and not Africa is because of oil. You need to have this much understanding when you want to be the President of the largest oil producer in the world. Shutting down oil operations to address climate change is a total rubbish idea. Again you are pushing away supporters with such policies. This is why you are falling in polls … lack of logic in your policies. Share your idea of terminating oil production and going for electric operations with other leading producers of oil in the world. Give a call to Saudi or Russia … ask them what they think about this idea. Or even Mexico or Canada … tell them to shut down oil operations and use electricity because of climate change. And see what their response will be. The only thing that I will advise is … don’t make the call directly yourself … use an intermediary … the other side might use expletive language to respond to this idea.
  • Don’t suck up too much to LGBTQ. LGBTQ always vote Democrat … you don’t need to suck up to them for their votes. America is the largest Christian country in the world. All SM Groups understand how the Establishment is connected to LGBTQ. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lr8-Ln3FK64&lc) You shocked everyone when you said that Jesus endorses LGBTQ. Tying lies to Jesus and the Bible … to get votes from asshole bangers … in the largest Christian country of the world? Seriously? Please don’t fall to such levels. Its embarrassing.
  • Don’t talk about spending money that doesn’t exist. You are talking about spending $3 Trillion on research for climate change. Firstly, what kind of research work costs in trillions? A few million would be fine … a few billion is a stretch … but trillions for research? Please control … you are scaring away supporters.
  • Don’t be the climate change champion. There is no climate change crisis. Everyone who campaigned on climate change has lost … including Hillary Clinton. People want you to be “their President” … people want to know what you will do “for them” … this is how they choose Presidents. People want you to spend their money on them … not on wind, rain, clouds and water. We have an environmental division to handle nature related issues. This is a loser topic and a loser agenda. Everybody knows that the sky is not falling … this is not a Presidential agenda. You will lose if you keep pressing on this agenda.
  • Don’t market raising minimum wage. You think it will get you votes but it backfires. The American people are intelligent people … they easily see through a handout for votes. They want to see someone who can intelligently solve the cost of living issue. Raising the minimum wage increases the cost of living … you are not providing a solution here but worsening the problem.

By the way … take a look at the entire list above again … and check if Trump is doing any of the above. Exactly, he is not doing anything from the above … that’s why he was made President and he is still President.

What not to do – President Trump
And these are the things that you should not do with respect to President Trump.

  • Don’t be blindly against Trump. People will see that you are blindly running partisan politics and have nothing intelligent to offer. Don’t be blindly against Trump. We have accomplished many things under Trump … we have written more than a thousand pages to guide Trump over the past 3 years. We got successes at many places. You will end up ruining all of our accomplishments by being blindly against Trump and this will piss off everyone.
  • Don’t be against American Energy. Today America is the largest oil producer in the world. It’s a good thing. Oil is gold … we need it to address the massive debt crisis that we have. Its not wise to flush your gold down the toilet when you are in debt.
  • Don’t be against Tariffs. I don’t think you are against tariffs. Trump is stuck and he does not know how to move forward after placing tariffs. We will show you how to move forward.
  • Foreign Affairs. Trump has made many moves in foreign affairs that are very constructive, positive and peaceful. Don’t carry an anti-Trump agenda and don’t ruin all of the positive works done till date.

Don’t worry about sinking in polls
Well, you had to learn many things one year ago itself. You did not learn and you are making many mistakes … that’s why you are sinking in polls. But don’t worry … you will start rising once you start working with us. We will show you how to win.

The leadership for 2020 is not yet decided. If you see … in 2016, Trump was leading all polls … because he was the most logical candidate that wanted to take America forward with tariffs and with an America Frist agenda. But today, Trump lags behind almost all key Democrat candidates. This is mainly because he is stuck in the game and he does not know how to move forward. Many SM Groups are looking for an alternate Democrat leader to take the country forward. And Elizabeth Warren … my dear lady … if you follow the above advice and learn how to play the game successfully … then you can be that candidate that can take America forward. Please learn.