14 Dec 2019
The Establishment is using Democrats as a platform to attack People Centrism
in America

This page is important for Obamas and Warren. The Establishment has been confronted and defeated at many fronts. They are not able to pull off malice solely on their own. They are trying to use us against each other. They are trying to use our power, our influence and position to run their malice. The Establishment has been actively using Democrats as a platform to attack People Centrism.

Here are some examples.

  • The Mueller Investigation. Bringing Trump in power and defeating Hillary, an Establishment puppet, was a major victory for SM Networks. But they created a Mueller Investigation to attack Trump using the Democrats. Partisan friction was created and this scam lasted for more than a year. Trump was eventually given the victory in this because he did nothing wrong.
  • The Ukraine Scandal. Now, again Democrats are being used to impeach Trump using the Ukraine scandal … where nothing wrong was done again. If you observe … the Democrats are being used as a platform … but every key element in this is a Jewish puppet of the Jewish Establishment … right from the Ambassador to the EU, Chairman of the Intel Committee, Chairman of the House Committee, the Counsels and all witnesses … all of them are Jews and puppets of the Establishment. The Establishment is using Democrats in plain sight to attack a duly elected President. Here again Trump will be given the victory … God willing … because he did nothing wrong. Trump was literally framed to go after Biden so that Democrats can be used against him.
  • Elizabeth Warren. Yes, Elizabeth Warren is also bring framed so that she can be used as an excuse to attack People Centrism. They have stacked her campaign with terrible policies … and when we will show that her policies are a disaster … Democrats can again be used to attack People Centrism. Take a look.

Warren stacked with blunders
Warren has no idea that her campaign is drenched with Establishment malice and major blunders.

  • A Medicare for All program that will cost $30 Trillion.
  • The Green New Deal that will cost $50-100 Trillion.
  • Shutting down of oil operations that will cost by the trillions.
  • Legalization of Marijuana that will kill Americans by the thousands more.
  • Promotion of LGBTQ that is designed and led by Establishment elements.

They have led her to design all of these policies as handouts for votes and based them on being anti-Trump. She thinks that she will get votes from these policies and that being anti-Trump will help her win the Presidency.

Warren’s Promises
They have led her to design and market terrible policies and … this is what she is promising the people:

  • The system has been rigged by the corporations!
  • Washington is corrupt! I will fight Washington corruption!!
  • I will fight against the corporations and against the 1%!
  • The country works for the top 1% … I will make it work for the people!!
  • I will create big, structural change!!

Warren’s Hypocrisy
Warren doesn’t realize that her entire campaign is coming off as plain hypocrisy. I don’t think that she is a liar and a hypocrite … but when her policies are on one side and her promises the opposite … then it is plain hypocrisy.

  • She is planning to spend more than $100 Trillion on just two policies of Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. She says that she wants to fight against the corporations but …
  • The entire US expenditure on the entire defense industry is $1 Trillion per year … $100 Trillion is the entire defense expenditure for the next 100 years combined. Everyone hates the NRA and the weapons industry … but her two policies are 100 times worse than the entire weapons industry of America.
  • Bush and Hillary are the worst politicians that America has seen … they are the most hated living politicians of America. The expenditure on the entire War on Terror was $4-5 Trillion over 18 years. Warren’s two policies are 20 times worse than the entire War on Terror.
  • Now, who is left after the entire defense industry … the oil companies? Industries? Manufacturers? None of them will drain as much wealth in the next 100 years as Warren’s policies will do.
  • Warren doesn’t realize that her policies are 100 times worse than the entire Establishment crisis combined.

This is simply mind boggling for her own Pro-Warren groups … who are very very concerned about her. They are screaming, “Help her! Help her! Help her … she is not going to get the nomination with these policies!”

Warren should realize the malice within
Warren thinks that the Establishment is a bunch of guys sitting on Wall Street … she doesn’t realize that she is drenched in Establishment malice.

  • Medicare For All … is a Socialist policy. Socialism and Communism were designed by the Jewish Establishment to leech the country’s wealth via the government.
  • The Green New Deal … is an Establishment scam to make us spend tens of trillions of taxpayer money on a new crisis that has been created via malice. You don’t have the complete info on this … that’s why you don’t know. The whole thing is an Establishment scam.
  • Marijuana … Israel is the largest manufacturer of Marijuana in the world having a free trade deal with America. After you legalize Marijuana … who do you think will provide the Marijuana that will kill thousands of Americans? Yes, its Israel.
  • LGBTQ … are groups designed, created and promoted by the Jewish Establishment.
  • Shutting down of oil operations will help the Establishment to make America a weaker country that is more and more in debt.

