15 Dec 2019
Warren’s Transition Options
in America

Victory for Warren in the Presidential race will depend strictly on how well she transitions. She thought that … “hey, I am going to be the President … I will do whatever I want … why the hell do I have to listen to this blogger?” And she ended up creating a total nonsense campaign … and this is her biggest weakness in winning the Presidency. We wrote a dozen articles showing the need for Warren to learn and showing the issues in her campaign … she simply ignored all of them.

But on the other hand … we have Trump … during the same year of 2019 … while Warren was ignoring everything that we were saying … Trump was following everything that we were saying. Warren ignored us more than a dozen times and during the same time … Trump followed us more than a dozen times. Interestingly, this is becoming an important reason why Trump should be re-elected and Warren should be held back. I guess Warren never expected this to be the case.

It is for real … at the bottom of the page, look at the entire list of articles that we wrote in this year alone … guiding Trump on several issues … starting from the government shutdown … to managing wars … the Establishment malice … Afghanistan & Taliban … Iran & Saudis … Russia & Venezuela … and Turkey & Kurds. At every single place, where Trump has followed us … he has been given a victory. The majority of the Congress opposed Trump on the Kurdish issue in Syria … to the extent that a Congressional Oversight Committee was headed to the Middle East on this issue. Trump won against hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets and resolved the entire issue within weeks.

And who is Trump? Is he a Senator? Nope. Is he a Congress Rep? Nope. He is the President of the United States … despite being the most powerful man on the planet … President Trump had the “humility” to listen to logic and work on issues correctly. He did not allow his pride or party politics to control his decision making. Trump loves to win and he always (almost) does what is right to win.

And if we look at Elizabeth Warren on the other hand … who is she? Is she the President? Nope. Did she get the nomination? Nope. She is just a Senator trying to be President. As Senator itself … she didn’t give a shit despite more than a dozen warnings. She went about creating a total nonsensical campaign that doesn’t make any sense at all.

Who is a better leader? Trump or Warren?
We have direct comparisons of the two … of the same time period … of almost the same guidance given. Who responded more? Who was more logical? Who made the right calls? Who cared to listen and understand? Who tried to change? Who tried to keep himself / herself above party politics? Who tried to do what is right?

My dear lady, Elizabeth Warren … you come off as nice … but you are neck deep in terrible Establishment policies that will create a catastrophe for America. You didn’t give a damn to listen about anything. You didn’t change at a single place and at a single policy.

On the other hand … President Trump is neck deep in bogus demonization … but he doesn’t have a single policy that hurts a single American life. There is absolutely no catastrophe under Trump via wars or economic disasters. Despite being the most powerful man on the planet … he is humble enough to listen to logic and work with facts. It is this characteristic that is making him the best candidate to win in 2020 … and for the very same reason … because of your … “I don’t give a shit attitude” … you are not even being considered for the nomination.

Change and Transition is a must
Your biggest problem is that … your “words” are all about … fighting corporations and the 1% … big structural change … and fighting Washington corruption. But your “actions” have absolutely no policy that will make it happen … but instead your policies are a $100 Trillion disaster. It is incredibly important for you start listening and start changing. I know voting will begin soon … but it is a must for you to transition from this neck deep trouble that you have put yourself into. If you can transition successfully … then chances of victory open up for you.

Transition Options
There are two options that you have hereon … both of them take you to the White House. But it is incredibly a must for you to listen and follow. It is a must for you to follow logic and facts. If you can do that then … read on.

Option One – President Warren
We will show you some new policies that you can launch on the campaign trail itself. These are massive and fantastic policies that will bring about phenomenal change. You have to move the public’s attention to these new policies … while we show you alternate ways of working on:

  • Climate Change
  • Healthcare
  • Infrastructure and
  • Economy

Without the tens of trillions in expenses. You will remove the Socialism and the trillions of expenses from your policies … and you can move ahead with positive and constructive policies that will bring great change.

Your biggest disadvantages in this option are:

  • Time is very limited … voting will begin soon and you have to clinch the nomination.
  • Second is that … you have created a lot of baggage with your current policies. You need a really good and bold style of transitioning in order to win.

If everything falls at the right place … you can take Bill de Blasio as VP … we highly recommend him … and move ahead to win in 2020. You become President in this option.

Option Two – Biden’s Vice President
If you delay in Option One … and lose the nomination … you can just sit back and run for President again in 2024. Trump gets only two terms … 2024 will be an open field with very good prospects of a Democrat win. I don’t think that Biden or Bernie will run again in 2024 … which makes you the key front runner.

But let’s say … no, no, no … you want a win in 2020 itself. Then you can be Joe Biden’s Vice President. As of now, Biden is the most logical candidate on the Democrat side. Listen to this statement again … Biden is the most “logical” candidate on the Democrat side. Yes, it is because of “logic and sensibility” that he is in the lead. If you had logic in your policies then you would have been the frontrunner already. Here are your advantages of being Biden’s VP:

  • You get to drop all Socialist policies with no questions asked. It is Biden’s leadership and no one is going to ask … why you are not running so or so policy. You can drop all the trash at the door here.
  • Biden is a logical guy … who will help to practically filter out policies that will not work.
  • Biden is also old … no one knows what is going to happen till 2024. You know what they say … if the old guy goes … then the lady gets the house … in your case … the lady gets … the … White House. (No ill will meant for Biden).
  • Biden is a close Obama confidant and loyalist. He is not an Establishment puppet. It will be easy for you to team up with Biden.
  • You cannot win against Trump until and unless you are ready to fight against Establishment malice and systems. We can show you how to fight against the Establishment … the Biden Warren coalition will provide the right team. Because if Biden goes alone against Trump then he will lose. You can provide him the victory against Trump.
  • Biden is brittle. He will break against the Establishment. You can be his support and provide him with consistency and a good fight. You can empower Biden not only to win against Trump but also to win against the Establishment.
  • You can get one or two terms of VP experience and then you can again lead the country as President for another two terms. Only your age and health has to support your work. Victories will not be a problem.

If you lose the nomination because of lack of time and the baggage that you have … then you can always team up with Biden to lead America. So, don’t worry about the time … your change and transition is a must. As long as you can do that … then you can move ahead from being a Senator to Vice President and even President.

Important Note: If Trump starts working with us … then don’t be anyone’s VP. Because doesn’t matter who stands against Trump … he will lose. Our policies are like that … we capture the Nation with an overwhelming force. Our policies are like … Moses unleashing a mighty python in Nemesis’ court … the mighty python eats away all of the little snakes created by the other magicians. It was a victory of truth over false … a victory of divine over evil. In the same manner, our policies will eat away all of these shit show policies from all other candidates and we will surpass all … God willing. If Trump works with us … then just chill … and run again in 2024.

The list where … the lovely and humble President Trump followed logic and facts this year