10 Dec 2019
The Establishment trying to revive the terror propaganda to bomb Iran under Mike Pence
in America

Reviving the terror propaganda
Recently, two terror events were created:

  • The knife stabbing incident in UK
  • And the event at Pensacola involving a Saudi national

Muslims were used in both the events. Both of them are very similar to the Fort Hood shooting that took place in 2009. In Fort Hood also, a Muslim was used to kill people at a Military base. It was a typical example of the use of technology to drug, activate, guide and push potential subjects to create terror events. The shooting at Santiago Airport was also a typical example of the same technique being used. The subject kept saying that “the US government is mind controlling me and pushing me to create terror events”. The subject had no idea that it is the Establishment that uses advanced technology to carry out such events … and its not the US government.

Why terror events now?
The Establishment connection to terror events can easily be seen by … how, where and when they place these events. The recent events were placed at a time when Trump is getting impeached. Terrorism has vaporized … the War on Terror has been vaporized. But the Establishment is trying to revive the terror propaganda … hoping for successful removal of Trump from office … so that they can initiate new wars under Mike Pence. They are already building a platform to bomb Iran under Mike Pence.

The Establishment made the case to protect Trump from impeachment stronger
This failing Establishment that has already been defeated at so many fronts … it is so excited on Trump’s impeachment … that they think that they can start new wars under Mike Pence. They don’t realize that they have made the case to protect Trump from impeachment even stronger.

President Trump is maintaining fantastic peace and stability in the world with no fear or war marketing at all. Mike Pence cannot handle it … he doesn’t know anything of what is going on. And the fact that the Establishment is carrying out terror events during Trump’s impeachment hearing … it only shows that a combination of Mike Pence and the Establishment can be fatal.

Several reasons to protect President Trump from impeachment

  • Mike Pence cannot handle it. America cannot be trusted with Mike Pence for one full year. Terror events are already on the move … destructive wars will be next. There is no reason to remove a fantastic Peace Champion from the White House.
  • Warren is not ready. Since the past 18 years, 3 different Presidents have been struggling to fix the debt crisis of $1 Trillion per year. But Warren’s lack of know how has led her to create a new crisis of $100 Trillion. Warren is not ready to lead and Biden is brittle. Impeaching Trump to pave the way for Warren should not be considered at all. Warren or Biden need to compete and be better than Trump if they want to win in 2020.
  • Impeachment Scam. The whole impeachment move is a total scam. There is no truth attached to it … no law was broken and no one got hurt. Why should a President be impeached for something in which no one got hurt? They are openly showing the President’s phone calls, emails from his top advisers and details of confidential meetings publicly in these impeachment hearings. Last time, when Julian Assange revealed communication information of low key US diplomats … he was called a traitor and charged with espionage. Why is Adam Schiff being given the red carpet treatment for doing the same thing to the person of the highest authority in the country? Hillary claimed that if Assange reveals such information publicly then US diplomats cannot do their jobs. How is the President supposed to do his job … when his phone calls, emails and private meetings are spied upon and made public? As per Democrat’s standards … just like they condemned Assange for espionage … Adam Schiff and his entire team should be charged with espionage and treason.
  • A Jewish mob bent on impeaching the US President. Every key element of this impeachment scam happens to be a Jewish puppet of the Establishment. Starting from the Ambassador to EU, David Sondland … to the Intel Chairman, Adam Schiff … House Committee Chairman, Jerry Nadler … Counsel, Norman Eisen … to all of the witnesses, Noah Feldman, Pamela Karlan, Michael Gerhart and Daniel Goldman … all of them are Jewish puppets. Why on Earth should we sit back and watch a Jewish mob take down the Christian President of the world’s largest Christian country for something that did not hurt a single soul? It is utterly ridiculous.
  • Impeach by Christmas. That too they want to impeach the President by Christmas, why? Because Netanyahu’s government fell on Christmas Eve last year. The Establishment is in a hateful revenge mode and they want to impeach Trump by Christmas this year. However, in this beautiful Christmas season … Netanyahu has criminal indictments against him and strategies are already put into place to remove him from politics for good.
  • A malicious Establishment using Democrats as a platform. It is this malicious and criminal Establishment that is using Democrats as a platform to impeach President Trump. Why should we get carried away with the vicious planning and activities of these criminals?
  • Creating partisan divide, hate and friction. This impeachment move only serves the Establishment’s interest of keeping two parties busy bitching against each other for nothing whatsoever. These two parties were supposed to join hands and do great things for the country and their people. Instead, they allow this failing Establishment to run its divisive agenda using them as a platform. This should not be accepted for the greater good of the country.
  • Fantastic peace and stability. President Trump has become a fantastic Peace Champion that is maintaining and promoting peace & stability in America and a dozen other countries. He is not a politician who makes bogus promises just to get votes. He promised America First, American Energy and Tariffs for other countries to fight for America … and he has kept his promises and successfully worked on them within the first two years of his Presidency. There is no way in hell we should allow a malicious and criminal Establishment to take down this fantastic President via a bullshit impeachment scam.

Protect Trump.