You are thinking that you have to fight the Establishment that is sitting on Wall Street … you have no idea that you are already drenched neck deep in Establishment malice. The Establishment already exists in your words, in your policies, in your marketing and in your campaign. You have already lost to the Establishment, my dear lady.

Two ways ahead
Now, here is the fun part … after you have been shown that there is malice … there are issues … there will be disasters … then what will you do? You can move ahead in two ways.

  • Change. You have not changed at a single place or policy till date.
  • Obamas. You will be the School Teacher … who will go running to the Principal, Obama … complaining about our criticism. And here is where the Establishment malice moves to the next stage. They again get to attack People Centrism using Democrats as a platform.

The fact that you won’t change and that you may try to:

  • Silence us
  • Stop us
  • Whine, complain or whatever negative activity you can come up with …

It will lead to an attack on People Centrism using the Democrats. Now, the Establishment is winning here in two ways:

  • Firstly, they ruined an excellent candidate for the White House by embedding the dumbest policies possible ever in her campaign.
  • And then … they obviously knew that there will be a logical evaluation of your policies … since we had literally chosen you for the White House and when we will oppose your policies … they will promote friction instead of change. And they get to use Democrats against Active Democracy.

They are doing the same thing with Trump and Democrats.

  • Trump and Democrats should have worked with each other and got a victory against the Establishment. But instead, using Mueller and the Ukraine Scandal … they have further pushed away both entities that should have joined against the Establishment. Who is getting the victory with Mueller and Ukraine scandals? The Establishment … they are winning by breaking us apart and creating friction among us.
  • The same applies with Warren and Active Democracy … we should have worked together to break the Establishment Monopoly … but when you have policies like this … instead of unity … it creates friction. Who wins? The Establishment wins.

I am sure Democrats won’t turn against us and won’t try to shut us down … but this is how the Establishment malice is designed. This is how the Establishment functions … my dear lady, Elizabeth Warren. This is your first Establishment lesson. They have nicely and royally screwed up your entire campaign.

Change is a must
Now, let’s move forward … let’s not stick with what is wrong. What Warren should keep in mind is that … change is a must … in this era, if you can’t change then you will break. This huge movement that you see around Trump …

  • Where celebrities are getting involved
  • The media is actively involved
  • Intelligence, legal, politicians and corporations are involved

Don’t think that it is because Trump is bad. Trump is actually not bad … he is good. Don’t think that if Trump is removed from power then everything will go back to normal … nope, even that will not happen. You are living in an Era of People Power. We are bringing outsiders into the White House to do great things for the people … so that you become the new leaders of a new era … who will always use facts and logic to keep people first.

The same movement will apply to the Democrat President as well. Many Groups are already concerned that you will not get the nomination based upon your current policies. Even if we put you in the White House … then you will just break … and you will resign … you will not be able to handle it. You need to understand the movement to provide the right type of leadership. It is incredibly important for you to cooperate and change … the moment you get authoritarian, it will not work.

Open up to change

  • I know you are 70 years old … change might be difficult for others … but you are dynamic enough to change … you are Elizabeth Warren.
  • I know you are a School Teacher … teachers are used to living their life in a constant routine … but I don’t think that it should apply to you.
  • I know teachers have a tendency to be “always right” and it is difficult for them to change and accept other’s opinions … but then when you want to change the world … the first person who should to be ready for change is yourself.

We have seen your responses when an intervention was created for your:

  • Indian Heritage and
  • Medicare for All

You fought for a long time from every angle possible to show yourself as right. I don’t care about the heritage issue … but sticking to logically incorrect policies and decisions will backfire enormously. Just look at what is going with Trump … yes, interventions are there for Trump … but he also responds very quickly and changes. President Trump is a highly protected entity. He has been given a victory in all cases of malice against him … he won against hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets … and he will win this impeachment scam as well ... God willing. If we have to give you the same level of love and protection … then you have to listen to your people and change for your people.

What is your main objective?
Screw all of the policies that you have designed … let’s put it very simple. What do you want to do … what is your main objective?

  • Do you want to be a Socialist? Do you want to destroy the country with terrible policies? Do you want to be a tool that the Establishment will use for their malice? Do you want to lose? Or …
  • Do you want to be a great President? Do you want to do great things for your people? Do you want to be loved and respected by your people? Do you want to be protected from every Establishment malice? Do you want to win?

If you want to win and be a great President … then be ready to change. Drop illogical actions and policies as if they are hot charcoal in your hand. Always choose right … always be practical and logical. Because in this era … only the most practical and logical candidate is going to be President.