16 Dec 2019
Active Democracy is an ongoing revolution in America
in America

My dear lovely Elizabeth Warren … don’t feel bad. Feeling bad will not help you. And defending your policies will also not help you … you will end up in never ending cycles of putting forward one justification after another … you will waste years with dozens of justifications and arguments … but it will not help you and you will run out of time. Within a couple of months, the voting will begin … you cannot afford to waste time in feeling bad or trying to justify yourself. If you want to win then you have to move forward quickly and logically.

Be happy that you are already in the top games. You are already being highly considered for President. Other candidates that we don’t even write about … like Tulsi, Harris or Klobuchar … they don’t even rise to a level where they will be considered for the White House. Since we chose you and specifically picked you for the job … you are being given the support to rise to this level.

Active Democracy, an ongoing revolution
Yes, you might have met some people who will say … “work with this guy … he makes Presidents”. We are introduced to you as a “blogger or journalist”. “A blogger” is an easy introduction … that can be understood and accepted. You can verify the site and see that I am blogging … this is something that you can understand. But they say … “work with him” … so that you understand the ongoing dynamics and networks in America … and this helps you understand what to do and how to win.

Active Democracy is an advanced form of a democratic system … where we are not sitting and being the plain recipients of authoritarian rule of one President in cycles of 4 years at a time. There is a massive network activated in the fields of politics, media, intelligence, legal and corporations … to function as “Active Citizens” … who will support what is right and hold back what is wrong from the leadership. It is a form of Nation Management … of how a country functions and runs.

Support and Protection for Presidents
It is not just about interventions in the leadership … but there are massive levels of support and protection also carried out for the President. Examples of support are:

  • Massive media coverage
  • Development of a massive support base
  • Funding of Campaigns
  • Polls, votes and even victories

Examples of protection are:

  • Protection from Establishment malice, traps and misleading
  • Protection from malicious lawsuits, investigations and even impeachment

The job of SM Networks is not just controlling politicians … but it is also supporting and protecting them. Now, how all of this fell into place? It’s a very long story … you have to read 3,000 pages for that. Let me tell you what’s important for you.

Winning Formula – Combat Establishment Malice
We are picking candidates for leadership in the White House … who can successfully combat Establishment malice. This is the main reason why Obama was given the victory over Mitt Romney … and Trump was given the victory over Hillary. There are several abusive and exploitation systems setup by the Establishment in various fields of life … right from media, politics, manufacturing, defense, corporations, banking, religion and on,  and on and on. It’s a long list. The main criteria here is … to keep on dismantling Establishment malice … and keep on moving the country forward.

If you see … that’s what we have been doing since the past decade. Terrorism has been vaporized, wars have ended, we have a booming economy, increasing jobs … a huge increase in American Energy and so on. If you want to win and be President … then these are the things that you need to do:

  • Be ready to transition away from all Socialist policies and wherever trillions in expenditure is seen.
  • Understand the SM Networks and the Establishment’s exploitation systems.
  • Understand the accomplishments that have already been made under Obama and Trump in this line.
  • Understand the new systems that are required to combat Establishment malice in each sphere.

And then you will be given the votes, support and the victory to move forward. These are the very basic things that you had to do one year ago. Then by today … you would be ready to be President. That’s why we told you to “learn”.

We are not just a plugin that will give you victory. Right now there is no choice between right and wrong … as in the case of Obama & Mitt Romney … or in the case of Trump & Hillary. Trump is a candidate who is far ahead in the game.

  • There are no Socialist policies with Trump
  • He already understands Establishment malice … this impeachment scam is also their malice.
  • He has already carried forward all of Obama’s accomplishments
  • He has started new accomplishments of his own of American Energy and Tariffs
  • He is just one step away from moving into the next phase of leadership

But you have to learn and understand everything that is going on … so that you can move beyond Trump. Now, you see how Trump is ahead in the game and that you have a lot of catching up to do? We told you this about one year ago itself … “Trump is miles ahead in the game” … you did not understand this statement at that time.

Please don’t waste your time feeling bad or justifying anything. You don’t have the time for that. If you can be open minded and flexible enough … to drop illogical policies, drop policies with trillions of new spending, understand the current crisis, understand the accomplishments already made and learn how to move forward … then you are ready to be President.

We pick the best candidate suitable for this fight … you are good material who can take up a fight against the Establishment … but your current policies are total nonsense and you don’t know anything of what is going on. You just need to synchronize correctly and work on the right policies.

Trump is stuck
The issue with Trump is that … he is far ahead in the game … but he is stuck. And many many SM Groups are looking for an alternate leader who can take things forward. We are working on two options for this:

  • Trump. Our preferred option is Trump himself … if he takes the next step … he will win and move ahead. And its very easy for him … he has many advantages that justify his leadership.
  • Warren. And our second option is Warren. Biden alone can’t manage it … he is too brittle … he will break. So, it can be via Warren’s direct Presidency … where she learns, changes and leads very quickly … or if she cannot create the momentum … then it can be as Biden’s VP. You can lead the country via a Biden Warren ticket.

Start thinking logically … don’t take anything personally … you are already in the top games … SM Groups are already pouring a lot of money and support for you since you launched your campaign. You can lead the country in 2020 or 2024. Understand the structures involved and learn what to do … then winning will be very easy.