12 Dec 2019
Trump’s Impeachment, a part of his self-imposed cycle of ridicule
in America

I have put in all of the arguments to save Trump from impeachment. There is good news and bad news. First, the good news …

  • The Pro-Trump SM Groups are already in your favor. They are your protective shield because you have launched the America First agenda, American Energy, Tariffs, stopped wars and so on. They like and support you from the beginning.
  • The Pro-Warren SM Groups … they have lost the motivation to impeach Trump in order to put Warren in the White House. Half of her support has dropped and half of them will support her only when she drops her disastrous policies and runs the right policies. Forget about removing Trump … they see that Warren is not ready for the nomination itself.

These are the two extreme groups of SM Networks. Now, when we are trying to pull the groups in-between to favor you and support you … what they say is:

  • We already know that the Jewish Establishment hates Trump.
  • We know that they are vicious backstabbers.
  • We have already been informing this to Trump even before he became President.
  • He knows about all of this malice and he did nothing to change the country or to save the country from this malice.
  • Instead, he did a long list of favors for the Jewish Establishment and Israel … including spending trillions on defense, recognizing Jerusalem and illegal settlements … and taking absolutely no action against them despite all of the ridicule and humiliation that they inflict on him.
  • This is a “self-imposed cycle of ridicule” that Trump faces. He himself has created this cycle … no one asked him to do it. And he keeps on being a victim of the same.
  • What has he done for us that we should fight for him? Why do you care? What has he ever done for you? Why do you keep protecting him?
  • Yes, you will pull the support to save him from impeachment … but this impeachment will not be the last thing against him … he will go on facing cycles of aggression and ridicule again and again.
  • We know that this is a vicious Establishment and so does Trump … and he himself has chosen to live in this cycle of ridicule. He has imposed this on himself … all by himself … no one asked him to do this.

There is a huge section in between Pro-Trump and Pro-Warren groups … and this is their current argument. The movement is still in your favor … yes, you will most probably be impeached in the House … as far as the Senate is concerned … you have growing support with the fall of Pro-Warren groups who wanted you impeached.

You will most likely win the Senate … but it is not confirmed yet. Because the majority of the groups don’t like your inaction and your cycle of self-imposed ridicule. However, under certain cases … impeaching Trump could create a National Security issue … because Warren is not ready and the Establishment is already trying to revive the terror propaganda to start wars under Mike Pence. Not only two terror events were created … one in the UK and one in USA … but anti-Russia measures are also being taken from Germany. The terror propaganda goes in hand in hand with the anti-Russia propaganda … this clearly indicates war planning to take the war from Iran to Russia. We had already killed the anti-Russia propaganda along with the terror propaganda.

And since Trump stopped the wars and also maintained a pro-Russia stance … thus maintaining Trump in the White House … at least until 2020 … serves the National Security interests for America. Using the National Security issue … we will push saving Trump from impeachment in the Senate as the right thing to do. But you should realize that … there are a lot of people that dislike your inaction and they are quite disappointed in you.

That’s why I said … run at least a few good policies … so that there is also some love behind the support that you will be given. Right now, the love and support comes from only a few Pro-Trump SM Groups. Its quite disappointing for the rest of them.