13 Dec 2019
Trump is more humble and logical than Warren
in America

Many people think that … “Trump is a terrible President … Trump is too proud … Trump should be removed from office” and that … “Warren is a nice lady … Warren will listen to everyone … Warren should be in the White House” … but the facts state otherwise. Till date … as per facts … Trump is far more humble and logical than Warren. Take a look.

Obama’s policies followed by Trump
Trump is a Republican President … there is no need for a Republican to follow a Democrat President. But President Trump was humble and logical enough to see the logic in Obama’s policies and he followed more than half a dozen of his policies.

  • Radical Islam Marketing. Obama never used the term “Radical Islam or Islamic Terrorism”. Trump opposed this during his campaign but once he became President and he understood that this was a vaporizing agenda then he didn’t bother to promote Radical Islam.
  • Fear and Hate Marketing. Obama never went around putting hate and fear in the hearts of the people. He did not try to rule the country using politics of hate. Trump did the same … he also did not do any fear and hate marketing … except for a little race based statements during the initial months of his Presidency.
  • Root Out Terrorism. Obama actively worked on rooting out terrorism. Trump continued the same and owing to his cancellation of funds and weapons supply in war zones … terrorism vaporized.
  • No New Wars. Obama did not start any new wars after firing Hillary Clinton. Trump was leaning towards new wars but when it was shown that it could be disastrous then he stopped moving towards wars.
  • Pro-Russian Approach. Obama followed a pro-Russian approach to root out terrorism and fight against ISIS. Trump also followed Obama in working with Russia to stabilize the Middle East.
  • Initiatives for Jobs and Economy. Obama took several measures to boost jobs and economy … Trump also did the same … he continued to boost American jobs and economy.

My dear Elizabeth Warren … please note … what you are seeing here is that … Trump is a “Republican President” who took all of the good things done during Obama, who was a “Democrat President” … and then he boosted the accomplishments of the previous President. Trump was humble and logical enough to understand the good things for the country and the people in these measures … he accepted these measures with no major arguments and did what is right for his country. Trump rose above himself and party politics to do what is right for America.

Now, let us see if we can say the same about you and your campaign. Let’s see what Senator Elizabeth Warren is coming up with.

Warren’s blunders based on anti-Trumpism and party politics

  • Shut down oil operations. On day one, Elizabeth Warren wants to shut down oil operations on all Federal land. Why? Trump has worked on American Energy and made America the largest oil producer in the world. Warren wants to shut down oil operations because she wants to do the opposite of Trump and work on climate change.
  • Climate Change. Do you know why Trump pulled America out of the Paris Accord? Because we told him to. You don’t know that the current Climate Change propaganda is an Establishment scam. We have the facts and logic of addressing this issue without spending tens of trillions of taxpayer money on this. But you want to fight for Climate Change and keep on pushing for the Green New Deal that will cost us $100 Trillion to implement … why? Because you want to do the opposite of Trump. You think being the opposite of Trump is the right thing to do.
  • Border Wall. The immigration system is broken and building a wall will help. Democrats are ready to provide the funds for surveillance cameras and drones … but not the funding for the wall. All Democrats who think that a surveillance camera is better than a wall … then they should remove the doors from their homes and install a surveillance camera instead … let’s see if that will work. You oppose the wall only to oppose Trump … otherwise building the wall is the logically right thing to do.
  • Marijuana. Why do you think Trump didn’t go for the legalization of Marijuana? Because we gave him the facts and he followed logic. 60,000 Americans are dying every year due to drug overdose and you want to legalize Marijuana to kill thousands of more Americans? Do you use Marijuana? Will you give your children Marijuana? What’s not good for your children … how can it be good for the Nation? Will things automatically become right if you oppose Trump?
  • Minimum Wage. Trump doesn’t support a raise in the minimum wage to $15 per hour … because it will simply increase the cost of living and not solve anything. It’s the logically right thing to do. But you support it to oppose Trump and you think that it is a vote pulling tactic.
  • LGBTQ. We ourselves showed Trump how the Establishment is connected to the creation and promotion of LGBTQ in our communities. Trump doesn’t sit there promoting LGBTQ. But you keep on promoting LGBTQ just to get their votes. Again you are doing the opposite of Trump.

If you note … all of the above are massive blunders that will cost in trillions … kill by the thousands … export jobs and kill small businesses … and promote decadence. We had alerted you about these issues before … but did you change? You doubled down on all of this. Now, do you see the difference between you and Trump?

  • Trump comes off as proud … but he is humble enough to change for the good. Warren comes off as nice … but she has not shown the humility to change even when shown that her policies are a disaster.
  • Trump is humble enough to follow the previous Democrat President … but Warren is coming off as too cocky to follow anything that Trump is doing.
  • Trump is showing commonsense and intelligence to do what is right for his country & people … whereas Warren is not showing simple commonsense.
  • Trump is able to rise above himself and above party politics to keep America First and the American People First … but Warren is not able to do this till date.

You know … I told you a few months ago … “you need to rise above yourself and party politics in order to win”. I also said that … “this is easier said than done”. Now do you see it in actual practice?

  • Were you able to drop Medicare for All?
  • Were you able to drop the Green New Deal?
  • Were you able to drop the raise in minimum wage?
  • Were you able to drop the tendency to stop drilling operations?
  • Were you able to accept the Border Wall?
  • Were you able to drop the legalization of Marijuana?

You were not able to rise at a single place … above yourself or above party politics … which is leading you to create total nonsense policies.

Warren’s polices are blinded by

  • Anti-Trumpism. You hate Trump and you don’t want to follow Trump … and you think that doing everything the opposite of Trump is the right thing to do … which is utterly total nonsense.
  • Party Politics. You are following bookish politics of opposing everything that Trump does … whether it is logically right or wrong … you want to oppose it only because Trump is a Republican … which is again a nonsense approach.
  • Get Votes. You want to raise minimum wage and show the spending of trillions here and there … only to attract votes … you think that these will work as “handouts for votes” … which is another nonsense way of creating policies.
  • Hatching Policies. You have created like a hundred different policies and plans out there … only because we said that “this election is all about policies”. Dear lady … the number of policies don’t matter when there is no logic attached to it.

Using the above 4 factors you have created an utterly total nonsense campaign filled with trucks of stupid policies.

Warren – A unique combination of nice & stupid
As of now … many SM Groups are saying that … Warren is a truck load of nice … with trucks load of stupid attached to it. We can use the nice … but we need to get rid of the stupid.

Right now, Trump is being marketied by the Establishment media as the most terrible President who is doing the most disastrous things. But it is not like that at all … none of his policies or actions hurts a single American life … and he has been extremely humble and quick to follow logic at every place possible to keep America and the American people first.

You need to understand that this characteristic of Trump … is making him a very very good leader for the current times. He is turning out to be phenomenal. He has risen beyond himself and beyond Party politics a long time ago. Today the Republican Party has become the Party of Trump. This is the scale of recognition that he is getting … why? Because he followed logic and went for what is right. He didn’t remain big headed … he didn’t stick to party politics … and he didn’t do stuff just for votes.

You have a long way to change and evolve, my dear lady … if you are ever planning to surpass Trump and win 2020.